Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ramble on Jen

I have my laundry almost done, meaning I have clothes to fold and put away. I have been cleaning and getting the house ready for Christmas. I get the pure pleasure of having my side of the family over for Christmas. Although a few wont be here because they have better people to see. Im planning yummy food and lots of laughs and smiles from children. Im also bracing myself for a night all boys!! My sisters little boys are coming over fora sleep over on Thursday and my mom is taking Hannah and my sisters daughter Madison and my brothers daughter Bree for girls sleep over. Ill have all the boys and my 2 sweet little girls. I plan to make it a great night of boy stuff. Over the weekend my sister and her 3 kids came over with my mom to do the Jolley baking of Christmas. We baked so many cookies I think I gained 10 pounds. I always love when they come over because we seem to spend the whole time laughing. Whats even better is my Hannah is old enough now to join in on the big girl talk and laugh with us. Hannah and Madison were really the only kids helping as the others were old Indians running around the house and playing. Jolene did help alittle. My husband was home to taste the cookies right out of the oven. I had a goodie box all made for him to take back to Indiana but he forgot it with all the busy bodies around us. Im so excited I get him home for 4 days. For awhile there I didnt cry when he would leave now im back to crying. It gets harder and harder now to watch him leave us every week. I through myself a pity party and then realize I cant do that, I have to many eyes watching. I miss him horribly. He comes home and loves on the kids and we go to bed because its late and then we snuggle. Morning comes to fast and we know the day will go by even faster. He misses having a wife who can hug him everyday and tell him how much I love him. Over the phone just doesnt do that justice. Laurabeth will be 3 months old tomorrow and he has missed so much. Jolene is 2 and he missed those 2 years. He blinked and they grew. I miss my husband.......

We did a day Hanukkah and we did our studies. We colored and read and so on. Our word search was a bit much for Cody but he finally got it. Tomorrow we have our big Hanukkah party with homeschool group and really looking forward to that. Laktes here we come!! Ita amazing to me the miracle of that. Every time we read about it we all say " Look people, it was the Lord who made the oil last eight days. Isnt he amazing!!" I have been doing my bible reading and found some verses that made me stop and realize what I need to work on as a mom and a sister in Christ. Colossians 3:13- " Make allowance for each others faults, and forgive anyone who offends you.Remember the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others." Titus 3:3- Once we,too, were foolish and disobedient.We were misled and became slaves of to many lusts and pleasures.Our lives were full of evil and envy, and we hated each other.

Well I must get to bed. I made my list for the "to do" over the next few days. I need to find a special toy for my ohhh I mean the kids guinea pig. I love this animal like crazy!! I love our dog but the guinea is my kinda animal. I guess ill buy the dog a special treat too :p

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Putting on the "Mom Pants"

Ita pillow, its a pet, its a pillow pet ;)

My good looking cowboy Chase

Hannah doing what she does best.....coffee and reading

Well not really but you get the idea. Im redoing our way of learning around here for some of my kiddos, which means mom pants and nerdy glasses are coming out! Hannah will do whatever and continue doing what she is doing. But my boys will be doing unit studies along with keeping Abeka math and MFW books in the mix. Ill do my big post when I have the time after the holidays but Im just letting my friends know who do Abeka subjects my boys will no longer be doing them. we have had a busy week with bball, homeschool co op,library crafts,piano, Youth meeting at a beautiful church and shopping. This next week will be the same busy mood. Sunday I have family coming for cookie baking and down right fun. Although some of my family will not be here because they are better than us dont you know! Im a little bitter yes!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Update from the Ownby crew

My prayers: Im thinking deeply about Jubilee Shalom Duggar. I have her parents in my heart and comfort knowing they will one day be together again. So many people go through the loss of a child and it just seems so unfair. My heart just breaks for them.I also pray my husband stays warm working many many stories up on a tower when its so cold.

My thought: We have spent the day crafting and crafting.This morning my girlfriend came over to give me my maryKay goodies/samples. She then took Cody and her son Nick bowling for Nicks 12th birthday today. Cody came home and started crafting with us.

In the learning room: We are focusing on Christ and alot of reading. We do math and then one child has full subjects ( but honestly we are lazy about that). I know for a fact if we dont buckle down and get serious with after our break we will be sorry. I added all our hours up and we are so far behind in them. It wont be a problem to make them up because we school year round but I was hoping to space out time and thats not going to happen. Im going to have to do boot camp on myself here. A routine and schedule is a must.

Out my window: Its rainy and kinda warm.Its been raining for what seems like days. I wish it was snow.

Plans for the week: We had our Faith homeschool group yesterday and I cant tell you how much it was needed. I missed all my friends and the kids were in huge amounts. We had wonderful fellowship, ornament decorating, and awesome food. The talks I had were just what I needed. Not to mention when we got home my kids fell right the sofa and were done for the day. Tomorrow we have piano and then we are going to Santas Magical Kingdom. Friday im finishing my Christmas shopping (thought I was done then turns out I was wrong). Sunday my mom and my sister 3 kids are coming over for cookie baking and popcorn balls. Christmas is in the air!

My baby: is 2 and half months and smiling like crazy. Shes wearing a size 6 months and 3 diaper.Yep shes an Ownby for sure! She sleeps though the nights, 5 days out a 7 which never happens to any of my children. I wake up with my jugs ready to explode. I cherish all the nursing she does though the day. she looks at me and smiles and even holds my finger.So love my baby. Jolene is saying more and more words. She said her first sentence last week " I want one." It was so cute.

My little and big children: Are ready for it to stop raining so we can go outside and play. They got a new guinea pig and she is the other baby in the house. we love her so much. Acts just like a cat! Cody is doing awesome in bball. Im so proud of him. Hannah is playing away on the piano and amazing us all. Ethan and Chase are plugging away with playing and learning. Ethan is really tiring to read and im thinking it wont be long before it clicks for him. Chase is right there with him. Some areas he is ahead.

I must get off now Laurabeth is awake.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

More pics

Ok you will have to view my post right before this to see other posts as I can only upload a few on one post!!!!

Pictures of my beautiful children

Yes I know this pic was posted twice but blogger wont let me edit my photos so bare with me please.......

I thought I would share a few pics ofthe many many we had done at our photoshoot. I love every single picture so much that when I had them printed I ended up getting 88 pictures devoloped! Ya they are that stinkin cute. So if you get a Christmas card and its full of pictures of my kids, its because I couldn't decide which one was better :) Ok im really suppose to be making our planner for this week but I live with this thing called ADD and tonight its taking over :) I have had this for a long time but when im stressed and over whelmed it kicks my butt and I get nothing done. I have a list a mile long and started every single chore just never finished tonight. Grrr..... anyways heres the pics and I hope you enjoy. Im thinking of switching from blogger over to wordpress. No one can comment, I can only download like 4 or 5 pics and I cant change my header. Driving me crazy. Ok ill post another set right after this so keep looking

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Babys, birthdays,beautys and more...

Laurabeth and me yesterday( 11-30-11)

Daddy and 2 of the boys playing play duh.

Hannah Banana and Laurabeth

My super basketball player Cody 10, he started bball this past week.

Ethan William-James on his 5th birthday

This is my favorite time of year. The lights, smells,happiness and Jesus on everybodys mind. Its the time of year I know people are being saved because more people are talking about Jesus and spreading the Word. It makes me happy knowing more people will be in Heaven to enjoy beauty's our Father has made for His children. We put up the text books and turn our attention to what the season is about. The only thing we wont put away is math as we cant afford to review a months worth of math we would forget. Yes we do school year around and kick myself for taking a huge break this past summer. But thats ok we know now we cant do it again.we have more field trips and playdates in fall/winter than summer when its so hot we hate going outside. Anywho we had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family at my sisters house. Jolene was pretty sick with her fever but we still went and Im so glad we did because the kids needed to play with there cousins. We are doing Christmas this year at my house and Im beyond excited. Only because that means I dont have to take an extra 2 hours in the morning to get everybody and load the mom bus with all our things and drive. Yeaaaaahhhh. I don't think my family realizes how hard it is to keep everybody ready and loaded. So I'm just glad now the Christmas celebrations will be here. My Dad smoked a turkey and I have to say we will be investing in a smoker because it was the best turkey I have EVER had. My sister made one too but honestly I only ate the smoked because I loved it so much. This years Thanksgiving dinner was different for me. Laurabeth cant have dairy,which means I don't get dairy. I slipped up on that day and she did have a hard time that night and next day. But I'm very careful and I'm sticking to my Ulrameal protein shakes and light lunches. I don't even use creamer in my coffee any more!!! Thats huge for me. I have learned to just adjust to what I can eat. I'm see results in my weight since I had to cut dairy and fructose. My face is slimmer and puffy, my tummy is bloated and its starting to shrink. The husband has been noticing ;) Good times ;) I'm very aware now of what goes in my mouth. I double think everything. I think the only thing I'm having problems with is soda. I'm down to maybe a cup of soda a day compared to my 5 or 6 cans a day. I'm very proud of that! Ice tea is my new favorite drink. Today we have pictures for the kids and Laurabeths 2 month photo shoot. Jeff told me last night he wants to get our ( just me and him) done in black and white.So I need to plan that also. He is so sweet. Although he told me I have to wear my hair down because when I have it pulled back he thinks I look like an old grandma!!! Thanks hun! We have never had our pictures done together alone. I wonder how they will turn out?? Anywho..... i have alot to do this month but since we put the books up it will be a relaxed month.I'm praying for snow. The 27th was Ethans 5th birthday. He has wished for snow and unfortunately his Daddy had to leave for Indiana at 5 that night BUT 2 hours after daddy left, it started to snow. Not alot, just beautiful snowflakes that we watched for while until it stopped. God is so good. He made my sons face light up and the kids giggle with delight. It was a moment I paused and gave thanks. I cant believe Ethan is 5. My mom came over and gave him is birthday gifts.....a new super cool dvd player with a Christmas movie! He was so excited. She had got him one last year but it broke because he was a little to ruff with it. This one he is super careful and loves it. Daddy also got him batman stuff of course. Jolenes 2nd birthday was on the 2nd and i cried! I cant believe they are growing so fast. Jolene is amazing. She holds her ground like the boys and I'm pretty sure if you made her mad, she would take you down. She will be holding her baby doll in one arm and a light saber in the other beating the boys. This house of ours is filled with nonstop noise and playing. This so far is the best time of my life. I pray my husband could be here enjoying this with me. I know I cant be angry or unhappy about the path of him not being here. I'm joyful, happy and just choosing to be that better person for my kids. Hannah and Cody are helping around here all the time. We do have times where they would rather roll there eyes at me or ignore me completely but at that age its to be expected. It doesn't happen alot. I have good... great kids. well I must go I have a sweet little baby needed my snuggles. May God Bless You today.........

Thursday, November 17, 2011


Jolene thinking of swimming

Hannah doing her school

Its one of those days where I'm so thankful for all I have.The sun has been shining and my kids have been laughing. I have been soaking up the sun with the kids and letting Laurabeth get a tan on her already dark skin. We got some school work done. We have to hit the books hard until the 1st of December, which is when we put the books away and focus the month on Christ. As we study hard and long in the bible we know a lot more than we did last year and we will be doing things a little differently. As we will still celebrate Hanuka and Christmas, we are just aware of some things that I don't have time to post about right now.( I'm waiting for Hannahs piano lessons to be done). Last night my mom came over and had a good old time sawing my table!!! MOM!! We don't break from school just text books.I think we have learning when we put those way and study the bible with crafts and other reading books. We will be doing the Little House Christmas in honor of our Little Laura Elizabeth this year. What fun!! my husband gets Thanksgiving weekend off and we are looking forward to much needed family time. The kids have missed him alot. Cody and Dad will build a big house, will be taking the kids to Chuck E cheese, doing some movie watching and oh yes THANKSGIVING with the fam! Also we have to birthdays to celebrate Jolene will be 2 tomorrow and Ethan will be 5 on the 27th!!! Oh my goodness!!!! My babies don't stay babies for long.Ethan asked me today if we could have as many kids as the Duggars so he could have more brothers and sisters to play with.... I said ill try :)Anyways I have some things to look up while im on here. I better go

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Laurabeth 6 weeks and Remy almost 3 months.Pretty close in size huh?

Cody doing his science.

LauraBeth 6 weeks old

The little boys at the water park.I have a bunch of pictures of all the kids but they are underwater I cant see who is who!

We like to pretend play around here so we have many many many different outfits he changes into though out the day.

My heart breaks tonight for the little baby that was kidnapped and now in the hands of Jesus.Why is this happening all the time? I hold my kids extra tight tonight and say extra prayers over them. When my nephew was kidnapped a few years ago ( he was found a few days later and ok) I went into a state of panic and i have never lost that feeling.I trust no one with my kids.I am always looking around. I hate that feeling and I pray for contentment in that area.Im so on edge tonight and I worry.I know I am to leave my worries to Jesus.Not having my husband to be protected by him makes me want to pack my kids and head to Indiana.This is nuts. I know im able to hold my ground on things but im such a baby! grrrrr!!! How someone can hurt a child is just unthinking able. I dont watch the news but people were posting stuff on facebook about this and we have had alot of missing babies lately.This world is just getting worse and worse. Not sure what to say or even think. I just know when I nurse my sweet baby i cherish that moment forever.When I dress my child in the morning i cherish that moment forever. When I sit and teach my child I cherish that moment forever. When my child asks me questions off the wall or makes a mess with paint to make a special picture or when my child brings me a bunch of weeds for flowers because he loves, I will cherish that forever. My children are my life.They are the reason Im on this earth.They are the reason for my everything. I cant imagine not have little feet to touch and hands to hold and diapers to change. I cant imagine not having those silly but meaningful talks with my oldest daughter. My children are amazing and im so thankful to have them. ( even though im 29 with a head of gray hair :)

Anyways- we have been busy here doing school and rearranging the house. This just doesn't have that HOME feeling to me. Not sure what it is but you know the feeling you get when you go to grandmas and its like ahhh home and you are safe and content? Why don't I have that here? My husband built this house for us and I try sooo hard to make it home and comfy but its not working.So I'm rearranging everything and going to thrift stores to make it home......

( I went to bed and now im finishing this post)

I clicked on facebook a min ago and found that the horrible no good witch killed her sweet little baby! What on earth is it with these moms killing their babies. Its like every week you hear of that.If you are feeling over the edge or like you cant do it anymore turn your baby over to the police or church anybody. Dont hurt your child. its so sad. I look at little Jolene and just smile right now. How could anyone lay a finger on child when they are so sweet? Satan is really getting to alot of people but in his damn face because we believers just grow stronger. Im so sad for that baby though, I still have goosebumps!!

As for school today we are slow.Yesterday spent the day cleaning and moving our school room. SO we are still in the messy mess. My mom is coming out so we can bring in my huge huge table for the dinning. I need to move this table down stairs for school. So excited.I have my totes of Christmas stuff out and ready to be put up ( hey my maiden name isnt Jolley for nothing). I have to go birthday shopping for Jolene who turns 2 Friday.I might cry just thinking about. My baby!!! Laura will be 2 months on the 21st!!! I cant even believe that.

I havent posted in forever so its hard to update everything.....so ill try real fast. We had to birthday parties in one weekend. There was an outdoor birthday party with fire and roasting hotdogs and marshmellow with leaf piles and pure country fun. then the next day my nephew Mason had an indoor water park party and it was so much fun for the kids. They had the place so freaking hot though I thought I was going to die. So much fun though. Hannah has been flying though her piano lessons and I love to sit and listen to her play.She is teaching Cody how to play and guess what? He is really good at too. Ill have to post later children call me!!!!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Daybook entry Nov 2

Little LauraBeth and me over the weekend

LauraBeth 5 weeks old!!

We read The Pumpkin Patch Parable over and over in the month Oct and we craved our pumpkins to make all smile. Then a skunk came and stoled Chases pumpkin and ate the faces of the other!

Hannah and Cody in front of the ST.Louis Art Museum.

Ethan and his NAME!!

Around the house: Its quiet with Laura and Jolene sleeping, Hannah went shopping with her girlfriend she never gets to see. Cody is out mowing the back yard one last time before we put the mower away. The little boys are having a snack for down time.Amazing how quiet a house can get when all day long we are louder than a jumbo jet. Floors need to be mopped and laundry put away but honestly today I'm tired and going to enjoy the breeze through my windows awhile.

Im praying: That God changes the path we are on with Jeff gone all the time. Rather its a job in state or out we need to be together.Family. Its something that I have been struggling with so much secretly on the inside since I had Laura. Its something I have shed many many tears on the last weeks.Theres no jobs in St.Louis for the work my husband does ( Union electrician) and we know this fact. we have to keep this line of work for many reason. It pays good and we have a large and growing family that needs a good income to support.Second, Jeff has been doing this for 20 years and loves it.Im praying God will set the path and we follow.I pray that what ever it is my family understands and doesn't give the guilt party. I pray the path is well heard and we listen.I pray I stop having these mental battles over how I do things.I was talking to my girlfriend who is also a mom to many littles and a homeschooler and we struggle with the same issues.Am I doing enough on this and doing enough with this child and so on. I know im not alone on this but feel like Im the only one who struggles.Its not like I can just sit next to my husband in bed at night and talk it out.Hes not there!I mean the list can go but ill spare you the list. we homeschool for alot a reasons but the main reason is to protect our blessings from the falling world and they don't get sucked into the " world" and lose their propose. So many people just live and go with the flow of the world. and I struggle here with this because this is the battle im talking about in my head. Jeff hates that we gave Hannah a phone because its glued to her 24/7. We got her a phone so when they left the house she could call us if needed.wells turned into a non stop texting phone and he thinks she is to young.So we will cancel her phone and give her a track phone for when she leaves the house with out us. We have so many problems with obeying in this house and its not big stuff just backtalking and sleeping in until lunch etc... my littles are always screaming and not using their words and so on... we have alot to train on. So we take things away and don't allow sleepovers but some how I'm ALWAYS guilt ted into letting them have sleepovers. Drives me crazy I'm not respected enough around.I feel like im a child in my own ability to parent. WHY? I'm a strong headed big mouth in your face kinda person. Why is it when it comes to my kids and this I'm such a baby?Its time to grow balls and man up to this!

In the kitchen: I have beef stew in the pot and thinking of making bread.I wanted to start my day juicing but I haven't had time to leave the house to get a juicer just yet. So soda it is for me. I'm working on changing the way we do grocery's here. I spend around $1200 a month on food and diapers a month. So I bought a roasting pan and I'm going to roast turkey and chickens instead of buying nasty lunch meat every week. I spend alot every week on lunch meat and its so not healthy for ya. I'm working on simply changing all the junk we bring in this house and start really making the life change on living right.

I'm wearing: gray yoga pants and a t shirt with fuzzy blue socks :)

In the school room: Ethan finally wrote his name in order today! Huge moment for us.He has been able to write letters and knows what letters are in his name but he never was able to write his name right until this morning he was on the ball!!! Good job big guy! we are learning about Jamestown and the pilgrims. Today Cody and Chase are doing a science experiment with an egg in vinegar to see what happens to your teeth when we don't care for them right.Pretty cool! Hannah is reading about the Fall of Roman Empire. She is loven all she is reading and having alot of " light bulb" moments.We are using Abeka History of the World. neat for sure.

Out my window: the sun is shinning and breeze a little chilly.I love the fall soo much but I'm very ready for the snow.

I'm feeling: Overwhelmed with all my thoughts, Missing my husband badly and making plans for another trip to Indiana. Laura should sleep the whole way.Not sure what week we will go but thinking around Jolene's 2 birthday. I cant believe she will be 2!!!!

I'm reading: Exodus and Ezekiel. Amazing to read and re read!

Plans for the week: Tomorrow we have piano and library again. Basketball starts on the 28th. Bummed they wont let Hannah play.we do upwards and they didn't have any 7th grade girls sign up leaving Hannah all alone.They tested her and called me last week and said it wouldn't be fair to put her on a 6th grade team so they cant use her this year. COME ON 7 th grade girls where are you!!!!! Cody will be playing and is really looking forward to that.Last week we did field trips to the History Museum and Art Museum in st.Louis. Lots of fun and looking forward to go again next month.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Just an update

Peek a boo

We went to skaterz and she slept like a good little girl

Have you ever been so tired you just couldn't see yourself getting up to go to the bathroom? Well thats me right now. Yes id say I'm past my pregger bladder and now can hold it for hours.Oh good times :) Laura is now 4 weeks old and sleeps during the day and very little at night.Which is ok because I like that quiet time and snuggles I get. Also I have an auto setting on my coffee maker that makes life just a little easier for a mom like me.I keep setting it back everyday as I need it earlier and earlier. Little Laura has been the pooh queen, just as soon as I put a cute outfit on her she blows out her diaper like maybe she didn't like I put on her. I do have to say using throw away diapers has made my life so much better and faster to change. I love it! I dont like buying 3 boxes at a time ( well I lied, I do really like that for some reason). I love having so many littles! Jolene is talking and pretending like never before.She always has a baby doll in her arms and playing tuff with boys. I love she is so active in playing AND she climbs to the school table everyday and sits!! Yes my 1 year old asks for school!! Oh the joys I have from that! She also now goes to sleep on her own for naps and bed time. I snuggle her and love on her and lay her down with her blanket and shes out. I cant believe it! Chase still gets rocked to sleep and then we have to break our backs to lift him into his bed which is right next to my bed and Laura's crib.He is so stinking cute! Hannah thinks he will be our model. He is just speeding away in school and keeping up with Ethan. Its amazing to watch.Ethan knows how to write his name and some numbers.Knows all his colors and shapes and we are learning to read! Cody is blowing me away in history! We are learning about the Indians and Christopher Columbus. He is really liking the extra books from the library we are using. I also started him back in MFW ECC today because that really floats his boat and I'm good with that. The little boys got in on the ECC this morning and loved the Map and Globes book. Cody is still having a hard time with math but I see if we don't skip a day and I do math with him twice a day it really helps him remember. Thats why we decided with him and the boys we will do school 6 days a week. Hannah is Hannah and flys though school like its nothing.Reading like theres no tomorrow. She loves her new piano teacher and just beams when they are done. I love hearing her play in the house though out the day. Basketball starts in November and we are waiting and waiting. They are really excited to be doing that. We had homeschool skaterz last Wednesday and so glad thats finally back into our school year. This week we have homeschool day at the History museum. YEAHHHHH!!!!! All homeschoolers NO others to bump into my kids and then Mommy meanie has to pop out! I have my mom babysitting Ethan, Chase and Jolene because it will be a long day and not sure how they would hold up in a museum that long. We will also have lunch at turtle park if its nice out an then head over to the zoo for alittle peek and grab our zoo pack we will be loaning from the zoo on the rain forest. Well I better get to the bathroom and then bed!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall is wonderful

Laura in this picture just got out of her very first sink bath.Yes at 3 weeks old that day :) sponge baths were given because her baby cord took that long to fall off ( which made me cry)

Its a BEAUTIFUL fall afternoon with really strong winds blowing.Love it! My husband and Cody ran to Lowe's to get 2 new heating elements for both the water heaters.Nothing like well water;) Husband never gets break when he comes home.Its amazing the elements didnt even take a year to replace. Oh well. Tomorrow I can have a nice hot shower and be good :) Im starting to find my old self come back to life. Yes im always loud thats just how I am, but this week I have held my tongue kept my yelling next to non. Again I am loud but my kids know when Im yelling and Cody came to me and gave me a hug and said " this was the best week. You didnt yell at me." Broke my heart but then realized he was right. I think being sooo very preggers in the freakin HEAT really did me in this year and my whole family suffered. But as my weight slowly comes off and body back to normal and the pure JOY I have from all my children im loven life again. I do have to say I have never been this busy in my life before. I get to sit when im nursing and thats alot because LauraBeth nurses like every hour on the hour. But really im busy. Im always cleaning, laundry, cooking, schooling, playing, running somewhere or just plain keeping up with the kids. its alot of fun but boy when its bed time im out!! And I only get 2 hours of the good sleep. After that im up and down from the rocking chair with LauraBeth.Those are the best times. Whens its quiet and I can just look at my beautiful baby. ohh yes im so excited about this new thing in my life. Not so much new but awesome. I started using Pampers and Huggies again!! Thats right i sold my cloth diapers yet again and Im proud to say we are done with them!! With 3 in diapers it was to much to keep up with and I honestly they were cute and thats it.I hated having to wash and stuff and wash and stuff them! I hated the big butted babies I got from them wearing them. It was like 1000 pounds lifted off my shoulders once we finally decided to be done for good with cloth. I like being able to wipe a poohy butt and THROW AWAY! I know i know simple things get me happy :)

School Days around here have been swinging! This week we had a field trip to Shaw Nature reserve to go hiking. Hiking is my favorite thing to do and Codys. We all had so much fun walking through the wetlands. The wind was blowing and leaves were falling with kids chasing the leaves and laughing like never before. It was so much needed not only for me but for them. Monday we had my good friend Lisa over I think I posted that already. Loved it! Then I got a text from a friend I just love and she will be back to homeschooling again next year!!!! Oh how I have missed her! Cant wait for co op next year with her and the kids in it again!! We are taking a step back with math for Cody. One of the things thats awesome about homeschooling is the fact that when a child struggles with a new concept we can take extra time on it so they really know what they are doing before moving on. Also we switched Cody English back to Rod and Staff. Abeka isnt working for us in a few subjects. Hannah loves Abeka but she is a book worm and just gets everything she reads. Cody is more like me and needs to pretty have everything read to him over and over. His reading is coming along. Not were I wanted him at this time but we are getting there and thats what counts. The littles are doing wonders with preschool. Ethan can write his name. Not in order but he knows the letters and writes them. This week we will focus on putting them into his name. Chase has his C and H down. well LauraBeth just woke up.........

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Yesterday was a wonderful day. I had my friend Lisa and her 3 beautiful children over for a day of fellowship. Manly so I could pick her brain on The Feast of Tabernacles. She has been teaching a class on the Feast and Holy days we have been attending but I needed more answers and wanted to really get the facts right an be able to look them up in scripture myself and see. Hannah and I have just been soaking this up. Boy do we Christians really miss things that are right in front of us but dont take the time to do it because we are so caught up in the world. Im sorry but we will no longer live blindly and walk around in caught up in all thats not right.Amazing how things are right in front of ya and you choose not to see or you are worried what some people might think of ya. Oh boy the stuff we have learned and Im honestly waiting for certain people to say to me" I sure hope you are studying on your own" or " Your not going to be brain washed again are ya?" or so on and so on. Keep it to yourself please!

Anyways we are waiting for some rain here. The dark clouds moved in and the rain needs to come like now! we are plugging away at school and not getting much of it done really because theres alot to do with school. The husband was pretty upset with me this weekend because the big kids were again when he came home. So he laid the law down and told me and THEM they arent to to be gone but once a month when he comes home. He finally gets Saturdays off and they weren't here for a family day so we stayed home. He got alot done around the house though.Sunday he even bbqed for us and we loaded everybody up and went for a nice long drive.The trees are starting to turn beautiful colors.We have a field trip Thursday with our co op to the Shaw Nature Reserve to enjoy the trees and hiking. I also need to take the kids to the pumpkin patch this weekend and apple picking next week. The littles are reading The Pumpkin Patch Parable and LOVE IT. They are ready to rip open their pumpkins. Their letter this week is E and P. Color is orange and shape is a triangle. The will do weaving and more painting. The bigger kids are a bible study on Feasts. They have basketball this weekend and Hannah starts a new piano class Thursday. She is very excited to start back up as she has been off since Sept because of the baby. She got a really nice digital Yamaha piano for birthday last month and its so cool because she can record what she plays and then it shows her what keys she might have messed up on. She loves it! Cody has showed an interest in piano so Im thinking maybe he will join her. Jolene has been coloring with the kids as they do school work and is always so busy.She reminds me of Chase because they are always soooo busy! Little LauraBeth is doing awesome! Nursing like a pro and nursing ALL the time. I so love nursing her.I have missed it so much.Jolene stopped around 9 months and I was so sad! Laura lost her baby cord on Sunday and I cried :( Why cant they stay small for longer?! I always take her outside on the porch and sit in my favorite chair while the other kids play and I nurse her.Pure joy!! There is nothing like nursing your baby and watching all your other kids smile and scream with laughter ( unless its Jolene who is screaming because 3 of her brothers are chasing her with power wheels). Im so grateful for all I have been blessed with.My kiddos are loud and crazy and I wouldnt change that for anything!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Our days

My days are filled with sippy cups, bottles, binkies, cups, clothes on the floor, nursing, blanket forts, screaming kids, laughing kids, the question of "why" from my 3 and 4 year old, frogs, worms on the dinner table in the MIDDLE of dinner, dirty diapers, hand prints on the windows, pee on the bathroom floor, dishes in the sink, school books every where and the list will go on and on. I wouldnt change a thing for anything.My husband is so in love with his new baby girl its crazy. I dont know what it was but when he came home this past weekend he was glowing with a beautiful smile and content look. He is a man who loves his family and it shows. To must people our house is loud and crazy and full of toys everywhere and kids flying up and down the hallway. If someone looked in our window at any given time they would turn gray headed and run! Large families are like this.We love it! Im so happy to be holding and nursing at all hours of the day and night.Im so happy to have my body slowly going back to normal. To top it off its FALL and its my favorite season ever! ( as im typing this Ethan and Hannah walk past me shaking their rears like " monkey babies"). Ill write more later baby calls me!!!

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