Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Im saved!!!!

The littles are a day of play
Our new slot card idea.

Much time in the bible tonight. I have been having this worry,lost almost guilty feeling. I have asked Jesus in my heart years ago, but to this day I still feel like I wont go to heaven. Like my time here is not enough time with my children and family. When He returns will he throw me in hell for all my sins. Then God was talking to me, showing me my path of wrong and why I fear this. I was NOT SAVED. Sure I believe but I wasn't really listen to His word. No I wasn't. If I was saved I would be looking forward to His coming, I would be happy even over joyed that my life with Jesus will be more than we can even imagine. I feel like I'm always sinning and am the only one doing it. Then today I got hit hard and I mean hard. God is telling me everyone is a sinner, that's why His son died , to save us from our sins. Romans is my book tonight. God is showing me where to look for the answers and He is guiding me with all I need. My heart is there, in the hands of Jesus. He is my savior and my worries are his, my life will be guided by His light, not the fear of end of days anymore. Im ok,now.

I started a new slot card routine with the children today. I went to the Dollar Tree and grab a few packets of book slots and wrote the subject and child's first letter in the their name on them. Hung them on the wall. I cut index cards in half and folded the tops down just alittle so it would be easy for them to grab. On the card I have what I want them to do everyday that week. so we dont have I dont know what do question over and over. we have a huge problem with not completing what needs to be done so I thought this will be great. Once they the subject they mark it off on the card and put it in the DONE slot. So I can go by the wall and see who needs to do what but seeing the cards still the their slots. I even made Ethan a few as he is now doing preschool with me!!!! Im so excited this is my favorite time to teach. we had a great today. We were up ready to go to the library and my friends calls and asks to go the park for awhile so we headed that way. Th kids played and played in the gravel, not the playset but gravel. It was really nice to do that in the morning so we could come home for lunch and get the littles down so we could do school but it was so nice out we went back outside and played. They are all in bed and with smiles. We ate dinner outside even Jolene. I brought out her high chair and she ate a whole jar of squash.Yes shes eating!!! Only prunes and squash but shes eating!She still wakes up every night at 12:30 and nurses for awhile. Then wakes back up at 1:30 to nurse and stays on me until morning!! My recliner is my bed and has been for years now because all my littles did this. well tonight we are breaking that habit and it will be a hard long night. But I have to do it as she needs to sleep laying down and I need my bed with my hubby in it ;) I better get off and read some before I head to bed.

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