Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fresh produce

They poured the garage floor

This is my vaulted ceiling in the living
See that little white thing in the dirt in the far back? Thats my hubby putting in pipe

Co op food

Co op food

Alright, so today I picked up my fresh produce from this co op I joined. I got a lot of stuff but the only reason I joined because its this young lady who said everything was local farmers and locally made. So I get my big bag of yummy goodies and get home and start pulling it all out and im seeing stickers on some of the stuff. I look and it says Columbia Turbana :( So I start looking for some more. Granted there were a few things that were made in the USA nothing was locally grown. So as much as I like the idea of the fresh produce in a co op Im not doing it again. First, I paid 23.00 for a big o yummy stuff. That was a good price but I can go to the farmers Market down the street and get it there cheaper. second, Im paying some one to Crete in food from another country! I think not. we live in the USA it should stay that way.I did also get kettle corn and St.Louis made Chips because I love them so much. I alo got Amish made salsa.Hannah really likes that. The guys were hard at work digging up the back yard today laying pipe out.I made homemade pizza and brought it to them. It was so bloody hot out there. I'm don't running around. This morning I ran to give my hubby lunch,store,library,back to the new house, out to Pacific to get co op. My plea to my hubby.... PLEASE DON'T PUT GAS IN MY SUBURBAN

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