Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pics part 2

The children at our walk out by me soon to be school room
Here is the basement with each older child standing in their rooms. Hannah and Cody are having downstairs bedrooms and they totally think its "their apartment" because we are having a second kitchen down there.

Can you see him? Look Hard. It Cody picking berries :)

Sweet baby Jolene after her bath

This is the cutest pic I have ever seen!! He picked a ton of berries and then ate them all!!!! He had such a good time tonight at the new house. Things are moving along and its soo hot for my poor hubby to be working but he does it anyway. I didn't do my normal nonstop running today thank you :) We went to the library and after dinner over to the new house. So it was nice. Yesterday I stayed home all day because it was just so hot for the kids. tomorrow I'm going NOWHERE again can you believe it. I get so much done and feel like a real house wife! Its so nice. My hubby likes it to :) Since having the summer off I'm focusing on school planners and plans for the new house. Its so hard to try to make a planner and not know how things are going to flow when we move. Its going to be a change. Once we move Jeff will be heading back to work over in Indiana and Ill be home 5 days a week with the children. So I know everything will change for the children and have a few weeks to adjust to it.Really not looking forward to that. But that's how it is and theres a plan there somewhere. so I'm finding great deals all over for Abeka readers and fun things for school. I need more preschool( like the bunches of totes aren't enough) But I cant get enough of books and fun projects. Hannah is getting into making jewelry so in looking for books on that and Cody is turning out like his and using these electronic gadgets and is really good at them. He made a fan and a light bulb turn by connecting these wires and using metal. I have no clue but it blew me away. So I'm thinking Ill have another electrician in the house. Oh man its late I better to bed before the night owls wake up.

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Amy Matthews said...

You have the cutest kids! You have to tell me where all these homeschool deals are coming from. How so I find them? Looking forward to Monday.

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