Friday, February 12, 2010

Blessed Day

We had a wonderful day today. It was God blessed. We had a day of school with not one complaint or problem. The house ran so smooth today we played board games and just really enjoyed each other.Im so deeply in love my family it makes a smile come on my face. These are the reasons why we have large families.I really enjoy all my kids and cant wait until God blesses us again. I dont feel like I have a large family,its rather small to what I desire and feel what God has placed on my heart.I kiss my kids goodnight and look at there faces and they smile and say " night mom,I love you " that right there melts my heart and brings a tear to my eyes. They are all so wonderful.Even my little Jolene who nurses to sleep and is half out of it and looks at me while on the breast and does the half smile with milk dripping from her lips, I know she is saying I love you mom. I love the bond breastfeeding gives me with my babies. All of my kids have been breastfeed, they nursed whenever they wanted. Jolene is almost 3 months and nurses every 2 hours but I think she does as comfort.I put her in the moby wrap and she snuggles in.I love when I give her a bath and wrap her in a towel,she will snuggle under my chin and lay there until shes dry. Chase still does that now and then.Both boys usually come flying out of the tub and run towards the living room laughing. Their like dogs, they roll on the sofa until dry :) Once I say "I have lotion " they come right back and lay down. They love their massages.
I have many things on my To Do List, but we have such a busy week coming up I dont think Ill get them done. Tomorrow we are taking the kids Bowling. Sunday we are going to the Country Dance with fellow homeschoolers.Tuesday we have a Valentines party for the kids with our faith group, Wednesday we have homeschool skating, Thursday will be all day of school,Friday the creator of My Fathers World is coming to a church out here so we are going to that. Im looking forward to that. So the kids have a fun week ahead of them.

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