Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The move, the baby, the schooling, the sports

Oh the joys for stress :) The baby would like to come now but I'm praying she waits until we move at the end of the month. we have had a really hard month. Jeff last is father last Monday unexpectedly. We did spend that Sunday with him and other family members like we do every weekend so the kids gave him hugs and kisses before we left that day which makes us feel a little better. It was a total shock to us that he passed way. Its still very hard to believe. Jeff spent the weekend helping his brothers clean out his Dads house but there is so much to do there. With all that we are needing to pack our stuff and get ready for our move. we bought a house in St.Clair THANK YOU GOD. Its a four bedroom/2 bath house with a fenced in back yard.We will be closer to our Faith group and we have a couple home school families in the area so that will be really nice for the kids. Hannah and Cody are staying really busy with school and sports. Hannah is turning into such a GREAT volleyball player.She learned to serve overhand and thinks that's the coolest thing :) Her team is awesome!! Cody is loving soccer. Loves his team and loves his coaches. He would play all day if he didn't have school work. the kids are looking forward to the move as the are getting their own rooms. The 3 little ones will share- well Ethan in still in our bed but i think once he sees his big bed in his room he'll get out. he as a toddler bed in our room but we use it as a laundry area :) Chase is still getting up anywhere from 2-4 times a night and its playing a toll on me right now. How I'm going to nurse and newborn and giving a bottle in the middle of the night is beyond me. Prayers please.
we are plugging away at school.we had some set backs with Cody but we are now on the ball and in full swing here. We are taking the next month off.Well we will do Bible study,math and reading but everything is on hold. I want to make this change for the kids a great memory.
Well I have a lot to do I just wanted to update the blog at start using it again once the baby is born.

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