Monday, February 22, 2010

Root canals

I went in day today and had a double root canal. What a time I had :) we all got there around 10:15 this morning and I nursed Jolene in the waiting room so she would be hungry. well I didnt get out of the chair until 2:30!!! It didnt hurt at all, just really weird seeing the drills over your head heading for your mouth. But its done and im not in pain any more and ill have beautiful crowns in a few weeks. But the price was wayyy crazy. We have insurance but they only pay up to $1000 a year. SO with both root canal and crowns it was $2880.So we had to pay out of pocket $1880.00!!! Can you believe that. Now thats alot of money to take out of the savings!!! Im just thankful we had it because I was in so much pain and really making me crabby. The husband was so wonderful about it. I kept saying I was sorry it cost so much but man he was just glad I was better and bad to my old self again. Thank you God :)
we'll be home im hoping all week, as with that chunk of money gone dont want to waste gas. I do have to go to the library but thats just up the road.Im ready to stay home and clean and do some reading with kids.
I am thinking...I wish Chases running pooh would stop
I am thankful husband
From the learning room...Jeff e-bayed 26 reading books for us that come today
From the kitchen...I made taco and taco salad tonight
I am wearing...long black skirt w/green shirt
I am creating...Godly children
I am read tonight
I am reading...All The Way Home by Mary Pride
I am hoping...for a great day tomorrow
I am hearing...the sound of 3 boys making train sounds
Around the house...all is good
One of my favorite things... the smiles my kids give when I make something yummy
A few plans for the days and bake

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