Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I stayed home

Can you believe we have stayed home ALL day today! it feels great. Did I get anything done??? Well no not really. But we stayed home. we have had a lot of fun times over the last couple of days I hope I can remember most of them. Lets start off with yesterday. we went over to my Moms for a get together with my sister and her kiddos. We had alot of fun. Ethan picked up a bee and got stung. He thinks all bugs are his friends and loves them so much. Not so much he found out :( He screamed for maybe 3 minutes and I fixed him all up and he was back playing with the kids. My sister was loven on Jolene and sucking up all the baby she could as we go 2 weeks with out seeing anyone.Sunday was the 4th and we headed to church for an awesome sermon. Brother Joe really knows how to hit and when. It was like he knew I was going through that. So church was great. Then we headed home to clean and cook. My sister in law and her 3 children came over for some bbq. Took them over to the new house and my brother in law Doug and his wife and children came out and we let all the kids shoot fireworks. Our new house in on like 6-7 a and it backs this really nice Spanish style house. These people have more money than they know what to do with. They must have spent 10 grand on fireworks. It was he longest most exciting show ANY of us had ever seen. We pulled out out chairs and sat by the drive way and watch. The kids were in such AWWW. As we were leaving all the kids were saying this is the best 4th ever. and hooting. It was really nice. Did I mention Cody caught the neighbors field on fire?? oh yes. The bottle that he lit the bottle rocket in fell side ways and shot over to the field and up it went. Thankfully they got it out but it was really scary for them. On another note, Chase is in underwear!!! yes that's right. He get a cloth diaper at night and undies all day, even at nap time ( because I forget to put a diaper on him) He did poop on my kitchen floor and he was really happy about that ;) I have a really weak stomach and the kids laughed the whole time I was cleaning. Jolene is sitting now. She is 7 months old now and as cute as a button, really :) Man I cant get enough of her. She is always smiling at me and rubbing my face. She now loves to play in her play pen while we do school or I'm cooking. I still have to put her in the corner of it so when she falls back she can catch herself. Chase gets in there and play with her to. He takes such good care of her. Cody is moving right along in his math. He didn't like doing all the math we did today but he did it and felt good after wards. Next week is the beginning of our "next year" school year. We school year round almost so it makes no diff to us. Although Hannah and me are really looking forward to the school supply sales. we get totes full of art supplies and paper. I love that day!!! My hubby thinks we are nuts but that's ok.

I really wish Id get on here every night so I can remember what we have done over the days. My minds a blank :)

Tomorrows post: Our school curriculum

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