Sunday, November 30, 2008

Happy holidays 2008

Happy Holidays everybody :) We have been busy eating this last week and baking goodies. The kids made sugar cookies and used enough frosting on one cookie to make a 2 cakes. Ethan enjoyed eating the red icing. i have really tried to not eat alot of cookies( trying) but what can I do. We had a really nice Thanksgiving over at my sisters house and stuff our faces until we couldn't move. It was really good. It was such a nice day out that the kids pretty much stayed outside playing on the playground and trampoline. We all were so blessed that day the weather was so nice. It was aslo Ethans 2nd birthday on Thanksgiving. they grow so fast. He has fallen in love with Thomas the Train, so thats what we got him. Now all the kids sit in the living room with a track that takes up the whole floor just a playing away. I didn't realize Cody liked trains as much as he does. Chase likes to destroy the track when he makes his way over there.Then the kids scream at me and then the drama starts. Saturday we had Thanksgiving over on the Ownby side at Jeffs brothers house, Don. The kids played up in the new game room Ben got over the summer. Its such a nice room.Its like a loft, everything a teen boy would want :) The kids ate again until they couldn't move. Don had all the kids outside roasting marshmallows. They had a blast. Hannah got sick on the way home from that, I think she might have gotten carsick but not sure.Shes fine, out playing in the 1st snow for the season. WE have our neighbors over playing with. Jimmy 9 and Patrick is 7. Ethan is out there right in the middle of a snow fight. It feels like Christmas now. we had planned on taken the kids to Santas Magical Kingdom last night on our way home but With Hannah getting sick and Cody fallen asleep we are going to do it tonight.
We are all so blessed, its amazing to me how lucky I am to have a great big family thats loves so much. I have a husband who just does so much for us. he works hard so we can homeschool and stay home to enjoy our lives together. All the kids are healthy and smart and beautiful. I wake up every morning thanking the Lord for picken me for this family. I find myself in prayer all the time just rambling on and on. Its amazing what the Lord can do when you let him into your heart. We live a fastline kinda world and its a shame. we forget why we are where. Just take a minute and give thanks.
Caitlin, Hannah, Cody, Ethan and Chase are doing great. We took last week off school. Which we all needed. Chase is finally sitting and crawling. Ethan is up to 8 words and loves to tell Daddy " NO " .
I hope everybody has a Merry Christmas.

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