Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I have 4 out of our 5 children sick with a bug. They aren't feeling to bad just the runny pooh :( so sorry. I thought I was getting my laundry caught up to find another mountain to go :) I'm one of those people that really like to do laundry. I think its the smell of fresh linens. Ohh man I could smell a box of Bounce all day.but my husband would never allow that :) I taught my daughter to do laundry and she loves the gathering and loading but really puts off the folding ( like I do ). I have a table in my laundry room my husband put in there so I could fold while pulling them out which as really helped but during the day I don't have time to fold I just shove in baskets and then they pail up until the middle of the week and me and Hannah have like 6 baskets to fold. Hannah is stepping up in the kitchen.Its her job to unload.Which was really scary at first because she just stacked things everything and when you'd open a cabinet things would hit you in the face. So I had to go over and over with her how to do it.Finally she has it down and I don't have to worry about a cup breaking my face.
Tomorrow Cody is making a fudge cake. He has a real passion for cooking and baking. Im trying to think of something fun he can cook tomorrow for dinner.I was going to roast a chicken and he could make the mashed potatoes and gravy.He loves the big mixer. So do I :)
We didnt really to do much today.I organized all my craft stuff and we pretty much just read all day.

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