Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How things work

So reading alot of blogs lately about their routines and how things just don't go their way and so on. With many children you have to really look at what is important for that day to get done and stick to it. For me Right now if I get 4 loads of laundry done and the bathroom cleaned everyday Im pretty much happy with my day. My children take up my whole day from playing,reading,running,etc... but thats why I have them. I love this part of my life. Its the best. I do have days were nothing goes right and by the time my husband gets home my hair is crazy I have a billion stains on my shirt, 2 of the boys are running naked, the house looks like a bomb went off BUT I have dinner done and every single child is smiling and laughing. So it really was a good day but from the outside looking in you wouldn't be able to tell.If God has blessed you with many children know that that's what you are to be doing.Raising those babies. everything else can sit and wait but you have to see that first and be ok with it. Otherwise your going to have a full head of grey hair and crying babies a crying mommy and un happy children around you. God doesn't place anything on your lap you cant handle, but you have to ask Him for His help and He will answer.I have many days were it feels like I don't even see my children because I get caught up doing so much that I go a whole day with out playing one card with Cody or I miss out on doing nails with Hannah. It happens more than Id like to say out loud. We have been on summer break and I'm ready to jump back into our routine because we were always together until after lunch.My husband told us to take a break and now he is seeing the chaos that we are in. I thrive for routine and need it so bad.BUT we are finishing it up and we really enjoyed all we have done this summer. Great laughs and good times with everybody.When we move I'm going to do FlyLady so I can organize everything and not have such a mess all the time. Try to make it alittle easier.we have decided to have all 3 littles sleep in one room and keep the other open for a playroom only.Just makes more room and since.Keeps all the toy boxes out of the living room and clears up alot of space in there.Once they are bigger and need more room for sleeping we will move Jolene back into her own room. I'm really excited about this idea though because I want my living area to be cozy and free of clutter so we can read talk and do games in there.

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