Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Im saved!!!!

The littles are a day of play
Our new slot card idea.

Much time in the bible tonight. I have been having this worry,lost almost guilty feeling. I have asked Jesus in my heart years ago, but to this day I still feel like I wont go to heaven. Like my time here is not enough time with my children and family. When He returns will he throw me in hell for all my sins. Then God was talking to me, showing me my path of wrong and why I fear this. I was NOT SAVED. Sure I believe but I wasn't really listen to His word. No I wasn't. If I was saved I would be looking forward to His coming, I would be happy even over joyed that my life with Jesus will be more than we can even imagine. I feel like I'm always sinning and am the only one doing it. Then today I got hit hard and I mean hard. God is telling me everyone is a sinner, that's why His son died , to save us from our sins. Romans is my book tonight. God is showing me where to look for the answers and He is guiding me with all I need. My heart is there, in the hands of Jesus. He is my savior and my worries are his, my life will be guided by His light, not the fear of end of days anymore. Im ok,now.

I started a new slot card routine with the children today. I went to the Dollar Tree and grab a few packets of book slots and wrote the subject and child's first letter in the their name on them. Hung them on the wall. I cut index cards in half and folded the tops down just alittle so it would be easy for them to grab. On the card I have what I want them to do everyday that week. so we dont have I dont know what do question over and over. we have a huge problem with not completing what needs to be done so I thought this will be great. Once they the subject they mark it off on the card and put it in the DONE slot. So I can go by the wall and see who needs to do what but seeing the cards still the their slots. I even made Ethan a few as he is now doing preschool with me!!!! Im so excited this is my favorite time to teach. we had a great today. We were up ready to go to the library and my friends calls and asks to go the park for awhile so we headed that way. Th kids played and played in the gravel, not the playset but gravel. It was really nice to do that in the morning so we could come home for lunch and get the littles down so we could do school but it was so nice out we went back outside and played. They are all in bed and with smiles. We ate dinner outside even Jolene. I brought out her high chair and she ate a whole jar of squash.Yes shes eating!!! Only prunes and squash but shes eating!She still wakes up every night at 12:30 and nurses for awhile. Then wakes back up at 1:30 to nurse and stays on me until morning!! My recliner is my bed and has been for years now because all my littles did this. well tonight we are breaking that habit and it will be a hard long night. But I have to do it as she needs to sleep laying down and I need my bed with my hubby in it ;) I better get off and read some before I head to bed.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hannah and the littles playing
Cody and his old slingshot

Mommy Jolene Hannah

BEAUTIFUL Jolene 6 months old

My oh my she is cute

Had a wonderful day with my Mom and Dad today. The littles have colds so we spared the church and stayed home. I was so excited to show my Mom my ONE tomato I have growing. I do not in any way have a green thumb like her but this I started everything some seeds and they all are doing awesome. My peppers are growing like mad but I did kill my peas when I moved them from pot to ground. But thats ok next year will work I know it. All my herbs are gr owing and just cute my first batch today. We headed over to the new house to show them the progress and found my hubby sweaty as can be working away over there. Bless his heart for working out in this. But he loves doing it :) I have managed to get a lot of laundry done just not folded. Im working on a new routine for the house work. We need to stay home more so its not always a mess here. I hate coming home and everything is on the floor and dishes need to be done etc... so Im working on what to do and how. I know the kids need to be home yes for school but also so they stop thinking everyday is a treat getting day. Also Friday we headed over to out wonderful Chiropractor and Natural healer because we have been having problems with Chase and pooping. He has always had a problem going either way to much or not at all and I have to help. So my little man went a did the testing from there and we found out he is allergic to Fructose! And milk. Yes everything we feed him as fructose in it. everything. so I felt like a horrible mother not realizing it earlier but that's life. So we also have a list ( full page) of things that will trigger a reaction in his body. So we had to redo our whole eating thing we have going on here and do ALL natural everything. I went to the store to try to find some snack for him until I can make it out to Trader Jos but let me tell you everything has it in there. EVERYTHING. So I bought all fruits and veggies and more fruits and veggies. Thank goodness her loves watermelon and strawberries. This will be a good thing for our family because we need it. Living healthy and me losing weight is a good thing. My hubby is a huge natural lover so this wont be a challenge for him. he older kids and me it will be really hard.But if Chase cant have it, its not going to be in our house because a 2 year old will not understand why they can have something and he cant. Thats a battle I dont want to deal with. And the milk, we went through about a gallon and a half everyday with the kids. we switched Ethan over to a sippy cup a few weeks ago and that is saving me a lot in milk. Since Chase cant drink it we have switched him over to Rice milk and he loves it. Im still praying my Mom decided to have a nanny goat again because raw goat milk is the BEST for children and everybody really. My older ones were raised on raw goat milk then we moved and Mom stopped milking for us. Even raw cow milk would be great. I do know a few people that sell it but we were going through so much it was like a car payment just in milk so we stopped. Now that they are down to a normal amount we can start back at it.

Last night we went to the fireworks display and it was really exciting for the kids. We had the best spot ever and boy Cody was just smiling and loven every second. The little boys liked it but not like Cody did.Jolene was so hot and sweaty and sticking to me she really didnt watch anything. She wanted to be home in the A/c nursing ") Hannah got some pic ill have to post.I better get off and start dinner for the crew here.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Coffee time
This here is over at my moms the other day. we are missing Caitlin but those are my kids with my nieces and nephews.

Chase hopped in Jolenes crib

Last night the kids made choc covered goodies

Look the back side of our house has a finished roof!

The shingles are half way on! Its just to hot for them to lay shingles when its over 100 out there. They look great. Jeff is picking up the windows Friday.I can hardly wait.( well I can because there is still totes in the garage from moving here 7 months ago) Its just so sweet to have Jeff out there until dark everyday and calls me asking me if I like this or that. I know he is doing this for our family. He has NEVER complained once in the all years we have been together about ANYTHING. It amazes me how blessed I am for God choosing him for me. I have yet to meet to someone like him. Theres men out there that are wonderful but nothing like my Jeff. I love him so much.He goes above and beyond for all of our children so they have what they need and want. Never says a word when I say " oh the kids need this or that" he just smiles at me and lets me go on.Im so thankful for him.So as the nailed together beams turn into our home many changes are happening here as well. We have talked and we are getting rid of the cable! we are strict as it is and its pointless to pay for something we never really use.The kids do watch a few shows but we can rent them from the library or watch on the computer. Its something we knew we would do.Theres so much crap on there its useless.So thats that. Another thing we are doing is putting Cody back in karate and adding Ethan with him. Cody did it for almost 2 years as did Hannah but she doesnt like it. But Cody is really good at it and the discipline I think is amazing for a child. Ethan loves it just as much and he is ready. Their first class is Thursday. Its 3 times a week including Sat. They are really excited about the whole thing. Ethan will be a Little Dragon. Cody will test after a few weeks to see if he is caught back up to were he was. He was getting ready to test for the next belt when we stopped going. I also have a gave up my face book. It was something that took up alot of my time for nothing. I would check it every hour several times . The first thing in the morning I was on. So I let it go today and using my time for my children or heck even cleaning. It was either give up my face book or blogging and my hubby would flip if I gave up something that updated our family :) I know there was something else I was going o write about but I already forgot..... I need more coffee. Oh yes coffee.. we have been having coffee time ( thanks Raising Arrows) Hannah, Cody and even the littles sit at the table in the morning and drink coffee with me. Cody is usually the first one up of the children so enjoy a hot cup of coffee together and talk about silly stuff. Today he was talking about catching weird things. Then Hannah came and drank some. The littles get a drop of coffee with milk.They think they are so big.Its been really nice to have that time. Makes you stop and enjoy whats in front of you. So here is our past week run down...

Friday..I took the kids to see Toy Story 3 and it was the best movie ever! I picked up Caitlin for the weekend and headed over to Kohls for her b-day. As we are checking out there was cops and fire department and lots of people around the car in the front parking lot. This woman left her baby in the van and "lost" her keys so she couldnt open the doors. Well she had time to go shopping and all but forgot her baby!! We were there watching as know body did a dam thing to save that baby. I kept saying break the window break the window. Cody was beyond upset that the baby was going to die. well after like 10 minutes the repair man came and popped the lock. They didnt get that baby out until then. She was fine THANK God! Can you believe that??! All because they wanted to save the cost of breaking the window! The baby was fine after that but it was like 90 outside and sunny. Wouldnt you think if you locked your baby in the car you would do something like I dont know maybe BREAK A WINDOW!! Stupid people. I was so mad. The woman didnt even get a ticket or anything. So I called Franklin county cops on her( they are wonderful, they are the ones who found my nephew Ben and wonderful Shawn) So I gave them a mouthful and they would look in to it for me. If she left her baby in there on a hot day in front of everybody, you know she has done it before and will do it again. My hubby was so mad!!! The cops just sat there looking in the windows like no big deal.. Some times I wonder....

Saturday.. we had our Caitlin over for the night and they were being girls.They had so much fun. Then later in the day I babysat for a friend who has a 7 year old. so Cody and Will played until it was time for him to leave. We headed over yo DQ for Fathers day ice cream and it was so yummy.

Sunday.. We went to church and heard a great sermon. Love our church. It took forever to find a church like this. Its a Family integrated church.My kids sit and do everything with me there. They don't do any nursery or Sunday school while worship is going on. We also believe that the husband is head of the house. Its very hard to a church who still practices that. The world has gone crazy and its time to go back to where it should be. I could go on forever about it but Ill spare you :)

Monday... it was HOT. I did my running for my husband and did the library for the kids. Didnt get much done.

Tuesday.. We had a fellowship over at Amandas and it was much needed time for me with my friends. We all have so much in common that its nice to have that outlet. Again didnt get much done.

Today... Well I did make the guys their lunch and dropped it off this morning for them. I did school with Ethan and bible with all. I plan to go get some totes and sort through every thing like toys! My friend has a 2 tote rule at her house and thats what will do here. Im tired of always having a mess of toys everywhere. The boys have more cars and swords and guns the anyone I know and they lay on my floor!! Well I better get off and get moving here.

Friday, June 18, 2010


My peas
My brother and brother in law laying the roof

Look at that!!!!

My hubby playing Mr.Potatoe head with Chase

Chase doing his school work

We have had a wonderful day today! School was half way done today. Math was our big deal as we are still slow in Codys level. Jeff told me we need to focus on that and get moving it. So we are.I took the kids to see Toy Story 3 today and it was awesome!!! Th Real D 3-D was totally in your face. It was way better than the first. Jolene slept through the whole thing and the little boys never even moved from their chair. Its was a far cry than the last movie we took them too. Hannah really loved which was surprising because she likes the first so much. Then we went and picked up Our Oldest daughter Caitlin and headed to Kohl's for her b-day. He came home and Jeff BBQed for us. Yummy. They have the roof done and are going to put shingles up Monday! Im so stinking excited. The cabinet guy is coming tomorrow so we get to see what we have to work with. Im thing rustic.... exciting !! Tomorrow I also have to babysit for a friend. Which means Cody will be having fun with his buddy!

My peas are coming in and this is the first year I have ever tired to grow from SEEDS and its working!! I have all kinds of different peppers, herbs,tomatoes, strawberries,onions.Its just a little but works right now. Next year will my big garden.

Im oh so tired I must go to bed.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Yea!!!! the tresses are up

Hannah was just to cute not to post

Today they set the tresses and It was really neat for the kids to watch the crane in action. It was hot but so fun.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


We had a busy day today. We actually made it to church today!! It was so nice to walk in there and people were truly so happy to us. That made me feel really good. You have no idea how unloved I feel. Really. Walking in there and smiles come on their faces and hugs everywhere, really made my whole day. Im the black sheep of my family and that hurts alot. They wont say it to ya but I am. Its always been that why and I thinks thats a huge player in my desire for a larger than norm family. I Love my kids and they are all so different and neat. Not one is to be left out or made to feel like they are less special than another. We had a birthday party for my nephew who just turned 1 ( cant believe it ) but the whole time I feel like they are all just kinda like I could care less if you were here or not. Its like every time we get together. I feel like im wasting my time there. Its great the kids to get to play with cousins and she everybody but Im then theres the why am I here question. My Mom goggles my sister like she is the best in the world and every thing she has to say is prefect and then theres me who she has an opposite opinion than I do on everything. I know she loves me and I love her but theres a wall there. Its hard to explain and I dont really want to. Im just venting tonight because the hubby is in bed. I feel like I have no one really to talk to like my best friend.
On another note.... The cane is coming out tomorrow to put up the tresses on the house. So Im planning on taking the kids over there to see that happen. I have a few errands to run for my hubby and then school it is. I have no plans all week. Well I did have an eye doctor appointment for Hannah but calling tomorrow and changing it so we both can go in next week so I can get a new pair since Chase snapped mine in half! So we shall see if we make it a week of just staying home and going to the new house :) Im hoping. I do want to have a play date with my friend Amanda as the kids have been reallllly wanting to play with them. So I need to call her tomorrow.
Im reading a book called Home- Making by J.R. Miller. It was first published in 1882 and im loving every word of it. Hannah will read it next. Right now she is reading a book called " Before Prince Charming" its awesome!!!1 Its about how dating is almost a death sentence to a marriage. How we in a world were dating, sex before marriage etc. is ok and is what is normal for people now a days. I cant believe I survived my teenage years. Its not ok for that and its not ok for MY children to think its what we do. They have so much drama from my boyfriend did thins and my girlfriend and so on its like watching a soap opera. Its stupid. Ladies I know a lot of you are well informed on this and some who read this and shake your head. Buts you my friend who has the children who are in trouble and have bad relationships with your children and wondering why. Its because they need to be guided in a world gone mad. They need your advice, guidance, your love and most importantly hear the word of God. If you read to them the Word they will see the ways to pure thoughts and happy hearts. They will want to please you and the family. They will walk a cleaner walk. Look at how you are teaching your children. Are they were you think they should be? Are they hearing the word daily? Teach them life skills they will need for their family some day. Its not about the coolest cell phone, the most expensive clothes, the so on and so on. Its about knowing God, knowing how to care for people, knowing how to keep a family. Really!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

week run down 2

Jolene in her Baby Einstein jumper
Ethan using toothpaste had hair gel :(

The framing begins!!!

3 of my mud monkeys. Pure enjoyment for the children as the men are building the house.

So every time I post I want to stay home and focus just on that, the week turns out be long and busy. Not that they arent full of great memories and all but its so much not what I want to be doing.I was home today for the most part. Hannah and me knocked out alot on my to do list and feel pretty good about it but I I have a whole list to go. Hannah is so awesome at helping me and not saying one word about it. As a reward for helping me so much she was asked over for a sleep over tonight with her best friend so I ran her over there after the chores were done for her. Cody spent the day helping his dad at the new house. It was so hot out that I have no idea how the made all day out there. Cody loves to work if it involves hard work outside. He likes manly jobs and he is so proud of himself when gets home and tells me all about it. From every nail her hammers to every frog he sees and every word dad says to him. That just makes him smile. The little kids played with me while I cleaned. I bought Jolene a new jumper and she loves it. So im able to get alot more done with her flying to the ceiling and back. Its makes school time alot easier. I have started doing tae bo again and love it. I forgot how mush I love that. I have made it a whole week doing it. We have also started taking about an hour long walk after dinner which is great because the kids burn there last bit of energy off and are ready for bath and bed with no problems... so heres our week run down....

Sunday.. we spent the day running around to Lowes and Home depo with the hubby. I picked out my big garden tub for the master bath. Im so happy for that. I will never again shower once we move there. Im a bath person and is Hannah and Jolene. I also taught the kids an awesome bible lesson from Danielle's place.com. Its a great website to go to. they loved it.

MOnday..I cant remember that day.....imagine that

Tuesday..funny I cant remember that either...

Wednesday... cant remember...

Thursday.. ahh yes I can remember that day. we had a homeschool book fair! I got so much stuff there it was great. I got everything single thing I was looking for for preschool and then some! I also found Rod and staff English 6 and all my pathway readers I was missing in our collection. I was so very excited. I found all kids or readers for Hannah. There was a lady selling books for 5 for a dollar. So of course I bought a little over 30 for the kids and Im wishing I would have got more. I found a bunch of Dick and Jane readers for Cody and Ethan. Then after that we headed over to a few shoe store and the kids new shoes. Its so hard to find New balances in x wide for the toddlers. But we found them and made their day.Cody got a new pair of work boots, a pair of church shoes and clogs. He was very happy. I even found my running shoes on sale which of course made me work again when I got home because I im silly that way. Then we headed to Target and got Jolenes jumper ( which is a life saver ). After all the others errands I ran after that we were home and done.

Friday... we did school!!! yes we did. we did school the whole week but I remember Fridays because we are studying Norway in My Fathers World and we did the geography game and Cody blow me away he knew just about country in Europe. I was shocked as was Hannah. They both remember South America and North America. Which means... yes even though we are so crazy busy they are still learning and remember what I say and read to them. Thats great!

Sat... I cleaned and cleaned.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Week run down

Jolene taking a ride
My 2 oldest chilren having a little dirt time

Big brother Cody loven Jolene

The start of the house

The very long and high swing my hubby and kids made

Oh every time I say I need a slow week, it turns into the longest week ever. I ran so much this week Id love to sell me suburban so I have a reason to stay home. Not really but you get the idea. We have had more kids here this week than I can even count. It was really fun to watch all the kids play and have a good but its really tiring on old mom here to cook and clean and cook and clean for extra kids when my children forget to clean up after themselves when they have company. So heres our week in rewind...

Monday: was a holiday so no school work. we played over at the new house. It was mud and even more mud. we were trying to save tadpoles that have taking over our backyard. I mean hundreds of them. Some turned into frogs that are smaller than a dime. I mean way smaller! so cute. We also were on a turtle mission. we have a lot of wild life out there and every day we go we find something neat to explore.

Tuesday: We had an appointment at 9 am and that went smooth. Jolene weighs in at 17.7 pounds and 29 inches long. Looks just like her Daddy. we left there and headed over the property to grab my nephew Alex. Hes there since his school is out and his Dad Doug ( my brother in law) is working on our house. So I grab him and headed over to my mom and dads farm for the day. My sister and her 3 kiddos were there to play. Mom has baby rabbits and kittens in the barn. And 2 new goats that my brother is housing over there until his fence in up. Mom already has 5 goats whats 2 more. The gineys had babies but the chickens stepped on it and killed it so thats a bummer. Th olders kids stayed the night there and me and other kids headed home.

Wednesday: I went grocery shopping and made banana bread. The kids came home around 4 or 5 that night we played out side until bed time.

Thursday: We did alittle school work and cleaned what I could and then we headed off for more running. That day I was beyond tired!

Friday: was field trip day. Alex was dropped off early in the morning and we headed out to run errands for my hubby. Then we ran over the the Bobcat store for hubby and headed over to Lone Elk Park for the best day ever! as Cody and Alex repeated over and over :) We saw the Bird of Prey. They were so neat. Ethan was going to find away to get into the cages if no one was looking. Jolene slept in her stroller the whole time missing not one wink. The eagles were so pretty. we saw Pelicans with fish in there breaks, eagles eating some gross, a big turkey following Ethan. Then we went for a ride o see the BIG animals. Chase sat on my lap and Ethan came up front to sit with Hannah. Chase was driving and scaring the boys who couldnt see my hands on the bottom of the steering wheel. Haha! They saw Huge buffalo's and baby buffalo's, Elk that were laying in the pond and baby elk drinking moms milks. THey even saw HUGE elk on the picnic tables that they said they were no longer going to eat there. After that we headed over to Pizza Hut and they stuffed themselves full. Then we ran over and grabbed Kinzey, Hannahs best friend. We got home just in time to get the neighbor girls after their summer school was over for the day. So I had a house full of kids so we went out side for much needed water play. Needless to say we played forever and had a blast.

Today: We went yard sale hunting and found nothing. Got Hannahs brows waxed and ate Chines for lunch. Now I am ready for bed. Next week the only place I have to go is to a used curriculum sale on Thursday and thats IT! Nothing else. we have to do school and school. You remember how I was wanting to have a summer break? Thats not going to happen. Why? Because I need those weeks for when we move again this summer. I want to take off at least a month so we can box this house back up and then unbox everything at out NEW house. As of right now they have all the walls up and 3/4 of the inside walls up. Today my hubby spent the day moving dirt and getting things ready for geothermal loops to be laid out. Things are moving right along and im picking colors and colors for everything. Its really fun.

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