Sunday, February 21, 2010

What A week of learning

I have learned so much this week. Like a mothers attitude sets the house for the day.Like when I lose my cool, my kids think its ok they act like that.I learned being a help meet to my loving husband is sometimes so hard I have to walk away.What did I also get from this...that God is the only one who can help in my areas of weakness.I have many of them, we were born sinners and everybody struggles. I didnt become a TRUE believer in Christ until after Ethan was born.Sure I believed in God but I didnt know a thing about what being a christian meant. One day I was struggling with my marriage and didnt want to talk about it with anyone, and by the grace of God, was lead to my bible.NOt knowing where to search through it to find what I needed, God showed me the answers his me opening the bible and happening to be on the page speaking of my husband being the head of the house. From that day my outlook changed.Im a very stubborn person, I mean very!!! And this was really hard to turn myself over to my husband.THis is were I struggle today.Its natural now for me to submit to him but days I find it hard to keep my mouth shut on things.He his a realllly laid back guy if you have ever met him, so we usually dont disagree but maybe on a few things. But what find is like him not willing to help me out with all the kids when I need a break for second or when Jolene is crying, Chase is poohy and Ethan needs help, I somehow grow 8 arms and manage to do it all. All the while trying to stay cool and not riping his head off. Little things like that make it hard. But I keep on praying.

Ethan also learned his letters A F and B this week. yEAHH Ethan. He also poohed on the toilet, want to know how??? Its really weird but my Jeff did this :) Ethan has been trained since Sept but would never go pooh on the pot so I had to out a diaper on him for him to go. Well Jeff told Ethan he could cut out the back of the diaper and he could sit on the pot and it would fall in the toilet.Ethan was very excited and sat on the pot and went.HE was SOO excited. Strange yes but it worked and now he is using the potty. Chase would be trained but I have been so busy that the time just didnt allow. But We are now limiting the places and activities we do so we can train him totally and focus on our new curriculum. We are wanting to change to My Fathers World which Im thinking we will order this week. We need to really focus on bible training the boys. I found a blog called Raising Godly tomatoes and I have to say its changed our view on the boys and how to handle their behavior. I have been having a really hard time with one child and it sets the tone for the others so we had to nip it in the butt. So I feel like I have been on a tomato staking frenzy the last couple and its finely working.

Tomorrow Im going in to have a root canal done maybe two. I have been in so much pain and my jaw... well id like to break it off it hurts so bad. Its pretty bad when you look forward to a root canal. joys there :)

Alright I have a little one rubbing my arm ( Chase ) ready for his bed time.He hasnt been feeling to well lately. Good night and God bless.

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