Saturday, July 10, 2010


Our 6 blessing

digging for geo pipes

Look pillars

So we had a busy AGAIN. But it was nice. I ran to the new house like 5 different times. The house is coming along and its so exciting. My brother put the pillars on the front porch and they look so pretty. the guys laid the geothermal pipes in the ground. that was pretty neat to watch as they went had to dig down 5 to 9 feet for 250 feet long.It was cool for the boys to watch.They finish that up tomorrow and then they can pour the basement and finish putting the windows in. I had the kids out there with the magnet nail grabber and they went to town getting them nails :) we had our oldest daughter Caitlin out for a sleep over and the girls stayed up really late talking and watching Little House on The Prairie. She thinks some how she really blood related to me because she keeps stubbing her toes :) Im thinking she is right;)

I started printing our notebook and file sheets for the Prairie unit we are doing.We are far into our reading on the different books for this. I do have to say I haven't seen Cody this into books before. He soaks it up and remembers everything about it. The littles are just as in to as we are. Ethan always asks to watch little house at his down time. We start back at My Fathers World the first week of August. I cant wait. Neither can Hannah because we travel over to Paris!! we finished Norway and that was neat but Hannah is learning French and couldn't be happier to be in Paris for a few weeks. Oh yes I also switched Cody to Abeka Math 3. Rod and staff just wasn't bright enough for him and I'm hoping this will work for us. I also switch Hannah over to Abeka 6 for the same reason. Oh the looking for a FIT in curriculum never stops :) Thanks to my addiction of books !!!

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