Sunday, July 25, 2010


Today's church sermon was right on the head for me. I have been dealing with alot of unsettled emotions and doubting alot of myself. I have always looked at what other see of me and looking for their approval.I'm looking for them to say I do that and we do that when it comes to living Christ like.But I have it all wrong.I want looking for Gods approval. Thats where I have been so wrong. It went off like a huge fire cracker when Brother Joe was talking. In between my dozen potty times and one poopy diaper I manged to hear God talking to me and that I'm so thankful to Joe for always waking me up ans realizing things I really needed to be smacked with.Why do we look for for others to tell us how good we are doing? Why cant we have that feeling from God? we can if we listen.I know I'm listening.It was really a good day there for me. W have had a crazy week. Starting with Chase getting a yeast infection and then Hannah going to the Doctors for a hearing test only to have the doctor poke a huge hole in her ear drum and scrap her ear canel raw causing days of endless pain for her. To having the seat belt lock up on Ethan at the store and him being so stuck and tight in there that my husband had to drive to the store to help us cut him free. Yes that was scary! What else has been going on.... Lots of playing and summer activities and the house is coming along more and more each day. Im more in an panic now than I was because its getting close and we are putting this on the market soon so I have to be boxing stuff up so it doesn't look so cluttered :( so that alone is stressing me out. we have alot in this house and I refuse to box it up only to have to move over to the pole just to have to move it again into the new house!! Lots to do little time. Also with Jeff giving the kids the summer off school our routine is off and causing alot of problems for me!! The kids aren't doing their chores unless they get yelled at. The house is a total mess because of it. My laundry is taller than a mountain.

OK so Im a day late posting as my hubby kicked me off the computer last night before I could finish. So my mommy just left after a visit. She brought me out some blackberries she picked last night so I could make a cobbler and some to snack on !!! yummmmy.

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