Friday, October 11, 2013

Torah Momma's Journal 10-11-13

Its been awhile but lets just jump back at it :) I'm linking up Torah Family Living to do the Torah Momma's Journal.

What did I…

Offer thanks for? My children and husband. My youngest is now 2 and Im not use to this season of life. Im use to nursing newborns and wrapping babies. As I still nurse LAurbeth she, she isn't a baby anymore. Im so thankful for all my kids that get me going everyday.

Accomplish? well.... ill get back to that one

Struggle with? Feeling empty. Not having a newborn is hard.

Teach my children? We are learning contentment of home. we have lived a very busy go go go lifestyle for some many years. We cut some many activities now so we can be home. We are focusing on training hearts and skills that we need to live off grid.

Study and learn? We are learning pioneer skill, we have been working on them for 2 years now. We are learning to simplify. Its been great.

Laugh about?EVERYTHING

Pray about? I have been in prayer a lot for healing. On many areas in my life. The want for more babies, the anxiety of the world. I pray for  the heart of my oldest son, the heart of my husband.

What is this week’s Torah portion and what did I learn from it? This week we are in Genesis 45:4-7. This is our second time reading through this but this time we have an awesome copy book to go with it.
Picture of the week:

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