Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall is wonderful

Laura in this picture just got out of her very first sink bath.Yes at 3 weeks old that day :) sponge baths were given because her baby cord took that long to fall off ( which made me cry)

Its a BEAUTIFUL fall afternoon with really strong winds blowing.Love it! My husband and Cody ran to Lowe's to get 2 new heating elements for both the water heaters.Nothing like well water;) Husband never gets break when he comes home.Its amazing the elements didnt even take a year to replace. Oh well. Tomorrow I can have a nice hot shower and be good :) Im starting to find my old self come back to life. Yes im always loud thats just how I am, but this week I have held my tongue kept my yelling next to non. Again I am loud but my kids know when Im yelling and Cody came to me and gave me a hug and said " this was the best week. You didnt yell at me." Broke my heart but then realized he was right. I think being sooo very preggers in the freakin HEAT really did me in this year and my whole family suffered. But as my weight slowly comes off and body back to normal and the pure JOY I have from all my children im loven life again. I do have to say I have never been this busy in my life before. I get to sit when im nursing and thats alot because LauraBeth nurses like every hour on the hour. But really im busy. Im always cleaning, laundry, cooking, schooling, playing, running somewhere or just plain keeping up with the kids. its alot of fun but boy when its bed time im out!! And I only get 2 hours of the good sleep. After that im up and down from the rocking chair with LauraBeth.Those are the best times. Whens its quiet and I can just look at my beautiful baby. ohh yes im so excited about this new thing in my life. Not so much new but awesome. I started using Pampers and Huggies again!! Thats right i sold my cloth diapers yet again and Im proud to say we are done with them!! With 3 in diapers it was to much to keep up with and I honestly they were cute and thats it.I hated having to wash and stuff and wash and stuff them! I hated the big butted babies I got from them wearing them. It was like 1000 pounds lifted off my shoulders once we finally decided to be done for good with cloth. I like being able to wipe a poohy butt and THROW AWAY! I know i know simple things get me happy :)

School Days around here have been swinging! This week we had a field trip to Shaw Nature reserve to go hiking. Hiking is my favorite thing to do and Codys. We all had so much fun walking through the wetlands. The wind was blowing and leaves were falling with kids chasing the leaves and laughing like never before. It was so much needed not only for me but for them. Monday we had my good friend Lisa over I think I posted that already. Loved it! Then I got a text from a friend I just love and she will be back to homeschooling again next year!!!! Oh how I have missed her! Cant wait for co op next year with her and the kids in it again!! We are taking a step back with math for Cody. One of the things thats awesome about homeschooling is the fact that when a child struggles with a new concept we can take extra time on it so they really know what they are doing before moving on. Also we switched Cody English back to Rod and Staff. Abeka isnt working for us in a few subjects. Hannah loves Abeka but she is a book worm and just gets everything she reads. Cody is more like me and needs to pretty have everything read to him over and over. His reading is coming along. Not were I wanted him at this time but we are getting there and thats what counts. The littles are doing wonders with preschool. Ethan can write his name. Not in order but he knows the letters and writes them. This week we will focus on putting them into his name. Chase has his C and H down. well LauraBeth just woke up.........

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