Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The sun was out

Hannah and her new piercing

Cody and Ethan after a science test... they had to much fun
The start of science we had to hollow out 4 eggs

Ethan today with his new helmet

Chase today with his new helmet

Whats that? Oh the sun, I forgot what that looked like. We had a sunny day today can you believe it. I was outside with the blessing alot but not as much as I wanted to. Hannah has you best friend over until tomorrow and they are having alot of fun. She came over Monday and the littles glue to her like something crazy. Ethan just loves her :) Hannah asked if she should get her top ear pierced last night. So I talked to my hubby about it and he said to go ahead and let her. So we all loaded up and got it done. She was sooo excited and didnt even flinch. Brave young lady we have. She got a clear diamond put in and loves it. I remember being her age and getting mine done. Mines now closed up as is my belly ring. That wont happen as long as she is living here. One piercing is good enough and its just the ear. Right? The little boys also got their bike helmets today. Cody already has one and fits well so that was good because these things are pricey. Chase got a Toy Story helmet with knee and elbow pads.Ethan got Hot wheels with knee and elbow pads and I have to say I thought it would be a fight to get them one them but they have wore them the whole time they were out there playing. Now if I can get Cody to do that Id be very happy. Cody is my 300% boy enough said.Id love to roll him in a rubber outfit and huge helmet for everyday he goes outside. Today at the new house we found an alligator snapping turtle and this thing was HUGE. The kids loved to look at ( well the girls we were ready to run home ) but it must have been really old. Just really cool to see close up and in our field. Lots of snakes and bugs. Lots of copperheads.ewwww.Dont worry we have chore boots for walking in the fields for days like these. as long as the weather hold out we are going to start framing Saturday. Yaaaayyyyy. Im so happy. Im ready for my country life again. I know Jeff really excited to get this going. The lord has a plan and we are following. we are on a 6 week break from school right. we are focusing on character training. I have been losing my mind with the whining and back talking and the house falling apart so we are doing some training. God in my leader and I hope I can keep up. We still do math and reading but just alot of bible and talks and stuff like that. Nip it in the bud before it gets to big you know. well i better head to bed its late.

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