Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Days

the kids having lunch today
Hannah and Dorothy

Chase, Emma and Ethan

we needed something to do one day and we broke out the cornstarch and food dye and had some fun. All the kids were green, blue and purple all day.Total mess but oh so fun

We have had a busy weekend and a busy yet mild week so far. Over the weekend I had to take Chase over to Urgent Care because he has been having problems with it burning before and while he pees. I was thinking UTI but they said it was a yeast infection. So they sent us home with this cream and said to apply when needed. While home I was reading the label inside it say" safety and effectiveness not established in children" so I get real mad they give us this to put on my 2 year old. we usually don't give any kind of medicine from "doctors to our children but our chiropractor was closed on Sunday so we were out of luck. Well we now have him on Black Gel and it works wonderfully for him. It a homeopathic creamy gel and lets just say he smiles when that goes on. So he is doing better.Jolene decided she need to get a cold to keep mommy up all hours of the night for the last couple of nights. She is coughing and stuffy and just plain uncomfy.She is doing better and the only time she gets stuffy and really coughing is at night around bed time. But I have the essential oils and she does much better. Today we had over my friends 3 children and it was the best ever here for he kids. We all play at our homeschool group and they play for like 5 hours straight and we NEVER have one argument or upset from any of the kids and sometimes its like 30 plus kids. So having 2 -3year olds and a 2 year old play all day and not one word from them all unless they were hungry or needed a drink was so nice. I got so much done it was not right. the kids play non stop all day. Hannah and Dorothy played like crazy crafting,poly pockets,DS games, Wii.Cody and Maxwell played everything in the house :) The littles played babies, babies, babies!!! It was to cute.I cant wait to have them over again so I get more done ;) Tomorrow we have a check up for Jolene and a hearing test for Hannah. After that we are having one of Codys friends stay the night.

Im looking forward to my pillow tonight and I have lots to look up tonight so I must go before I fall asleep.

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