Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My thoughts

We have come to the conclusions on schooling... we are done with text books!!! Yes we will be doing My Fathers World but not like they say to use it. We will be doing Bible work/study which is our #1 in this house. But im not buying math or anything else.That said, we have the computer to use for things we need for logging proposes. But we have found when doing a timed routine doesnt work in the house.We are crazy busy all the time and find we are learning more when living our life. Our daughter is being trained to be a keeper of the home so she is happy to learn what mom does.She loves to read and loves to read aloud to the littles. the littles don't care what it is they just like someone reading to them. So as we are getting of alots of text books we are bringing in ALOT of reading books. We will quiz them when we read and do the normal to make sure they are were we think they should.When I first pulled the kids out of the public soap opera ( aka public school ) I didn't really do anything but what a friend calls "to defunk" them. Meaning stripping them of all the bad influences they picked up. which they were we really young so not much to shake off.This is our 3rd year schooling them and we are still find things that work for us and what don't. I find myself still to this day thinking like a public school mom, which is why im putting a stop it it now. w homeschool for the freedom it gives us and the closeness and the teaching of GOD. we are shaping the future and if people don't wake up and realize what they are letting their kids do because they want to be "cool" parents, id hate to see the world when they are running things.Parents are so caught up in being there friends and working out side of the home.Which I do understand if the wife needs to work and single parent who isn't always home but they can raise their child with morals and respect.Im sick of seeing teenagers hanging all over each other every time we go and my KIDS have to see that.I think not. Take responsibility for your kids and teach them something you can be proud of. You know I was one of those teenage Moms twice. I wouldn't change it for anything in the world, but I grow up the moment I found out I was pregnant at 15. I jumped on board and fell in love with being a mom.I nursed my daughter until she 2 and half and I was 4 or 5 months pg with my son. Nursed him forever too. I ahd no friends because I was being a mom. How many teenage kids do that? Very few for sure.Im tired of hearing kids making babies and then they decide they cant do it so they go off and kill the baby! What parent would allow that? If I meant one I personally would jack slap you in the head. This just boils my blood. Love your kids. Thats that... Love you kids

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Amy Matthews said...

I am a friend of Amanda's. I saw your comment on her blog. I looked you up and became a follower. Hope thats ok? Amanda says you are great. We have boys the same age. We should get together sometime.

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