Saturday, October 22, 2011

Just an update

Peek a boo

We went to skaterz and she slept like a good little girl

Have you ever been so tired you just couldn't see yourself getting up to go to the bathroom? Well thats me right now. Yes id say I'm past my pregger bladder and now can hold it for hours.Oh good times :) Laura is now 4 weeks old and sleeps during the day and very little at night.Which is ok because I like that quiet time and snuggles I get. Also I have an auto setting on my coffee maker that makes life just a little easier for a mom like me.I keep setting it back everyday as I need it earlier and earlier. Little Laura has been the pooh queen, just as soon as I put a cute outfit on her she blows out her diaper like maybe she didn't like I put on her. I do have to say using throw away diapers has made my life so much better and faster to change. I love it! I dont like buying 3 boxes at a time ( well I lied, I do really like that for some reason). I love having so many littles! Jolene is talking and pretending like never before.She always has a baby doll in her arms and playing tuff with boys. I love she is so active in playing AND she climbs to the school table everyday and sits!! Yes my 1 year old asks for school!! Oh the joys I have from that! She also now goes to sleep on her own for naps and bed time. I snuggle her and love on her and lay her down with her blanket and shes out. I cant believe it! Chase still gets rocked to sleep and then we have to break our backs to lift him into his bed which is right next to my bed and Laura's crib.He is so stinking cute! Hannah thinks he will be our model. He is just speeding away in school and keeping up with Ethan. Its amazing to watch.Ethan knows how to write his name and some numbers.Knows all his colors and shapes and we are learning to read! Cody is blowing me away in history! We are learning about the Indians and Christopher Columbus. He is really liking the extra books from the library we are using. I also started him back in MFW ECC today because that really floats his boat and I'm good with that. The little boys got in on the ECC this morning and loved the Map and Globes book. Cody is still having a hard time with math but I see if we don't skip a day and I do math with him twice a day it really helps him remember. Thats why we decided with him and the boys we will do school 6 days a week. Hannah is Hannah and flys though school like its nothing.Reading like theres no tomorrow. She loves her new piano teacher and just beams when they are done. I love hearing her play in the house though out the day. Basketball starts in November and we are waiting and waiting. They are really excited to be doing that. We had homeschool skaterz last Wednesday and so glad thats finally back into our school year. This week we have homeschool day at the History museum. YEAHHHHH!!!!! All homeschoolers NO others to bump into my kids and then Mommy meanie has to pop out! I have my mom babysitting Ethan, Chase and Jolene because it will be a long day and not sure how they would hold up in a museum that long. We will also have lunch at turtle park if its nice out an then head over to the zoo for alittle peek and grab our zoo pack we will be loaning from the zoo on the rain forest. Well I better get to the bathroom and then bed!

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