Thursday, November 17, 2011


Jolene thinking of swimming

Hannah doing her school

Its one of those days where I'm so thankful for all I have.The sun has been shining and my kids have been laughing. I have been soaking up the sun with the kids and letting Laurabeth get a tan on her already dark skin. We got some school work done. We have to hit the books hard until the 1st of December, which is when we put the books away and focus the month on Christ. As we study hard and long in the bible we know a lot more than we did last year and we will be doing things a little differently. As we will still celebrate Hanuka and Christmas, we are just aware of some things that I don't have time to post about right now.( I'm waiting for Hannahs piano lessons to be done). Last night my mom came over and had a good old time sawing my table!!! MOM!! We don't break from school just text books.I think we have learning when we put those way and study the bible with crafts and other reading books. We will be doing the Little House Christmas in honor of our Little Laura Elizabeth this year. What fun!! my husband gets Thanksgiving weekend off and we are looking forward to much needed family time. The kids have missed him alot. Cody and Dad will build a big house, will be taking the kids to Chuck E cheese, doing some movie watching and oh yes THANKSGIVING with the fam! Also we have to birthdays to celebrate Jolene will be 2 tomorrow and Ethan will be 5 on the 27th!!! Oh my goodness!!!! My babies don't stay babies for long.Ethan asked me today if we could have as many kids as the Duggars so he could have more brothers and sisters to play with.... I said ill try :)Anyways I have some things to look up while im on here. I better go

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