Friday, February 15, 2013

Such a brat I am :)

We don't have cable and only have like 3 channels on TV. BY CHOICE. I hate TV more than anyone I know, my husband and kids will tell you this. Although my kids like to watch TV on some nights after a long day, not everyday but sometimes. My older kids and my husband are REALLY into the Heroes series. So we bought the kids the first season and they finished that in a month. So my daughter asked and asked if she could the next season. Daddy searched all targets to find and found it. That target also had the next 2 season for a great price. A nice mom would just hand out the seasons all together and make them happy, right? Well I'm not like that ;) I took season 3 and placed in  a cabinet, took a picture, downloaded the picture and made it my background on my PC. Hannah sees the background and looks in every spot known to man in this house to find it. Its hidden well :) We will see where the DVD pops up next!!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sweet moments

Happy Valentines dear friends. We have a had a great day of fellowship with my friend Lisa and her 3 wild children :) I love having them over because her children play just like mine, wild and sweet. I love talking with Lisa because we can open our bibles are get right to the good stuff. God is good! The kids played, we talked, they left, we played outside and now my kiddos are having down time. Much needed. Jeff is at the library studying for a few things. He is taking a Solar power class and I'm so excited to see what we can do with that. He got the job we have been praying for and he starts in a week and half. Our routine here has been off with having him home all day but he has been building rooms downstairs and getting things finished. I'm waiting for spring now so I can garden. I started all my indoor seeds the other day and have them in the sun :) This year I'm hoping that ill be able to stay on the weeds as I don't have a newborn this year. I'm pretty excited about this season of life of teaching the kids to have a garden and help.
 In homeschool news the wheels are spinning like always. So the only thing that changed was Hannahs work. She was doing AHL from MFW but she didn't really like it. It was alot of boring reading and nothing grabbed her. I don't believe a children should ever be bored with learning and if its not getting them excited we don't waste our time. So we sold her MFW and ordered from Queens Homeschool Supplies. If you haven't looked at there stuff you should. Its the Charlotte Mason style which is how we roll :) She got to pick all the books and studies she wanted for her subjects. I cant not say enough how awesome their stuff is. She picked 3 bible studies for this year and I'm pretty excited about the ones she picked.We are still using MFW with Cody but very relaxed with it. We like lapbooking and notebooking right now. The littles are still using MFW K but again I had to tweak the heck out of it to make it work. For the new school year I'm not wasting my money on anything for the littles but just doing the things we already do. Again very relaxed about it all. Our focus is laying the foundation of Christ down for them first. We have feast days coming up and we put all school stuff aside for those times. Another reason we school year round.
 Well I better get to looking for things while baby is napping :)

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