Thursday, February 4, 2010

Its been awhile

man its been a long time. I shall update everyone :)
Jolene was born on November 18,2009. She had a wonderful birth with very little pain. She was almost to easy. Jolene is now 8 weeks and smiling and cooing everybody who looks her way. She sleeps like crazy, i dont remember the others sleeping as much as she does. She nurses about 2-3 hours still but Im a strong believer in comfort nursing and on demand. When she wants it she gets it. Chase who is still my little baby, is quit the character still. Boy you just have to look at him and smiles ear to ear. He loves to be held and rocked to sleep still. He will wake up at 4 every morning and climb in the recliner with me and Jolene.He sticks his hand up my sleeve to get that skin to skin he loves so much and off to sleep he goes. I think Cody would do the same if there was room on the chair.They do make KING recliners right? ;) Cody in my 8 yr old lover. Loves to please you but is as stubborn as an ox. He would love to spend his day outside with a knife craving anything. If you want him to do something he really doesn't want to, just tell him you have something that needs to be cut up ( fruit, veggies, bread, play duh ). He loves it all. Hannah is in her training mode. She is going to make a fine wife and mother one day. we are working on laundry, mopping the floor, doing dishes right, and cooking. She cooks a mean pancake :) and loves making lasagna.Ethan is my joker. He wants you to laugh and laugh hard.Tonight at dinner he was showing us how we all act. He had his dad laughing so hard. Cody was falling out of his seat.I have no idea where he comes up with this stuff but its great. He is doing wonderful on listening. We had a really hard time with his whining and screaming so loud a jumbo jet would sound like a whisper. It turned out the whining was our fault as we gave in to everything. Once I figured that out it stopped. Well it started back up recently with his Dad being home and I got the water bottle back out and pretty much took care of that. A little squirt in the face does the trick.
We did move to St.Clair and love it. we are so close to my homeschooliong friends and right in the middle of many others. The kids love having their space and room to run. But as I got comfortable and started liking the house my husband drops a bomb on me and tells me he is going to go forward on building a house on our property in Union. I should have known once the very last box was emptied I would have to do it all over again in a few months. But many blessing come from our property i'll be looking forward to like my garden, tons and tons of land for the kids and being in the country again. My Mom has the neatest place ever. Goats everywhere and chickens and tons of bunnies the kids love.One day Ill do the same.

Homeschooling is going great. We are switching our curriculum to My Fathers world in April. If you haven't looked in it you should if you have multiple ages to teach. Its based around are creator and even though the Rod and Staff we are using now is but not like My Fathers World. Truly a great curriculum.
Id love to write more but ALL the kids need me now.

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