Thursday, February 25, 2010

Today my husband ordered our school books- My Fathers World year one!!!! cant wait to get it.Ill be watching the mailman like a hawk. SO Im putting all my other school books we will not be using on Homeschoolclassfieds if you'd like to look. Alot of Rod and Staff 2 and 5. I cant wait for it to arrive.

Chase and Ethan still have poopies.They down milk like crazy.we go through a gallon very day and with loose stools im thinking its probley not to good for them.So I made hot tea and put it in their sippys and they are now in bed.Jolene has been tired all day. I think she is having a gr owning sprout. She is already 3 months old! It feels like yesterday I was huge and ready to have her. She just smiles and smiles all the time.Id love to have her on the floor more to build those neck and arm muscles but the 3 boys think they are karate kids so thats not a good idea.She pretty much lives in the Moby wrap. She loves that though. I can now have her facing outward to see what everybody is doing.So when im teaching with the dry Erase board her feet wipe away whats on the bottom part. Its really cute. Chase is talking up a storm lately. He now calls Cody really loud from the living room.He scream TODY!!! Cant get that C out just yet.ANd he says Hannah with no problem.He still clings to my legs when ever I walk past him.Melts my heart. Cody and Chase are our lovers. They pass our hugs and kisses like they havent seen you in a few years.LOVE IT.Ethan does the hugs and kisses too but is really into bear hugs.Hannah will give me hug and kisses at night but she thinks shes to big to hug all the time :(

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