Monday, July 12, 2010

Say what???

Ethan 3, doing his school today
This is his Fav!!!

The husband came home for lunch today ;) and we were sitting and he told me the kids need the rest of the summer off. He said they need to play and get away from book work. Me as shocked as I was, was like " you said what??" So they are not doing textbook work until the middle of August or beginning of Sept. Why? Because they learn so much from building a home, doing homemaking with me, and all the normal day to day stuff that they will be gaining so much more. We will continue to read and our Little House on the Prairie unit study because that's fun and what we enjoy. We will continue to do flash cards for math so they don't forget some things. I was in a major shock all day as I thrive on a routine. But as the day went on I was like hey, I don't have to wake me kids up early or grade papers for awhile etc... I'm looking forward to the break now because I need to get things ready to move and need to be cleaning here for the move. I have a lot to do and taking a break is what we all need. It also gives me a chance to have that one on one with my 2 preschoolers for awhile. I did teach Ethan today by himself and he just loves to do school!! I love that. He works so hard and is so proud when he gets a stamp on his page. Makes me smile. He is really into broad lacing right now. we sit on the floor and I hold the board and he laces it all up. Chase can do a little of it but likes to jump on mommy when I sit on the floor.Why not? The older children were beyond excited when I told what Dad had said. we have a homeschool Faithgroup tomorrow so I'm really excited about that. I need some mommy time with other mommy's.

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