Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Laurabeth 6 weeks and Remy almost 3 months.Pretty close in size huh?

Cody doing his science.

LauraBeth 6 weeks old

The little boys at the water park.I have a bunch of pictures of all the kids but they are underwater I cant see who is who!

We like to pretend play around here so we have many many many different outfits he changes into though out the day.

My heart breaks tonight for the little baby that was kidnapped and now in the hands of Jesus.Why is this happening all the time? I hold my kids extra tight tonight and say extra prayers over them. When my nephew was kidnapped a few years ago ( he was found a few days later and ok) I went into a state of panic and i have never lost that feeling.I trust no one with my kids.I am always looking around. I hate that feeling and I pray for contentment in that area.Im so on edge tonight and I worry.I know I am to leave my worries to Jesus.Not having my husband to be protected by him makes me want to pack my kids and head to Indiana.This is nuts. I know im able to hold my ground on things but im such a baby! grrrrr!!! How someone can hurt a child is just unthinking able. I dont watch the news but people were posting stuff on facebook about this and we have had alot of missing babies lately.This world is just getting worse and worse. Not sure what to say or even think. I just know when I nurse my sweet baby i cherish that moment forever.When I dress my child in the morning i cherish that moment forever. When I sit and teach my child I cherish that moment forever. When my child asks me questions off the wall or makes a mess with paint to make a special picture or when my child brings me a bunch of weeds for flowers because he loves, I will cherish that forever. My children are my life.They are the reason Im on this earth.They are the reason for my everything. I cant imagine not have little feet to touch and hands to hold and diapers to change. I cant imagine not having those silly but meaningful talks with my oldest daughter. My children are amazing and im so thankful to have them. ( even though im 29 with a head of gray hair :)

Anyways- we have been busy here doing school and rearranging the house. This just doesn't have that HOME feeling to me. Not sure what it is but you know the feeling you get when you go to grandmas and its like ahhh home and you are safe and content? Why don't I have that here? My husband built this house for us and I try sooo hard to make it home and comfy but its not working.So I'm rearranging everything and going to thrift stores to make it home......

( I went to bed and now im finishing this post)

I clicked on facebook a min ago and found that the horrible no good witch killed her sweet little baby! What on earth is it with these moms killing their babies. Its like every week you hear of that.If you are feeling over the edge or like you cant do it anymore turn your baby over to the police or church anybody. Dont hurt your child. its so sad. I look at little Jolene and just smile right now. How could anyone lay a finger on child when they are so sweet? Satan is really getting to alot of people but in his damn face because we believers just grow stronger. Im so sad for that baby though, I still have goosebumps!!

As for school today we are slow.Yesterday spent the day cleaning and moving our school room. SO we are still in the messy mess. My mom is coming out so we can bring in my huge huge table for the dinning. I need to move this table down stairs for school. So excited.I have my totes of Christmas stuff out and ready to be put up ( hey my maiden name isnt Jolley for nothing). I have to go birthday shopping for Jolene who turns 2 Friday.I might cry just thinking about. My baby!!! Laura will be 2 months on the 21st!!! I cant even believe that.

I havent posted in forever so its hard to update everything.....so ill try real fast. We had to birthday parties in one weekend. There was an outdoor birthday party with fire and roasting hotdogs and marshmellow with leaf piles and pure country fun. then the next day my nephew Mason had an indoor water park party and it was so much fun for the kids. They had the place so freaking hot though I thought I was going to die. So much fun though. Hannah has been flying though her piano lessons and I love to sit and listen to her play.She is teaching Cody how to play and guess what? He is really good at too. Ill have to post later children call me!!!!

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