Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy birthday to my husband today!!! Im going to make him his pineapple upside down cake he loves that I only make once a year on his day. He cant wait for dinner to have it. He just left to get my stepdaughter Caitlin for the day.I cant believe she is almost 14 now!!! man oh man. Hannah has her bff over for asleep over.She is another homeschooler we met a few years ago and they are inseparable.They woke up this morning to make pancakes from scratch for us.They confused a TBLS with a tsp on the salt.So as me and the 3 boys sat down and we all put a bite in our mouth we all spit it back up about throwing up. The girls were like "what!!!" So they took a bite and found out why we were racing to the sink!!!!So I showed them how to make it and we made a new batched that all gobbled up. They are so sweet to us. Last night all the kids stayed up making face masks for fun.They turned out really well. The littles were more into the body paint than anything.
I have already cleaned my kitchen and have my diapers washed and dried. I have so much more laundry to do. But I actually like doing laundry for the great smell of freshness. Id love to mop the kitchen floor but I have to wait until the little go down for a nap. Ill write more later the baby needs me.

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