Saturday, December 17, 2011

Putting on the "Mom Pants"

Ita pillow, its a pet, its a pillow pet ;)

My good looking cowboy Chase

Hannah doing what she does and reading

Well not really but you get the idea. Im redoing our way of learning around here for some of my kiddos, which means mom pants and nerdy glasses are coming out! Hannah will do whatever and continue doing what she is doing. But my boys will be doing unit studies along with keeping Abeka math and MFW books in the mix. Ill do my big post when I have the time after the holidays but Im just letting my friends know who do Abeka subjects my boys will no longer be doing them. we have had a busy week with bball, homeschool co op,library crafts,piano, Youth meeting at a beautiful church and shopping. This next week will be the same busy mood. Sunday I have family coming for cookie baking and down right fun. Although some of my family will not be here because they are better than us dont you know! Im a little bitter yes!

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