Tuesday, March 30, 2010

What a day

Jolene showing me those lips
What a day Ethan had yesterday :)

Kind of a hard pic to see but thats my boys on the bikes

This is the foundation thats left.

My hubby, Ethan and Cody with his new man toy

we have had a day packed with adventure for sure. We had our Faith group day so I this morning I threw a whole chicken, potatoes and veggies in the crock pot ( thank you God for making do that ). So Dinner was done before we left.Get there around 10 am and the kids had a blast playing outside and playing basketball and big game of kickball. I had a great time with my mommy friends and we always always have the neatest conversations.Sherri and me went over the birthday party plans for our boys. They have the same birthday so since they are best buds we are doing a double party for them. we have all the same friends so it works out really nicely. We are doing bbq pulled pork sandwiches and veggie trays and chips. Im making Cody a football cake and I think Sherri is going to get a cake for Keegan. Im hoping the weather holds out for us. But we pretty much have that squared away now we just need to buy everything. I have no clue what to get Cody this year. Im thinking he would like a new pair of working boots like his Dad. He has a pair that are pretty worn out and he will be helping with the new house alot. He loves being around his dad and doing the manly things we " skirts" cant do :) Jeff bought yes bought a Bobcat for the new house today. It was just so expensive to rent one all the time and a pain to have to go back and forth from the rental center. He is very happy he got one :) Im happy he did too. we are waiting for the ground to dry out a bit more and we need Doug off work to pour the 2 walls for the basement. We had to knock down 2 walls so we can add 15-20 more on to it. So now we wait. This week has been great so far high in the 70's and pure sunshine. I think its to be like that all week. Please God keep it nice for him. I love the smile on Jeffs face when he talks about his day out there. He is truly happy to be making this house for us. he is such a good man and father. I was truly blessed by him. So anyways on to my day of adventure... Once we left there around 1:30 we went straight to the property to see Jeff and the New ( used ) man toy. we were only there long enough to nurse Jolene and let the boys play. we got home and Chase decided to play on the big boy bike. Well we have concrete out there and a little grass hill that he was trying to go up. well it didn't work the way he wanted and flipped straight back right on to the concrete!!! His head hit first and I almost died. It was horrible. The kids were of course freaking out. Chase was like half there and putting his head down and just not acting right. So we threw every one in the car and went to the ER. They got us right in. I mean I walked in he doors and we went straight back to room to get him weighed and everything. The Doc came in with the first 5 to 10 minutes and looked him and all the good stuff and said to just watch him. Chase wasnt throwing up and his eyes were dilating so all was good. Just some Mortin and ice for a few days. I was so scared that something was wrong because the way he fell. But we came home and he ate dinner and had a bath. they are all sleeping now. Now im throwing my diapers in the dryer and starting another load. Tomorrow we are busy again with doing half school and then Purina farms!!! And dye 5 dozen eggs!!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Ready for bed

Do you think he has been watching me with the baby?

we have had a day like no other today. It was the first time one of my children acted out in public and the last. We had many many talks about acting out and for some reason today was like a full moon. I do have to say God works our plans for many reason we dont know about. after we got home and the " thinking room" was being used by this mislead child I searched my e-mail like always and God placed an e-mail from a friend in there. A note from a friend that said to listen to this. It wasa sermon on Honoring the Father and Mother. Go to http://www.oneplace.com/ and you'll find it along with many other really good sermons. But my friend posted this to alot of people and had no idea what kind of day I was having. Thats God doing His work. I got dinner in the oven and Cody and me sat here at the computer listening together and flipping right long in the bible keeping up. It was amazing. Listen to it if you have the time. Right now as I write this Im listen to The wonders of a woman. AMAZING. If you have daughters its one to have on hand. But anyways all is good, sorry was said, hugs were gave, kisses were done. Thank you God for us are way and teaching me that my patience is gold with children. I did NOT once yell over this or show him anger. Thats huge for me. Tomorrow we have a Faithgroup and I cant wait. Its going to warm and sunny so im hoping the kids can play outside for awhile. The littles played out today awhile but really they were tired and runny noses so we spent a big part reading and coloring. Hannah busted out the Benderroos crafts and Ethan and her went crazy. Ethan made rocks he said ;) Tomorrow after the Faith group we are dyeing 5 dozen Easter eggs. The kids have been waiting. This year is going to be really different for them. We are not doing Easter baskets and they know there is no Easter bunny. This is about Jesus only. I am going to get them a chocolate cross for each child. But Im not buying into the worldly crap thats out there. It seems every holiday is about what you can buy and what I can get and have. it ruins everything every time. Im sure my family doesnt agree with that but thats ok. These are my children they have theirs. There is a Live guided tour up at a church a few miles away we going to go to Saturday. The kids are pretty excited about it. I have never been to one before. Its the live outdoor walking theatre of the life and last steps of Christ.with animals, Roman soldiers. It should be neat. Thursday we going to Purina Farms for their baby animals petting area. Cody just wants the tractor ride ;) we'll see how many bunnies Hannah tries to take. Jeff worked late out he new house tonight. Its really wet so his not sure if we are going to able to pour the foundation Wednesday or not. Im praying.

I thankful for...my husband and children

I am thinking...Am I a good helpmeet?

I am wearing...a size I hate

I am going...to do laundry tonight

From the learning room...week 5 is going awesome!!!

I am creating...Godly children

I am reading...Matthew still

I am hoping...that God softens Jeffs heart and turns him into that Godly man

I am hearing.... whats that...whats that noise???? ohhh my kids are sleeping

Around the house...Its CLEAN!!!!!!!

My favorite things...the sun shining in on us while we read in the morning

A few plans... Faith tomorrow, Petting zoo Thurs, church wed, guided tour Sat

Saturday, March 27, 2010

a few more pics

Big sister Caitlin and Jolene 4 months old
All 6 of our children

Jolene after Hannah got a hold of her and wrapped her like a newborn

Our 3 girls Hannah 11, Caitlin almost 14 and Jolene 4 months

My family all the kids and my hubby looking scared

Saturday already

Beautiful Jolene
Yes my 11 year old past up our almost 14 year old

Another beautiful Jolene

The kids( Ethan, Hannah, Caitlin and Cody ) put on a show today

yesterday we made homemade granola and put it over yogurt yummy

Oh man the week just flew by like nothing. Its so sad. we had a pretty busy week even though I wasn't planning on it. Monday we had 3 dentist appts and that took WAY longer than expected. I got my crowns on and fit nicely. They didn't at first but I guess I just had to get use to them. They look sooo very pretty next to my "real " teeth. Hannah and Cody had scheduled to get cavity's filled but the office over booked appts because the public schools were on spring break and wanted to get alot of them in. So needless to say MY children who are NOT on spring break has to take another 3 more visits there to fill there teeth. I was so mad when they said " Im sorry, we over booked the appts and your going to have to come back several more times to fill the cavity's " First off we had them scheduled already to fill the cavity's today and worked our week out so we could do so and because you cant do your job right my kids have to come back over and over again!!! Im very short tempered and yes I pray for that to stop but come on people, just because we homeschool doesn't mean you can throw our time around like that. So now we going on the 7th,12th and 19th of April. Wednesday we had church and learned alot ( the kids did ) and Sunday they will be singing in front of the morning worship. They are really excited. When we got home Wednesday night Chase decided to get sick everywhere and we both ended up taking a midnight shower, ewww. Hannah woke up that night really not feeling good and spent all day Thursday sleeping. Chase is still 100% but is getting there. We have our oldest daughter Caitlin with us this weekend. So the girls have been downstairs catching up on life events. Caitlin is almost 14 cant believe that. She is Jeffs Daughter from years before he met me. Its great to have them all together.

well I didn't get much done today as I was rocking Jolene and Chase almost all the day. I made chicken Alfredo with bread for dinner tonight, they all devoured it like a pack of dogs. I have the dinner mess cleaned up and kitchen swept and mopped. Laundry going with 5 baskets to fold :( I have 2 bath rooms that need to be scrubbed. Living needs to be cared for. The downstairs playroom needs a major pick up. Im thinking coffee will be my friend tonight :0

The new house is coming along. Jeff was able to get the old foundation walls down and removed. Its ready to have the new walls poured and all the fun that comes after. We knocked down two walls because we decided it wasn't big enough so we are adding another 15-20 feet to it. Im hoping the rain holds off so the ground gets a chance to dry so the trucks don't get stuck. Its all pretty exciting for the kids to watch with all the big trucks and bobcats out there.

Ill have to get back on later as my mind just went blank on what I was going to say :)

I am thinking...Wheres all my energy??

I am thankful for my husband and his laid back mind set

I am wearing...black skirt with brown shirt

I am going...to clean house and sort laundry tonight...maybe...I dont think so

From the learning room...I LOVE MY FATHERS WORLD

I am creating...Godly children

I am reading...Matthew

I an hoping...that Chase can shack this tummy trouble he has been having

I am hearing... Cody and Ethan on the floor playing monster trucks

Around the house...did you see that tornado come through?

My favorite things...breastfeeding and seeing my older kids read to the littles

A few plans for the week ahead... Tuesday Faithgroup, Wednesday church

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Post 3 for today my girls

The girls caught in the act of pillow fighting

Jolene in her leggins

Jolene in her wool cover with Chases hand

Hannah playing volleyball

The boys pics

Chase sleeping with all his goodies
Cody after his hair cut

Ethan after his hair cute

The 4 boys playing Star wars

More star wars

Short post

Chase being cute as always
The kids making choc-pretzels

Codyat lunch time

Jolene and Chase fell alseep like this. I LOVE baby feet but only my childrens baby feet.

Jolene is the bath (sink) Isnt she cute

I am so tired tonight. All the littles are in bed and getting ready to send the older ones to bed when Im done here. We have had a crazy busy week and ready to stay home. Wednesday we had skating,park,school,outside play. Thursday we had running around, school, I cut the boy's hair, major amounts of laundry.Friday we went grocery shopping, to the property,school and then Cody had a friend stay over.Hannah went to the movies to see Diary of A Wimpy Kid. She said it was kinda funny but wouldn't see it again.More of a boy movie. Then she had a sleep over. Another homeschooling family we met a few years ago at skating. So Cody had his friend over, which is also the brother of Hannahs friend she went the movies with. So the boys were being boys all night long and Nick got sick :( He got really uncomfortable around 3 and by like almost 5am he wanted his mom so we called and bless her heart came and got him a little after 5. I picked up Hannah around 10:30 and she said Nick was doing better just alot of congestion and stuffy nose. Jolene and Chase were up alot last night too.Jolene has a really runny nose and congestion. Chase just wasn't happy no matter what you could for him. Today we spent the day ALL day laying around, well the kids not me. I put on movie after movie for them so they would relax and try to nap. They dint get that during the week so they were all shocked when we said its a lazy day. Worked out great. Chase and Ethan went right to bed at 8:30 tonight.As soon as they hit the pillow they were out. I played a few card games with Hannah and Cody also and was planning on playing more once I got the kitchen clean but then it was late and we didnt want to. we have church tomorrow and then Monday we have a dentist app. for Hannah, Cody and me. then after that we are staying home!!!! So please don't ask us to go anywhere :) I really need to be home for a few reasons, Jeff wants us to so we can save money, Chase needs potty trained, I want the kids to be happy and content with being home. Im sick of hearing " Were are we going today? What are we getting? etc... I get stir crazy so easy and im praying to be content and happy at home. I have to stop all the running that doesnt need to happen.If I have running I need to do it all in one day. Pray for me :) I better go and sleep while can :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nice day

What a great day! we woke up to the boys still sleeping.So I made french toast for everyone when they did finally wake up.. Then we headed over to homeschool skating with the book swap. I was able to get rid of alot of books but I have a lot I need to drop off at the Agape house tomorrow. The kids had so much fun like they always do there. Jolene was in the Moby wrap the whole time sleeping and keeping me warm. The little boys were glued to my hip eating popcorn. After that was over a bunch of to over the park with all our kids and had lunch. Just as I finish my last bit Jeff call and his stuck in mud at the property. So he calls the wife with the big 4x4 drive to rescue him;) So I packed them all back up and headed that way to find him at the top Field in mud ( pretty funny ) had to be there. So we get him out the mud and the kids and me head home. I made tuna sandwiches for dinner because it was nice out and didn't want to spend my evening in the kitchen. After giving the littles a bath and getting the big kids in and clean we headed to church. It was Mrs. Amandas b day and Amy made her a beautiful rainbow cake that I need the recipe to! The kids enjoyed that. They did their study and sang songs and we headed home to have a snack with daddy and off to bed they went. YES even the little boys are in bed in Codys rooms with us :) I'm so proud of myself. If you know me at all you know I have a child or 2 or sometimes 3 in bed everyday of the week and the littles would go to bed when ever and its was horrible they didn't have a routine. It was unfair to the older kids and to them because they need the sleep. So its working and Jeff and me have the bed to ourselves with Jolene in the bassinet next to me :) All is good. Jeff has a really bad allergy thing going on. Well all the kids are sneezing and have runny noses. Its SPRING time !!!! I love it.Anyways I better go and sleep while I can
I am thinking...I need chocolate
I am wearing...pink skirt black top
I am thankful for...Cody and his hugs he loves to give
I am creating...Godly children
From the learning room...Double time tomorrow
I am going...to have a God Centred home
I am reading...Songs of Solomon
I hoping...For more children
I am hearing...my dishwasher
Around the house...what you think it always needs to be cleaned?
A few plans for the days head...nothing nothing. ohhhh I get to pick my tub out this week!!
I wish...that my children know how much I love them

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Im so proud of my boys tonight ( and myself ) I told my husband that I was going to be mean and give the little boys a bed time. I made it clear he was not to interrupt me in anyway.He is the nice one all the time to the littles and I am the mean one. So he said ok and sat on the sofa for the night. I got everybody ready with pjs and fresh sheets and sippy cups ( yes im one of those Moms with sippys ) and Chases oinks. So its bed time and Cody has bunk beds in his room, so I thought they could sleep on bottom together because they love sleeping with someone. Chase has a bed in his room but honestly I feel better if he is with someone. Cody was excited because he said its like a boys only club :) I handed Jolene over to Jeff and began my drama. Chase was crying for me and I rubbed his back a minute or two and them he settled down. Ethan was great telling Chase he was there and that good stuff. So I slowly backed my way out of the room until I got to the doorway and watched them awhile. Chase got up a few times only to have me at the door to bring him back. ONLY 15 minutes later and they both were out like lights. yay me !!!! I did it. Now we will see how many times they get up tonight. Jolene is sleeping after a day of teething and marathon nursing :) I went on my spring cleaning kick today. Im tired of all the stuff I have and dont use. Really like 5 books selves of homeschool books we dont use. We have a homeschool curriculum swap at skaterz tomorrow so im writing free on them. well a few Im selling because they are pricey and I didnt use them. Im ready to be clutter free. And will be moving in a few months again and I'm not bringing things I dont use with me !! I hold on to everything. Im like my mom. I even have Hannahs kindergarten work and shes 11. I keep everything. I cleared off my counters and rearranged so I can have my HUGE crock pot out all the time and not be in my way. I moved my mixer over by my coffee pot and my shake mixer over by my sink. It looks all clean and pretty. Now on to the living room. Not much to do in there as its our play/read area. Id love to work on my downstairs but im thinking maybe not. I did get my garage set up with my mats, bike and treadmill ! Its now our workout area and love it. We started Monday ( Hannah, Cody and me ) with like a circuit training. 15 mins on bike 15 mins on treadmill and then 15 mins doing abs and stretches. Works out nice and we feel great. The kids needed it as much as I do. Even the little boys get out there with us and jump around or ride there trikes. Its fun.Im ready to lose like 75 pounds. Im 27 and should look 27 not 100. Ready for warmer weather so we can do some park walking.Any who we got our school work finished again today. Thats like a record for us to have completed everything. We did 3 diff maps today and the kids loved them. Cody is really good at reading maps latitude and longitude. Took me by surprise really. Made him feel good. We also made people chains and let say after a few tries of our people not staying together we will try tomorrow again. I think we were cutting the fold so there hands and bodies weren't staying together. Hannah got it once but the people turned out a little funny with like no legs and double heads :) we need work. I have been baking with whole grain flour lately and starting to get use to it. I made Cheddar bay biscuits tonight with whole wheat spaghetti. They kids loved them. Hannah had 5 and my little Chase had 2. He never eats so I know they were good. I need to find some more things for Ethan to do for preschool. He is in to cutting and gluing and tracing. So I need to check what I have. Chase is only into play duh.
Well im going to go to bed as this is the first time we have had our bed to ourselves in years!!! Can you believe that!! Im so excited. I feel like a newly wed.
I am thinking... Icant believe my boys are in their bed
I am thankful... I get to sleep next to my husband tonight ( maybe )
I am wearing... Im hoping nothing ;)
I am going...to bed
I am reading...Songs of Solomon
I am hoping...for a good day tomorrow
I am hearing...nothing
From the learning room...We love MFW
Around the house...its clean can you believe that
One of my favorite things... Hannah smiling
A few plans for the days ahead...Skaterz and church tomorrow, Thursday I pick out my HUGE tub for our new house.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just rambling

All the kids are in bed but #1. #3 and #4 were built up with energy like never before.But when they crashed on the pillows it took maybe a second before they were out :) They made bags of chocolate covered pretzels tonight and that was a mess like no other. One of them thought it was lotion... get my drift? That was fun clean up :) I have most my laundry down maybe 4 more loads to go but im not touching it until Monday.
So heres the things on my mind tonight... I have to learn to be content with staying home more. Im a person we loves the go go go all the time. I love the library,store,park,second hand stores... the list goes on. My husband asks me everyday to stay home more. This is hard for me. I know I need to listen and I have cut back sooo much. I drive a gas guzzler, you have to with lots of children. we are building a home and he is trying to save money. I see that. I really have been trying. He was no problem with me driving to the library or park, church, Faith groups because they are here in town. Its all the not really needing to drive thats gets him. So im praying I can obey and do better.Theres so much here I can do instead. I have patterns for aprons for the kids and me to make. I have skirts to make. I have cleaning.I have knitting to do. Lots to do around. I am also thinking about gardening. I really want to get into canning and all that. Not sure if we will be able to get a garden in this year as they are putting a geothermal system in so they will be tearing up my back yard which is where it would be. But I was thinking about the side of our pole barn. But that makes it kinda where they would park some stuff and im not 100% on that.I was also thinking about the children in other countries. I saw this show on the kids who are my children's ages and they are so starving and weak and sick. I was crying watching and that is why I hate TV. I dont understand why they have to go through that. Why does God our God allow these poor women to have babies that arent going to make it? Right now these little angels are over there hungry and sick with no one to help them. WHY? Doesnt that bother you at all. Man I wish I could adopt all of them. I really do.Its heart breaking to sit here and know my kids are over feed and over spoiled with clothes and shoes and books and toys and these children have not one thing, some not even a mother to hold them as they go and see Jesus. I cant believe this is going on. Im shocked every day by the stupid stuff that happens in the U.S. My kids cant even play outside without my door wide and me at the stairs. My own nephew was kidnapped like 500 feet from his house a few years go. Obviously he was found alive and so was Shawn but most dont turn out like that. Cody cant ride his bike here unless we go the property. They cant play with there friends outside unless we are there in eye shot. Its all crazy. I give myself panic attacks just thinking about it. I better get off the subject. I do want to know my Scripture like the back of my hand. Im learning slowly but surely. I have seen great improvement tonight with my family. My Jeff, yes my Jeff even asked Hannah to pray tonight . It was amazing. I was shocked.I didnt want to like show how shock I was as I almost fell out of my chair because I didnt want to embarrass him, it took all that I would from not jumping up and hugging him. THAT IS THE POWER OF PRAYER. I have been praying that God turn him into he Godly man I know he will some day be. And this just gives me hope. I guess ill get off here ona good note :) God bless
I am thinking... Theres alot to do but thats ok
I am thankful for...my socks because my feet at freezing
I am wearing...layers
I am going...NOWHERE
From the learning room...I will be finishing the kids Nature binders tonight
I am reading... Proverbs
I am hoping... to lose weight
I am hearing...Chase dragging Daddy around the house looking for something hes sure he lost
Around the house... is a mess
A few plans for the days ahead... church tomorrow and Wednesday we have skating

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Im here

Heres one from when I had Jolene, Cody looks so small
My hubby Jeff

My beautiful Hannah

Well its been awhile since I posted. Lets see... Tuesday we had our homeschool group potluck. Thats always so much fun for the kids. And it gives me a chance to fellowship with my mommy friends. The weather here has been so nice I can hardly take it. The kids have been been able to play outside everyday for the last week. we love that because then they sleep great. Cody needs it must because he is a ball of energy and the outside his is best friend :) Sunday e went to a new church and loved it. Then we tried there Wednesday night children's bible class. I was able to stay right there with all 5 of my children. Amanda I now your reading this, you did such an amazing job with all the kids. Ethan, my Ethan was even singing and really getting into it. That never happens at the first try with him, as you know he is very shy around new people. In the truck on the way home all the kids were singing Jesus loves me and doing signs with it.Im pretty sure we have found our church home.

This week was our first week with MFW and I cant say enough good things about it. we did have one morning that wasnt smooth and someone lost there trip over to a friends house but you have days like that we we ended up finishing up our day anyway. I love having Fridays off of school and actually having every subject DONE. Were as before I was so over whelmed we never would finish all subjects and it was pure craziness. But we got everything done and this love it. I think out favorite part is the book basket. I Love reading to every one and they stay so into it.Hannah knows so much and I was missing out on that because she did her Geo and history by herself so what she knows is blowing me away. Cody really like that this is more mom reading and less paper work. Everybody is just happier all around with this.

Yesterday Hannah and me got our hair cut finally. Im so glad I got mine short. I was so needing it. Hannahs looks so cute. Its pretty much just like mine but she has bangs and wears it like swept to the side. CUTE!! I really havea good time doing this like that with her. Cody spent the day yesterday with his Dad out at the property. So the building beings :) I think I will be more excited once I see the framing up and all that. Right now I'm still like we just moved hun. But I'm supporting it no matter what. This is Gods plan and I'm riding it :) Hannah and Cody are having a sleep over at Grandmas tonight. I'm going to use my time tomorrow to do laundry and get rid of half my books off my selves. We have a homeschool swap at Skaterz this Wednesday so I'm hoping to sell most of it. Since I know we love MFW and Teaching Textbooks i don't want anything else to over whelm me.

We went out to eat at Pizza and Pasta and I think we have food poisoning. Me and Jeff both.The little boys never eat, they drink the soda so I dont think they will get anything. Looks like im riding the sofa tonight :) I all ways have so much in my head but then comes time to blog I forget what it is.
I am thinking...Why did we eat out
Iam thankful for...coffee and I guess my pillow
From the learning room... we finished a WHOLE week with every subject!!
I am wearing...you dont need to know ;)
I am creating...Godly children
I am reading...23 Minutes in Hell by Bill Wiese, if you havent read it yet, READ IT
I am going... more than likely the bathroom again
I am hoping... 15 rolls will be enough
I am hearing...he hum of my computer and the gurgling of by tummy
From the kitchen... went grocery shopping today only spent $146 !!! Thats the lowest its ever been.
A few plans for the days head... enjoy my children and drink coffee
One of my favorite things...The smile on Codys face when I told him he was sleeping over at grandmas.

Monday, March 8, 2010

We just started MFW this morning let me say I'm impressed. All the kids sat on the sofa for bible time and the Window of the World was really neat.We wanted to keep reading but I said no :( they can look through it again we finish the day up. They are no doing their math drills. We are adding in Math twice a day like the planner says to do. So we do a my drill after bible and our regular pages when the littles go down for nap. Ethan and Chase even sat there listen as we were reading. I love having the planner to use because I think before for me not having it I was sos overwhelmed with what do and I was going insane and then we would be like lets do it another day which made us fall behind. Hannah is taking an assessment text today for Math to see where she is at. we are switching to Teaching Text Books for her so we need to know where to start. we did get Life of Fred books over the weekend and ready to break into them. But those are like story books for her so she is loven those. I'm looking forward to the Home school expo so I can find a math program for Cody. Im also looking for preschool stuff Ethan and Chase.Im using Rod and Staff right now for them and Dollar tree books.

We attend a church yesterday that I totally feel in love with. I woke up yesterday with like a panic attack telling me we had to be there no matter what. While getting reay Chase decided to flip of his rocking horse and scare us horribly, then i was thinking we need to go the ER but he was ok. We made it to church with arms wide open from everybody there. So nice. I was worried that I would be the lady in back with a pew full children that wouldn't stop making noise, but to my surprise just about every one there had a baby!!!! While toddlers so I felt so much better. My kids did really well, with the 3 trips to bath room :) Jolene pretty much slept through the whole thing. But here's why I fell in love... As you know Im struggling with discipline and Cody with his need to do better so to say. Well the sermon was about striving for excellence for the Lord!!!! That hit Cody like a bag of bricks. The pastor there was really into what he was talking about walking real fast back and forth just really preaching. He was awesome. I was in total shock that he happened to be speaking about this on the day we show up, on the same issues we are having here at home. Now tell me how does God work ???? :) :) I think we have found our home. They were having a family night last night but Jeff was getting ready for his flight so he wanted us to stay home.

Last night Hannah made dinner for everyone. lasagna!!! It was great. She did it all by herself. Then Jeff got us strawberry ice cream. So much for eating right :(

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Life of Fred books post 2 for today :)

We had a wonderful day. I had planned on going to the zoo but the kids were outside by 8:30 in the morning and I thought I better do laundry and get out school stuff ready while I can. So I cleaned and got school ready for next week and my diapers washed and dried. So then after lunch we headed out to our property and let the kids go crazy out there.We had my Brother in law Doug and his boy Alex out there.Cody and Alex played in the creek all day and I mean all day. They were acting like man vs wild. He had a great time. Now he is sun burnt so I put a ton of after sun aloe on him. We all came home and Jeff bbq for us. I cant believe how nice it was. I wish everyday was this pretty. The sun sure days perk every one up real fast. I was out thee looking where my garden will go.I think we are going to put it on the right side of the pole barn. I talked to my brother today and got the plans all lined up. we are planning in about 3 weeks ready for him to come out and frame up for us. Im so excited.At first I wasnt really thrilled with the idea of moving again but we need the country life and the kids deserve the big area to play and have goats and dogs. I need it too. Im ready now.

I have all the stuff ready for school on Monday. With My Fathers World you also use a book basket every week from the library so I was able to get all those books Friday and in the basket. They look really cool. I have Ethans preschool work in his folder and ready.For Chase I do colors of the week so this week for him is green. Ethan will do it too even though he knows it but he loves to color. Ethan is doing counting to 5, color green, words At, the, bee. He is also tracing words. Well what he is really doing is tracing the lines and Os. He is really good and as a mom im thinking " you are so advanced for your age!!!!" all moms do it, we think our kids are smarter than yours but we dont want to say it to your face :) I had a mommy let down on my part today. Ethan was completely potty trained and then we got sick with the runs ( sorry ) so I was putting diapers back on him because he was going like every 5 minutes and never making it the potty. So after he was better he would hold the pooh in and jump around like crazy until he finally went on th pot. He was doing great then got scared again. Me as the mean mom I am refused to put a diaper on him. He had to go this morning and was jumping around ut just wouldn't go. By like 6pm tonight he was totally losing it and after fighting him the whole time I gave in and put a diaper on him.He immediately ran to Codys room and then came out not 1 minute later saying he stinks :) I did feel so bad I let him go that long. He is just so afraid to go.He does great some times and really likes going then theres days like today.... what are ya to do??? Anyways he is better now eating Girl scout cookies. They are all laying around in the living after a long day. We are going to a new church tomorrow. I have been praying and praying about it and I think its time we go. I need it so bad as do the bigger kids. I'm hoping there is a Sunday school for them.The littles will stay with me as Im not fond of living littles with anyone dont care who you are. They are to little.

Cody is making improvement. He is trying really hard to hold back when he thinks he is going to GET angry. I hug him more than ever and I think thats the trick. I melt him with my love. Try it it works. We have found spanking is not the way to go around here. You cant spank an angry child.Even a child who is not. When we tried our Tomato staking I found Chase hitting us because he saw me spanking. So then I was like " how is this teaching my kids anything but the opposite of what we want for our kids?" So after all that and trying to explain to a 2 year old and a 3 year old that hitting is never ok we are trying to melt out children in love. They know when they are doing wrong we will address it and love each other and move on with our day. IF you feel like your losing it andI see that, im there to help with my love.So far so good.
I almost for got to tell you. we have discovered these math books call Life of Fred, Fractions is one of them and Decimals and Percents is the other. Let me say these books ARE AWESOME!!!! Go to Z-Twist Books and take alook. we got both today in the mail and its I cant wait to use them monday.well Hannah cant :)

I havea million things to read so I better go. I feel the need for a Pepsi!!!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We have been on the go since yesterday morning. Im beat. Yesterday we had a wonderful time at church with our homeschool friends. It was so nice to let the kids run wild and enjoy everybody.we Had a potluck for lunch and I think all the moms were thinking the same thing PASTA. Everybody made different pastas and let me say they were really good. Sherri if your reading I do need your meatball recipe! I met another mom with a bunch of little ones that I think we will be good friends. She seems really relaxed and the kids will love playing together. We got home 2 and were busy until bed time. A friend lent me a book called The Heart of Anger. I stayed up way late last night and was doing the work book with it and I was blown away. Hit us like a bag of rocks. I totally thought we were a GOD- CENTERED home but we are really a CHILD- CENTERED home. What do you think you have? This book is amazing. I can only do one change at a time because if you do more you will be overwhelmed. I explained to my children today the main points in the book and how Dad and Me are the bosses and Dad is over me.Theres a so called pecking order. Right now Im focusing on my submission to Jeff which will then turn my life in the direction it should go. I have not yelled once today and my kids at dinner time were shocked!!! I have been quick to spill my anger and thats Satan working his way in my life and to my kids. It stops now. Yesterday when we came home from our Faith Group me and the kids grab our Olive Oil and Xed all our door ways and windows to rid Satan out of MY house and he cant come back, EVER. YEAAAA. I had an eye opening day yesterday and you know what ladies, dont be afraid to ask for help. The more prayers you have coming the better you will be. Let Jesus grab you and hold and lead you were you need to be. Its His path not yours. When you find you are falling off the right path thats the moment you fall to you knees and cry to your Heavenly Father. We all have bumps and major falls in our life, but its Gods hand that will lead you out and help you up.
Jeff will be flying out to Colorado this week for work. Not so happy about him flying but he will fine.We are very excited to be getting ready for the new house. We'd like it built in 3 months. So hubby will be working on 24/7. Im so ready for the country life again. I do love it over here but we are only building like miles from here. Im getting some goats for their milk. MOM how about you breed nelly and dolly again for me so I can have some milk?????? I need about 5 gallons aweek.
Today Jolene was weighed at 14.8 pounds and 26 inches long!!!! She has grown 6 inches already. Shes only 3 months old!!!! Man my babies grow fast. I cant believe it. She belly laughs now when I tickle her ribs..so cute. Jeff scared her today and boy she cried like she was never going to breastfeed again!!! He didn't mean to scare her, he has a deep voice I guess. I think we wore her out the last few days because she is sound asleep.
Im ready to stay home for the rest of the week and weekend. I have errands to run Friday and Library tomorrow but thats no big deal. I have amound of laundry, which ladies with big families know that its never ending anyways why do we try so hard to get it done....oh ya I forgot :) I made bbq chicken sandwiches for dinner tonight.Love the crock pot ;) for days like this. I better run the drier just went off and I need to get the diapers out.

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