Wednesday, September 28, 2011

welcome Laura Elizabeth

One week ago today we welcomed our sweet little blessing Laura into the world.It was a crazy day.My mom came over to watch the 5 kiddos so I could run to my doctor appt.I had a feeling that morning that Laura was going to come so I packed my bag and had her stuff ready to go in the crib. Once I got to the doctor my blood pressure was up and the ultrasound showed that my fluid had dropped to 2 cm in all my water pockets.So It was 12:30 and the doctor told me NOT to go anywhere else but straight to the hospital and he'd follow behind. I got there 10 mins later and I had my calls and got ahold of my husband who works in Indiana and take 4 hours to get here. My sister in law Paula was headed out to join me for this day. They blew my first vein trying to get the IV in but the nurse that tried next was able to do it first try on my other arm. I have a nice black arm thanks to that. Doctor came in and wanted to break my water but once he tried Lauras little hand slipped in the way and he said he would wait until her head was down alittle more. I was really nerves about getting epidural so they had the head of that department come in. "Mr.Positive" told me he would be able to knock this out in no time and id feel nothing.Well after he gave some great pain in my spine and alot of grinding( the kind of grinding you hear inside your body and hurts so bad that you would rather have a limb cut off). So I was in great pain and told the guy to stop and id do this birth natural. So he stopped and now not only am I feeling my contractions but I have a horrible pain in my back where he tried to give me a an epidural.The contractions were pretty much ones I could breathe through and was ok.The doctor came in at 5:30 and broke my water.He was worried that since I didnt have much water that Lauras heart rate my go down with contractions.But thankfully they didnt.As soon as they picked up the mess and put the intrenal monitors on Laura Jeff walked in. He was my rock and I was so glad to see him.At this time I was feeling contractions and had my eyes closed the rest of the time I was in labor. I looked every once in awhile to talk for a moment or to check Jeff and Paula to make sure they were still in up right postion. I was only a 4 at the time they broke my water and checked me again at some time after 7 and I was still a 4. At 8 I felt the need to push and my body was really pushing on its own. I had Jeff call the nurses in and check and I was an 8. She left the room and got called right back in only to see I was pushing and ready. She checked and I was complete. They set up the table and got ready, I still didnt have my eyes open as I was in the zone and breathing through the contractions and trying my hardest not to push until they were ready. I pushed and pushed like mad. I did 10 sets of 3 before Laura was born. She was sunny side up which made it that much more of a work out to get her here. She was beautiful!! Full head of jet black hair and the worlds biggest dimples! My sister in law Paula cut the cord and my baby was ran over to the warmer. I has laying there yes with my eyes still closed. I had ripped inside out and in alot of pain. I didnt rip or need on stitch with the last 3 kiddos but man this one was horrible. I have so many stitches laughing hurts. The doctor got me all cleaned up and I was able to hold my beautiful baby and look at my husband who was amazing. Seeing his face light up when I was holding her was something from heaven. we know how blessed we are and so thankful we have her here in our family. My mom brought up the other kids to meet their new sister. It was late and the littles were alittle out f it and ready to go back home. Cody and Hannah were smiling so big and happy to see us ok. Jeff took the kids back home because it was late and my mom and Paula stayed awhile. Paula bless her heart left for the night after she held laura for awhile. I thought for sure I had scared her with the natural delivery but I didnt ;) My mom stayed the night with me at the hospital and it was nice to talk all night and have her there to be with me. I usually dont have anyone stay with me but im so glad I had here stay. There were 12 other labor and delivery's that night. My friend from our homeschool group was being induced the next morning. she welcomed her baby girl that afternoon.I was released at 9:30 pm on Thursday.They made us stay a full 24 hours before we could leave.we didn't get home until close to 11pm. I was so glad when I made it home. Cody and my mom had the house spotless. Our first few days were pure craziness! Kids everywhere and I was in pain. Not down there pain but back pain. Laura nurses like a pro and we are just in awww of her. Jeff went back to work Monday night. Im here doing on my own and we are doing good. Im tired but good. My kids are realizing MOM is back and in charge and they aren't liking that much ;) School is back on and routine is slowing flowing. I took all 6 kids out for the first time yesterday and it was pretty good. The need for a 12 pass van is a must! The good suburban is awesome but we are loaded and full in it. Well I just wanted to update before I forgot about the details.Not much time to do anything. Im busy and loven every minute of it. we are truly blessed and amazed how God planned this out of us. Praise Him for the wonderful birth and beautiful baby girl we now get to spoil!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

School Week

Chase working on tracing

Sorry for the fuzzy pic but the sun was in the way.

Big man working on his math

They were doing Art.Big kids were working on the color wheel and the littles doing the Fall Trees.

daddy and the 3 littles in bed on the only morning we get to see him :( He comes home for less than day every week, it gets very hard to explain to a 3 and 4 year old why :(

This week has started off good. we have been doing school work and no big melt downs as of yet.We did school on Saturday to make up for a few lessons we missed. Im to fat and preggers t go much of anywhere these days and with it being HOT again I hate even thinking about leaving.Although today we have to go out to the library and then the feed store for dog food. A nice big cold front is coming in this evening and you can bet we will be waiting with open arms! I have a doctors appt tomorrow with ultrasound and I will beg and plead to be induced this Friday not next! This baby is causing more pain than the terrible 2's!!!! Im so ready! the house needs to to be cleaned again but honestly I know once my mom gets here she will clean ;) hehehehe Anywho, we are chucking right along. In preschool we are learning about the seasons and Fall an winter are Ethans favorite. He asked me why God isnt letting it snow right? Well I explained that and then he said when he wakes up in the morning there better be snow! HA love that boy! Chase and Ethan made Fall trees yesterday and alot of school work with out drama. Hannahs found a new passion of water color painting.Not the baby kind the real water colors! Man this girl is awesome! We are going to buy the heavy water color paper and have them framed for Christmas gifts to grandparents. She made a beautiful pic of Lily's all free hand and it looks like it came right of the back yard! amazing! Cody found another snake yesterday and the thing want to happy to see us! we looked and played with it for a little and then released it.Cody also found a cool snake skin that will stay in our science box along with the months and other things we have found this summer. YES we still have a frog in the house but im sure by now its dead and ill find it when Im least ready to see it!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Well time for an update.....Im still preggers and im still a smidge crabby BUT we have amazing weather thats nice and cool to make the last few weeks better. Id love to be holding our sweet Laura Elisabeth but Gods timing is good for me. I have been back and forth from hospital to Doctor office and im so glad they said I dont have to come back in until Wednesday.Oh yes, her size! Well when started the ultrasounds months ago she was so small and not thriving like they wished for.She was small forever THEN with prayers and prayers she started gaining......and gaining.......and gaining. I went yesterday for my weekly ultrasound and I almost fell right off the table when he said shes over the 9 pound mark! What the heck did you say? By the time for her birthday she could be pushing 11 pounds!! ummmm im pretty sure my husband will flip out and never touch again if I give birth to an 11 pound toddler! Will I walk right ever again if that happens? Are you kidding me! Now thats just a doctor thought.She could totally stay at 9 pounds and not gain another drop of fat.Thats my hope.I know ultrasounds are off by so many oz but come on really? So we wait and Wednesday we do it all over again and decide if the 23rd is good or if we need to move it up or not.As they see it, shes doing great and no need to take to early.Our first goal was to get to 36 weeks, and so glad we didnt have to go down the preemie road.
 School time.....well we have been slow an lazy and kids that are being lazy and more worried about friends and doing things out side the house.That has to stop as of today and we refocus our attention on the important stuff. Id tired of the older ones wanting this and that to go here and there.Really? Get over it! When your 18 or 25 you have all the time in the world to be doing crap.Lets focus on training an loving family. We will be back to field trips as a one, back to respecting one another, no damn cell phones at the school table just to see who text you, no more TV all freaking night. Daddy is taking has taken away the TV from downstairs unless its sat or sun and only for small amounts of time. To much crap is coming back in here and honestly I have taken away the TV during the day unless its down time with the littles and you should see how much they play and learn when its off. Its nice. With the weather turning cooler that means hiking and nature exploring will be with us again and we cant wait, once I squirt the baby of course! We are on week 2 of My fathers World, yes we did this last year but they forgot half of what we learned and they LOVE every second of maps and exploring countries.So as we are still on full swing with Abeka, MFW is amazing to us and we are using as a supplement. For the little we have done We Are Going On  A Bear Hunt and I think that was the favorite for them by far! Today we will Go On A Bear Hunt on our land! FUn times here!!
 I almost forgot to add this!! After taking an 8 month break cloth diapering( the husband thought I was way to busy to do it) I have returned!! I have 32 new Kawaii diapers that I found to be the best for our heavy wetters! Not one leak at night with double inserts.No need for the wool cover as of yet. I have pile of prefolds that are ready for Laura but im thinking ill do more Kawaii diapers instead of prefolds. I do love the prefolds but I hate messing with them.So pockets might just be the number 1 for me! I cant believe I gave away all my Bum diapers and others! I kick myself for that.It was probley around the 500 dollars worth of cloth pockets!! I have been doing this almost 5 years so thats a small amount compared to the cost of pampers I have been buying for 8 months!!With 3 in diapers come on!!

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