Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How things work

So reading alot of blogs lately about their routines and how things just don't go their way and so on. With many children you have to really look at what is important for that day to get done and stick to it. For me Right now if I get 4 loads of laundry done and the bathroom cleaned everyday Im pretty much happy with my day. My children take up my whole day from playing,reading,running,etc... but thats why I have them. I love this part of my life. Its the best. I do have days were nothing goes right and by the time my husband gets home my hair is crazy I have a billion stains on my shirt, 2 of the boys are running naked, the house looks like a bomb went off BUT I have dinner done and every single child is smiling and laughing. So it really was a good day but from the outside looking in you wouldn't be able to tell.If God has blessed you with many children know that that's what you are to be doing.Raising those babies. everything else can sit and wait but you have to see that first and be ok with it. Otherwise your going to have a full head of grey hair and crying babies a crying mommy and un happy children around you. God doesn't place anything on your lap you cant handle, but you have to ask Him for His help and He will answer.I have many days were it feels like I don't even see my children because I get caught up doing so much that I go a whole day with out playing one card with Cody or I miss out on doing nails with Hannah. It happens more than Id like to say out loud. We have been on summer break and I'm ready to jump back into our routine because we were always together until after lunch.My husband told us to take a break and now he is seeing the chaos that we are in. I thrive for routine and need it so bad.BUT we are finishing it up and we really enjoyed all we have done this summer. Great laughs and good times with everybody.When we move I'm going to do FlyLady so I can organize everything and not have such a mess all the time. Try to make it alittle easier.we have decided to have all 3 littles sleep in one room and keep the other open for a playroom only.Just makes more room and since.Keeps all the toy boxes out of the living room and clears up alot of space in there.Once they are bigger and need more room for sleeping we will move Jolene back into her own room. I'm really excited about this idea though because I want my living area to be cozy and free of clutter so we can read talk and do games in there.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Today's church sermon was right on the head for me. I have been dealing with alot of unsettled emotions and doubting alot of myself. I have always looked at what other see of me and looking for their approval.I'm looking for them to say I do that and we do that when it comes to living Christ like.But I have it all wrong.I want looking for Gods approval. Thats where I have been so wrong. It went off like a huge fire cracker when Brother Joe was talking. In between my dozen potty times and one poopy diaper I manged to hear God talking to me and that I'm so thankful to Joe for always waking me up ans realizing things I really needed to be smacked with.Why do we look for for others to tell us how good we are doing? Why cant we have that feeling from God? we can if we listen.I know I'm listening.It was really a good day there for me. W have had a crazy week. Starting with Chase getting a yeast infection and then Hannah going to the Doctors for a hearing test only to have the doctor poke a huge hole in her ear drum and scrap her ear canel raw causing days of endless pain for her. To having the seat belt lock up on Ethan at the store and him being so stuck and tight in there that my husband had to drive to the store to help us cut him free. Yes that was scary! What else has been going on.... Lots of playing and summer activities and the house is coming along more and more each day. Im more in an panic now than I was because its getting close and we are putting this on the market soon so I have to be boxing stuff up so it doesn't look so cluttered :( so that alone is stressing me out. we have alot in this house and I refuse to box it up only to have to move over to the pole just to have to move it again into the new house!! Lots to do little time. Also with Jeff giving the kids the summer off school our routine is off and causing alot of problems for me!! The kids aren't doing their chores unless they get yelled at. The house is a total mess because of it. My laundry is taller than a mountain.

OK so Im a day late posting as my hubby kicked me off the computer last night before I could finish. So my mommy just left after a visit. She brought me out some blackberries she picked last night so I could make a cobbler and some to snack on !!! yummmmy.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Days

the kids having lunch today
Hannah and Dorothy

Chase, Emma and Ethan

we needed something to do one day and we broke out the cornstarch and food dye and had some fun. All the kids were green, blue and purple all day.Total mess but oh so fun

We have had a busy weekend and a busy yet mild week so far. Over the weekend I had to take Chase over to Urgent Care because he has been having problems with it burning before and while he pees. I was thinking UTI but they said it was a yeast infection. So they sent us home with this cream and said to apply when needed. While home I was reading the label inside it say" safety and effectiveness not established in children" so I get real mad they give us this to put on my 2 year old. we usually don't give any kind of medicine from "doctors to our children but our chiropractor was closed on Sunday so we were out of luck. Well we now have him on Black Gel and it works wonderfully for him. It a homeopathic creamy gel and lets just say he smiles when that goes on. So he is doing better.Jolene decided she need to get a cold to keep mommy up all hours of the night for the last couple of nights. She is coughing and stuffy and just plain uncomfy.She is doing better and the only time she gets stuffy and really coughing is at night around bed time. But I have the essential oils and she does much better. Today we had over my friends 3 children and it was the best ever here for he kids. We all play at our homeschool group and they play for like 5 hours straight and we NEVER have one argument or upset from any of the kids and sometimes its like 30 plus kids. So having 2 -3year olds and a 2 year old play all day and not one word from them all unless they were hungry or needed a drink was so nice. I got so much done it was not right. the kids play non stop all day. Hannah and Dorothy played like crazy crafting,poly pockets,DS games, Wii.Cody and Maxwell played everything in the house :) The littles played babies, babies, babies!!! It was to cute.I cant wait to have them over again so I get more done ;) Tomorrow we have a check up for Jolene and a hearing test for Hannah. After that we are having one of Codys friends stay the night.

Im looking forward to my pillow tonight and I have lots to look up tonight so I must go before I fall asleep.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Being that helpmeet

I woke this morning after my children slept all night long. This is Jolenes second night of straight through sleeping. This is also my x times week that I have woke to my husband making me feel smaller than an ant. He is so stressed and crabby and then I see him I try to go to the other side of the house or downstairs. Everything I make is not want he wants or he doesnt have this pair of shorts to wear or he cant find this and etc... I cant do anything right for him right now. I cry everyday when he leaves because the stress can only build for so long. In 3 small years we have sold our house, moved in with my parents, bought a new house,moved into it 3 weeks before I gave birth to Jolene, are building a new house and added 3 new beautiful babies to our family. Yes I have had 3 babies in 3 years and my body feels every bit of that. My husband doesn't talk about anything to me. I know if he did he wouldn't be so stressed. we aren't that close. He still has a big wall in front of him that NO one gets through. Its ok I have manged this far right?But the tension he has is so hard to be around. Its like walking on egg shells. All of us are feeling the effect of his hard work. Now everything in my body wants to yell at him and even throw a cup or 2 his way. Id even like to throw a plate of food at him because I spend 2 hours every night making him a big meal he usually likes only to have him say something about it. But thats not what a helpmeet is. I dont raise my voice or show any kinda of sadness his way. I smile and cut watermelon for him, I stay up extra late to wash his shorts and t-shirts he likes to wear. I drive his lunch out to him so he doesnt have to leave in the middle of working. I run drinks out to him when he is thirsty. I do what ever I can do to make it work. NO one said marriage was easy. People who go through this would walk away and say no thank you. Thats not what the bible says to do.we as helpmeets are to honor and obey our husband.By our faith and our love for them shows them just how much love we really have for them. " A wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands"( proverbs 14:1) " Wives,submit yourselves unto your own husbands,as unto the Lord.For the HUSBAND is the head of wife,even as Christ is the head of the church:and he is the saviour of the body.Therefore as the church is subject unto Christ,so let the wives be to their own husbands in everything"(Ephesians5:22-24) I have to remind myself over and over again not to yell back not hit him when thats what I want to do :) But him seeing me be kind to him and still doing what he asks he is seeing the good. I pray for him everyday and I pray over him when he sleeps. I have to remind myself this is alot to do and handle at one time for him. This shall pass Im sure.

Friday, July 16, 2010


We went to the store today I saw my favorite thing in the world!!! School Supplies!!!! Oh man oh man I love this time of year. Im one of "those" people who would love to FILL my truck up and just smell all the new crayons and marker and paper. Just love it. My daughter is even the same way! thats my girl :) I only bought new markers because I dont buy anything until the tax free week and then we go crazy and fill 2 totes with everything we need. So I was just writing to tell you about my geek moment, I have alot of them.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Pics part 2

The children at our walk out by me soon to be school room
Here is the basement with each older child standing in their rooms. Hannah and Cody are having downstairs bedrooms and they totally think its "their apartment" because we are having a second kitchen down there.

Can you see him? Look Hard. It Cody picking berries :)

Sweet baby Jolene after her bath

This is the cutest pic I have ever seen!! He picked a ton of berries and then ate them all!!!! He had such a good time tonight at the new house. Things are moving along and its soo hot for my poor hubby to be working but he does it anyway. I didn't do my normal nonstop running today thank you :) We went to the library and after dinner over to the new house. So it was nice. Yesterday I stayed home all day because it was just so hot for the kids. tomorrow I'm going NOWHERE again can you believe it. I get so much done and feel like a real house wife! Its so nice. My hubby likes it to :) Since having the summer off I'm focusing on school planners and plans for the new house. Its so hard to try to make a planner and not know how things are going to flow when we move. Its going to be a change. Once we move Jeff will be heading back to work over in Indiana and Ill be home 5 days a week with the children. So I know everything will change for the children and have a few weeks to adjust to it.Really not looking forward to that. But that's how it is and theres a plan there somewhere. so I'm finding great deals all over for Abeka readers and fun things for school. I need more preschool( like the bunches of totes aren't enough) But I cant get enough of books and fun projects. Hannah is getting into making jewelry so in looking for books on that and Cody is turning out like his and using these electronic gadgets and is really good at them. He made a fan and a light bulb turn by connecting these wires and using metal. I have no clue but it blew me away. So I'm thinking Ill have another electrician in the house. Oh man its late I better to bed before the night owls wake up.

Pics Part 1

Chase pushing Jolene while we pick berries
Little Chase eating watermelon

Hannah after see beat me in a game of speed

My handsome young man Cody

The kids were water painting a picture of The Little House on the Prairie

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


So since Jeff told me to take the summer off I have been going through my planner and really looking at the things that need the most help school wise. Which turns out to be our math and handwriting. We have tired everything out there from super cheap to the most expensive. So we have been looking at Abeka for both 2nd grade and 6th grade. We think we have found our curriculum. I looked it over and over and talked to so many people who use. I looked for hours and read everything I could on them. So I was up searching homeschool classifieds and found a women selling her set for 100 dollars and includes everything from cards,charts,teacher,student, and test and drills. Never used. So she also had some phonics I was looking for AND my handwriting for Cody. As we were talking she decided to give me all this for 35 dollars and that's including shipping!!! She said she wanted it to be used and was tired of looking at it sitting there. What a blessing!!! That's how God works! Then I was looking for Hannahs math and came across her set for 26 dollars!! Man it was a good night :) Yesterday we had out homeschool group play date. It was so nice seeing people that I haven't seen all summer. I'm ready for fall when we start doing this every other week. We are also doing World Changers a My Father's World co op in Pacific every Friday starting in the fall. he kids are really looking forward to that.
we have had so many things go in the last couple days with friends. I have had 2 friends loss their babies to miscarriage. I have no words to comfort them. what so you say? Its so hard. They were so happy and excited. And now they have to go back and tell every body their baby is in the arms of Jesus. My heart aches for them. I want another baby soon after I get healthy again and we are moved. We leave to God and His plan but it worries me when I hear things like this. I pray for them.
I made a list a mile long of things I have to do and only managed to do 2 so far and its 2 pm. nice.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Say what???

Ethan 3, doing his school today
This is his Fav!!!

The husband came home for lunch today ;) and we were sitting and he told me the kids need the rest of the summer off. He said they need to play and get away from book work. Me as shocked as I was, was like " you said what??" So they are not doing textbook work until the middle of August or beginning of Sept. Why? Because they learn so much from building a home, doing homemaking with me, and all the normal day to day stuff that they will be gaining so much more. We will continue to read and our Little House on the Prairie unit study because that's fun and what we enjoy. We will continue to do flash cards for math so they don't forget some things. I was in a major shock all day as I thrive on a routine. But as the day went on I was like hey, I don't have to wake me kids up early or grade papers for awhile etc... I'm looking forward to the break now because I need to get things ready to move and need to be cleaning here for the move. I have a lot to do and taking a break is what we all need. It also gives me a chance to have that one on one with my 2 preschoolers for awhile. I did teach Ethan today by himself and he just loves to do school!! I love that. He works so hard and is so proud when he gets a stamp on his page. Makes me smile. He is really into broad lacing right now. we sit on the floor and I hold the board and he laces it all up. Chase can do a little of it but likes to jump on mommy when I sit on the floor.Why not? The older children were beyond excited when I told what Dad had said. we have a homeschool Faithgroup tomorrow so I'm really excited about that. I need some mommy time with other mommy's.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Our 6 blessing

digging for geo pipes

Look pillars

So we had a busy AGAIN. But it was nice. I ran to the new house like 5 different times. The house is coming along and its so exciting. My brother put the pillars on the front porch and they look so pretty. the guys laid the geothermal pipes in the ground. that was pretty neat to watch as they went had to dig down 5 to 9 feet for 250 feet long.It was cool for the boys to watch.They finish that up tomorrow and then they can pour the basement and finish putting the windows in. I had the kids out there with the magnet nail grabber and they went to town getting them nails :) we had our oldest daughter Caitlin out for a sleep over and the girls stayed up really late talking and watching Little House on The Prairie. She thinks some how she really blood related to me because she keeps stubbing her toes :) Im thinking she is right;)

I started printing our notebook and file sheets for the Prairie unit we are doing.We are far into our reading on the different books for this. I do have to say I haven't seen Cody this into books before. He soaks it up and remembers everything about it. The littles are just as in to as we are. Ethan always asks to watch little house at his down time. We start back at My Fathers World the first week of August. I cant wait. Neither can Hannah because we travel over to Paris!! we finished Norway and that was neat but Hannah is learning French and couldn't be happier to be in Paris for a few weeks. Oh yes I also switched Cody to Abeka Math 3. Rod and staff just wasn't bright enough for him and I'm hoping this will work for us. I also switch Hannah over to Abeka 6 for the same reason. Oh the looking for a FIT in curriculum never stops :) Thanks to my addiction of books !!!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fresh produce

They poured the garage floor

This is my vaulted ceiling in the living
See that little white thing in the dirt in the far back? Thats my hubby putting in pipe

Co op food

Co op food

Alright, so today I picked up my fresh produce from this co op I joined. I got a lot of stuff but the only reason I joined because its this young lady who said everything was local farmers and locally made. So I get my big bag of yummy goodies and get home and start pulling it all out and im seeing stickers on some of the stuff. I look and it says Columbia Turbana :( So I start looking for some more. Granted there were a few things that were made in the USA nothing was locally grown. So as much as I like the idea of the fresh produce in a co op Im not doing it again. First, I paid 23.00 for a big o yummy stuff. That was a good price but I can go to the farmers Market down the street and get it there cheaper. second, Im paying some one to Crete in food from another country! I think not. we live in the USA it should stay that way.I did also get kettle corn and St.Louis made Chips because I love them so much. I alo got Amish made salsa.Hannah really likes that. The guys were hard at work digging up the back yard today laying pipe out.I made homemade pizza and brought it to them. It was so bloody hot out there. I'm don't running around. This morning I ran to give my hubby lunch,store,library,back to the new house, out to Pacific to get co op. My plea to my hubby.... PLEASE DON'T PUT GAS IN MY SUBURBAN

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blackberries and curriculum

Look windows

Hannh Chase and Ethan picken

Ethan sharing with Cody

When we started picken

A day running again. we ran it seems everywhere today. But they had to get done. We came home in time for nap time and some cleaning. Made breakfast for dinner and it out to my hubby. As he ate the children and me picked some yummy blackberries. I found the mother load and took a wacker to weedthem . The kids that it was pretty cool to see old mom here swinging it like a mad woman. Felt pretty good to. As we were pickin Ethan was a eating. He turned purple ing so and looked so cute. very once in a while Chase would eat one and spit it right back out and giggle. Hannah and Cody didnt really want to eat many until they were washed. Im so glad we found all the berries. I was worried we only had a few bushes and they didnt look very big but man oh man we scored big time. They all are pretty red still but turning. we picked all the ones that were ready. We ate all of them :)

We have half the windows in now :) They look so pretty. The hubby and I were talking ad looking at the front porch and I talked him into putting a porch fan in so we can sit in the summer with a breeze na watch the children play. Then I said I wanted a swing on there so when we are old we can swing and watch the grandkids play. He just smiled :) Oh its to fun to talk about the new house :) I cant wait! he poor hubby has just been out there sweating away and doing everything he can. Im so proud of him.

Chase made again all day in underwear! Every store, every stop we made he peed in the potty. Even wore underwear at nap time!! Thats a big deal. Night time still doing the Bum-genius and wool cover. Way to wet for not.

So as we begin the new school year which its really new to us but for he state of Mo July 1st is the new school year for homeschoolers. So here is what we are doing... Right now we are doing a HUGE unit on Little House on the Prairie. it has been the funnest thing we have done so far. The kids re just eating it up....


Teaching Textbook 6/ R&S speed drills

Notgrass Bible Psalms

My Fathers World for History, Geography,Science and a little bible

Rod and Staff spelling 6

Rod and Staff English 6

French Rosita Stone

Pathway readers 6

Handwriting is bible verses for the week

Many new readers coming

Art will be normal craft time


Rod and Staff math 3

Rod and Staff English 3

My Fathers Worlds for Science,History, geography,little bible

Notgrass Psalms bible work

Handwriting is bible verses for the week

Pathway readers 2nd and 3rd again this year

Rod and Staff spelling 3

Art normal craft time

Five in a Row is also going to our big thing with Cody and the littles this year


Lots of tracing,coloring,reading,puzzles,


Lots of coloring,puzzles,reading,playing

We are doing Five in a Row with the 3 boys. I have a ton of other stuff I through in the school year but this gives you an idea of what we do. Its much fun!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I stayed home

Can you believe we have stayed home ALL day today! it feels great. Did I get anything done??? Well no not really. But we stayed home. we have had a lot of fun times over the last couple of days I hope I can remember most of them. Lets start off with yesterday. we went over to my Moms for a get together with my sister and her kiddos. We had alot of fun. Ethan picked up a bee and got stung. He thinks all bugs are his friends and loves them so much. Not so much he found out :( He screamed for maybe 3 minutes and I fixed him all up and he was back playing with the kids. My sister was loven on Jolene and sucking up all the baby she could as we go 2 weeks with out seeing anyone.Sunday was the 4th and we headed to church for an awesome sermon. Brother Joe really knows how to hit and when. It was like he knew I was going through that. So church was great. Then we headed home to clean and cook. My sister in law and her 3 children came over for some bbq. Took them over to the new house and my brother in law Doug and his wife and children came out and we let all the kids shoot fireworks. Our new house in on like 6-7 a and it backs this really nice Spanish style house. These people have more money than they know what to do with. They must have spent 10 grand on fireworks. It was he longest most exciting show ANY of us had ever seen. We pulled out out chairs and sat by the drive way and watch. The kids were in such AWWW. As we were leaving all the kids were saying this is the best 4th ever. and hooting. It was really nice. Did I mention Cody caught the neighbors field on fire?? oh yes. The bottle that he lit the bottle rocket in fell side ways and shot over to the field and up it went. Thankfully they got it out but it was really scary for them. On another note, Chase is in underwear!!! yes that's right. He get a cloth diaper at night and undies all day, even at nap time ( because I forget to put a diaper on him) He did poop on my kitchen floor and he was really happy about that ;) I have a really weak stomach and the kids laughed the whole time I was cleaning. Jolene is sitting now. She is 7 months old now and as cute as a button, really :) Man I cant get enough of her. She is always smiling at me and rubbing my face. She now loves to play in her play pen while we do school or I'm cooking. I still have to put her in the corner of it so when she falls back she can catch herself. Chase gets in there and play with her to. He takes such good care of her. Cody is moving right along in his math. He didn't like doing all the math we did today but he did it and felt good after wards. Next week is the beginning of our "next year" school year. We school year round almost so it makes no diff to us. Although Hannah and me are really looking forward to the school supply sales. we get totes full of art supplies and paper. I love that day!!! My hubby thinks we are nuts but that's ok.

I really wish Id get on here every night so I can remember what we have done over the days. My minds a blank :)

Tomorrows post: Our school curriculum

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