Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My thoughts

I am thinking...Im tired of everyone asking for snacks right after dinner
I am thankful for...my bed
From the learning room...We have many new ideas
From the kitchen...I made roasted chicken,fresh salad,Chedder bay biscuits
I am wearing...Blah
I am creating...Godly children
I am going...to sleep more than 3 hours tonight
I am reading...my bible
I am hoping...to hug my kids and love them more
I am hearing...silience...I hate silence
Around the house...Ethan,Chase and Jolene are sleeping,Hannah and Cody watching The duggars with Dad
One of my favorite things...seeing Cody smile ear to ear when he completes his task
A few plans for the days ahead...READ

We had an ok day today. I had a really eye opening talk with a great friend of mine and showed me ways to work with Cody. He is giving me a run for my sanity :) I wont go into details but lets say he has a mouth on him that would knock you flat if you heard it. Im tired of it its disrespectful and if not corrected now we are going to have a trouble whne he is older. I cant control him at all. Its fight every time we open out mouths to him. I have laid the law down with him so many time s and noting works. Until my dear friend told me what to do, So I explained tohim the rules of the house and how it would work. We are family and we love you..... so if you even roll the eyes at me once if told to do somehthings everything from your room will be boxed and in the laundry room for when you decide to act right in this family. He did great until he was asked to do something.HE flat out refused. I stayed clam, I didnt yell, I said you have made your chose and now I have to stick to the rules too. I got 2 totes and filled it up with everytthing in his room.He has his bed, dresser, and all his books that it. He can earn 1 thing back after a week of being good and trouble. He was so mad at us. But you know what its called tuff love. even my little boys were puinished for acting out and screaming today which I think totally through them off. They do have time outs for stuff but im really tired of whining to ge there way and ripping toys from one another so the rules are for them too. Hannah is respectful, so I dont have to watch her to much but she was told the rules and what would haooen and she is fully aware. Im praying God wraps his arms around Cody and hld him tight. The devil is working a number on my family but you know Jesus is way stronger and prayer will take care of us. Cody is an awesome child, very caring and sweet and loves babies. But when he doesnt get his way watch out. Theres many areas here that are my fault and I know that. Im working hard on changing my lack of lack of control. I use to never follow through with my rules and give so many chances just to have to raise my voice again. So thats a huge problem. I did that, now im fixing it.Cody is alot like me.But I know God is going to turn him in to an amzing man and he will do wonderful in life. He is a great kid, he just has a mom who lacks self disipline in herself.
Today my husband really cleaned the living room.Sorted all the toy boxes and went crazy sorting the trains, way to many trains for 3 boys :) I dont think I got anything done but clean the kitchen 3 times, one load of laundry, and srub the bathroom. I did nurse Jolene watch her smile at me.I did play with her on the bed and she was giggling. I did read aloud to the kids and Hannah listen to Hannah read to the littles. I did laugh hard with all the kids while at dinner. I did manage to hug and kiss my kids and see them smile.Thats what counts.

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