Saturday, August 28, 2010

School days

The dog show
My 5 kiddos on the tractor

I was trying to get the whole circle of the MFW group but I got half.

We have been busy doing field trips and My Fathers World co-cops.we had our back to School Bash with our new MFW group yesterday. It was beyond fun. Sp many new homeschoolers. It was nice because they asked me a ton of questions because I was one of the ones who have schooled the longest. We are doing ECC this year and I think there is only one or two others families who have homeschooled before, and the rest, this is there first year.We had a lot of great ideas. The kids are really excited. Its a BIG group of probably over 50 kids who are doing all doing different years in My Fathers World. So here is our co-op sh elude: The 1st and 3rd Friday of the month is our group time from 9:30-45 is Worship, 9:45-11:45 is MFW group time, 11:45-12:30 lunch,12:30 - 2:30 MFW group time. Then the 2nd Friday of the months are World changers Disciple training days. THe 4th Friday of the months are Hand and feet out reach day with missionary speakers.On DTS days we do Art class,sign language class and Drama. Then we visit a care center or things like that. Lots of fun. we are also doing things with our Faith group which is mainly time for the kids to play and moms to talk and have fellowship. We start that back up on Thursday. Another big change in out life is that we are getting ready to start out training for foster parenting. We have prayed and prayed and been lead to do so. we are excited and scared at the same time. We will only start with younger children because we do homeschool and I'm not ready for the older children to have the behavioral problems in their face just yet. Prayer would be welcome for our family as we go through the process of this and the journey of moving in a couple of weeks. Lots to do and its seems to be coming at me full speed. But I have been loving everything second. We had a field trip to Purina Farms the other day for the dog show and the kids had so much fun!! Wore them out. Ended the day with a tractor ride. we are doing week 14 in MFW and are in France. we have borrowed every book from the library about France and Hannah is actually taking French this year so she is speaking French to me and I have no clue what she is saying. he painting we have been studying are so beautiful. We plan to take a trip to the Art Museum in the 2 weeks to wrap up France. Cody has taking off with his Geography and blow me away. He can label North America,South America with a little help and Europe.AMAZING for a child who hates to read and write. When he finds what he likes he take off with it. We were doing FIAR but are getting ready to switch over to Before FIAR for the littles. I thought it would work out great for them and Cody but Cody isn't in to it I'm going to step it down a bit Ethan and Chase. The olders will listen to he story but not required to do the activities with us. I'm sure they will do crafts but no paper work.

Plans for the week ahead:

Sunday- Church, Birthday party Monday: school, Maytag repair guy comes to fix stove top. Tuesday: School Wednesday:Foster meeting Thursday:Faith group at park Friday: MFW co op. Should be a fun week.Blessings

Thursday, August 19, 2010

So far so good

Chase wasnt ready to get up so he fell back to alseep on my chair
Mom, can you see me?

Hannah and Kenzey waiting for their turn to bowl( See Hannahs new glasses. Doesnt she look oh so beautiful! )

The kids enjoing a few marshmellows

Chase bowling with Cody helping

Alright this week has been slow and easy so far. we have managed to stay home Monday, Tuesday we ran up town to get milk and then nothing after that. Yesterday I did have to go the store, library, new house and the back to he new house. So yesterday was busy but not bad. we had planned on going to Wednesday night church but the husband wanting food so we had to run over to the house and give it to him which doesn't seem like its that hard but it is if you are planning on doing something. They have about 98% of the siding on and it looks so very pretty! Its getting close to drywall and then the fun begins with painting and floors! Cant wait! I'm going the old fashion country though out the house.My husband and I have been in 2 houses now and we have never decorated one of them so this is really exciting for me. This is our home, the one my husband has been using is hands and love to build for our growing family. The way we want it. God is so good. We have been doing school this and we are in France for MFW these next couple of weeks. Our library had over 15 books for us on France yesterday for our book basket and I think Hannah was over joyed :)We are wanting for our MFW co-op to start soon. We have planned a trip to the zoo next with them so the kids can meet and get to know each other before we start doing classes over other Friday. The moms I have met before but some are new so I'm looking forward to that. Our Faith group for homeschool is starting back up on the 2nd and the kids cant wait. In Oct. my friend is due for her baby boy and I'm so excited for his arrival. Lets see......I'm trying to remember what all we did over the weekend... Friday the kids had a friend sleep over, Saturday we played at the new house and it wash hot, Have I told you I hate hot weather???! Sunday we got up early and went bowling hoping to be out of there by 10:30 am to make it to church by 10:45 which in only like 4 miles up the road from the bowling place. Well it took us from 9:30 to 12:15 to finish 2 games! So needless to say we missed AGAIN! The littles had their time bowling ever and did really well. Ethan wasn't so sure at first But Chase with the help of big brother Cody had the best time throwing the bowling down and jumping for pure joy it made it. Once Ethan saw them having a blast he joined in and was dancing after every throw he did. As the for the girls well they beat me by like 100 points! I wasn't so good. They wouldn't let me have bumpers which was so unfair. It was alot of fun.Tuesday we had a little friend come over to play with the boys. Right he is the one and only boy in his house until his baby brother arrives. He has 3 sisters so he was needing some man time with my 3 boys :) They had so much fun. Cant wait to do it again. Alright I see the time flying by and need a shower and start school with the littles :)

Saturday, August 14, 2010


Im tired and it shows
The poop holder going in( My hubby is the guy with his shirt off) what a stud

Hannah and Ethan

The kids playing while the septic was going in. It was really hot

My 3 boys playing play duh for over an hour today

Im exhausted.Why? All I do is run and run and run. My 2 year old today AND now my 3 year old are the whiniest I have EVER seen them. Every stinking day we go somewhere. I don't mind leaving once or twice a week but we places All day along for people and running errands and the library over and over for Hannah and so on and so on. I'm beat and so are they. I'm older kids think they have to run and do things everyday and I'm SICK of hearing where are we going,can we do this and we get this. Money doesn't grow on trees and happiness doesn't come from doing things all the time. Every time we get in the car I hear" can we stop here and get this or I'm hungry" even if I had just feed them.I'm tired and exhausted and ready to move and go was just the kicker for me with Chase whining and whining all day. Its hard for the littles to be in and out of the hot air all day and running everywhere. Phewww it gets hot loading everybody.Everybody is going to have to learn to come see me now because I'm done going everywhere. My house is always open for people.

Outside my window...its hot and dark out

I am thinking...I need a pillow and my husband

I am thankful for...Friends who are going through the same thing.We call and we vent and go ' oh I know what you mean" I am so thankful for friends who have many littles and have days like mine. I wouldn't change on minute buts its nice to vent.

from the learning room... we managed one day of school this week.

I am wearing....really,really

I am creating...Godly children

I am throw clothes in the dryer for church tomorrow then throw diaper's in the wash

I am reading...Matthew

I am hoping...that husband is happy

Around he sleeping,Ethan watching Franny's Feet,Chase watching Ethan, Hannah, Cody and their friend Kinzey are watching Little House downstairs.

One of my fav things are....nights my husband gives me a smile of contentment

A few plans for the week ahead... Sunday we are bowling early in the morning, then church, then a birthday party. Wed dentist for 4 kids, Thursday water park. I'm sure in that will squeeze a million other things.

we had the septic dug and dropped in today!!! Yea.. now on to the well!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day one down!

My new baby :)

the littles while we did school today.Yes, that's Jolene wanting to stand!

Hannah looking over her penmanship book and thinking "What?"

Cody doing is money math

Our first day back it.School that is. It was a SUCCESS!! Routine was much needed for the 4 younger one and me. Hannah is a free walker so to speak and can handle anything.Us on the other hand need routine and need a hand written schedule. We did wonderful. This time Jolene was able to be on the floor crawling and playing with the littles as the older kids and me did our work. It went smoothly. I know everyday wont be like this but its nice to have on our first day back.After years of doing this, this is my first year that I really feel good and know what to expect.Which is a good thing because every year we add another blessing = my hands aren't free for the board.But so far the Lord isn't showing signs of more babies this month ;)I'm waiting!! I took Hannah to the eye doc yesterday and she is as blind as me poor child. She does get some awesome glasses that now ill to go and get a pair for me.She might not like looking like Mom but that's how I do things:) Update on Our house on the prairie ;) they put in my big TUB!! Now if they can get the well in NOW in going to be gone for awhile! I cant wait to use it. My whole first day I plan on spending my day in that! Sorry kids Moms busy.Oh I can see it now...... Oh back to reality. They have half the siding up and it looks so pretty. The husband says I cant say "its pretty" or he will ripe it down so I said it looks like crap :) then he smiled! MEN. But it looks really nice. They put in all the doors and my school room looks huge! yea!!!! So we a dinning room I have wanted since I have never had one of my own.We will have 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms,2 kitchens,school room,playroom, a garage for another play area and lots of fields to run in!! I cant wait.Did I say that already.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Yes thats me. Im very plump as my husband says. Thats my sweet little Jolene and Ethan

Thats my nephew Ben. H is now 16 and Ethan is his mini me.

I think this is the neatest picture of Cody

We found a black widow the day before and then we read a book about them and made a craft. Lots of fun

Well summer is here and Im not liking the heat to much.You go outside only to feel like someone throw a bucket of water on you.We have been swimming,search the river for "crab daddys" and enjoying our A/C.Hannah and Cody are staying over at my Mom and Dads for a week. They are having so much fun. Animals everywhere for the play with. The 3 littles are a little upset they arent here to play with :( So here is our week rewind...

Sat...we had VBS at the park.As the children and me loading the truck up I realized some one broke into my car and stole my wallet and cash in the console.I keep my purse under my seat with all it because I just do. Well I thought my husband had got in there and was looking for some money to stop and get something to eat. I called him and he said no. Well as it all sank in we realized we had be robbed! So I called the cops and a very nice officer Woods came out and took all the info he needed and pretty was like nothing we can for you. So they took everything including all 6 of our SSN cards( I usually dont carry these but we were switching doctors and needed them for paper work),my drivers license,debit card,my birth certificate,pictures of children everything was in there. So I was really upset. But VBS was really nice. I was in charge of the 3 and under and I pretty much just turned the water on for them to play in so they stayed cool and were still having fun. We came home and relaxed awhile.

Sunday.. we had a family reunion and it was really fun. We went down to the State park and headed to the river for a day of play.The boys are fish. Thats that. They LOVE water and Cody was showing them how to grab "crab daddys" that's what my nephew calls them :) It was so nice. I could live on the river in the summer time. I could camp all summer along if my husband would let us :) Then we came home late and pretty much hit the sack!

Mon... I was on the phone almost all day with the social secruity office and insurance company over the robbery.It was a long talking day..

Tus.... We were to have a playgroup but some of the kids were sick it was called off. So we heading over to a friends house and swam for along time. That was nice. Jolene was in the water for 3 hours straight and smiled the whole time. All the kids came out like prunes :) I cant wait until the kids are alot older so we can get a pool.

Today... Its over 100 outside and we have been to the store,the new house and now I have been cleaning and doing laundry. Yes ill have to tell you.... today at the store I bought a BOX of diapers for Jolene. Yes I know please dont lay it one me! I'm so tired of getting peed on and smelling like pee all the time. I have tried every thing out there for stripping the inserts and diapers and every wash soap, every little trick out there. Even my wool is not working right and I even just lanolized it a few days ago. Im taking the month off of cloth for her. Chase is potty trained but still wears and Bum and a wool cover at so that Ill still do. But Im going to TRY to find something out there that works.

On to the new house... we have electricity out there!!!! MY husband has been running and pulling wire for a few weeks now and its almost done. They turned it on I think Monday. He was really excited.I keep going over there looking at my HUGE tub with jets just waiting for them to be done!! I told them as soon as the well is in Im in that tub dont care whos around or whatever Im getting in!!!We are still thinking about in the end of August until we move. I CANT WAIT!! Oh yes one more thing JOLENE IS CRAWLING!!!!

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