Monday, February 8, 2010

One of those days

I have really had one of those days where you'd like to start over.No one said homeschooling was easy and if that were true, more would be doing it. I find trouble every morning in our house with disrespect and needing to remind kids about brushing teeth, getting dressed and oh yes get to the table to start our day. Well as I freak out every morning and nothing gets complete do the my lack of discipline in the children I though up my hands andso im done for the day. I can do no more.For the most part my children are very caring and respectful to to everybody, but me.Now I know thats my fault because I dont follow through with anything I say to them on the discipline area.well until recently, I did take the DS way until March 29 and its been 2 weeks and have not gave in yet.Theres no T.V until the week unless its approved my Jeff or me. Im tired of repeating myself so loud a jumbo jet cant compare to me. We all have days like this even if you are to afraid to say out loud. But you know what, tomorrow is a new day and its ok to have off days. Its ok to not do school work for the day when you feel you cant get a thing done.Thats the beauty of homeschool. I do know our BIGGEST problem is our curriculum right now. I thought I was going to wait and switch to My fathers World in August but we cant wait that long. I will be ordering it when my husband gets home tonight.Until then the only thing we will be doing is math I make up,bible, and reading time. Everything else is on hold.Its not working for us it causing way to much drama.To much paperwork makes us batty.We will be spending the next few weeks on being good role models fo the littles.We will be working on the respect the bible says parents should have. Manners, Patience,kindness, and doing to other. w have to change the way this house runs or I might actually explode ;)

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