Friday, February 5, 2010

The beauty of snow

Our day started off really crazy and loud.All the kids woke up way to early and whined until nap time around 1pm. Cody had his normal melt down with math, Jolene was awake most of the day, Hannah was in her own world dancing while doing school. After nap all was good and Cody did a 100% on his math to which he was rewarded.He also received a 91% on spelling. Hannah didnt have any tests today but did her schoolwork. Cody helped me make a pot of chili for Dad and then we made a pot of potato soup for us. He is so good and chopping potatoes and anything you give him. Hannah begged to chop onions so I said go for it knowing she would be crying shortly :) And she did but she continued until done and did it wonderfully. Once it was warm we put bacon bits and cheese on it YUMMM so good.
We are doing school tomorrow because I want to switch Curriculum soon but I want their math and English books finished before we do that. I found a really cool bible study for the kids that include my little ones too and they get to color and paste and the older ones get a word search and crossword puzzle with it. They like it alot. And its FREE. Gota love that.
Jolene is now awake after only being down for 20 minutes!!!! Heres the snow that is still coming down tonight!!!

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