Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Man time flies

My little getting down at the twins birthday party
They each had a frog in their buckets

This is the side of the house on he first day they started framing

My hubby in the mud where the geothermal is going to go

The back of the house. I could fit in all in but you get the idea

This past week as just flow by with a blink of the eye. Alot has been happening. Like my husband and my brother and brother in law have started framing our house and the are starting to frame the first floor tomorrow. It look so different with the basement walls up and the sub floor down.The kids and me get so excited when we drive over there and see them working. My hubby is in work mode right now. Like I called him the other day because I was having one of those days where Jolene was in my arms all day and the boys were whining and Cody wasnt listen and I needed help. So he told me : Im on the bobcat now moving dirt, sorry". So of course Im crying my little heart out because dont you know I do that now and then :) But when he got home all was good. Jolene is going through a "moment" of only wanting mommy and mommy all day and night. So for the last 2 nights I have been holding her on my chest from like 10pm until 6am. Naps for her during the are only lasting like 20 minutes in the swing unless I hold her for an hour which I cant because oh yes I have others to tend to. Im thinking she is getting an ear infection as she is pulling her ears and running a fever. Chase was king of ear infections and seeing the same the problems with her. Pray its not! we have been doing character training instead of school for the next few weeks and lets say we need this more than anything. Im tried of the repeat questions, the whining, and then me not holding the discipline up. Who said parenting was easy? well thankfully we have God and the bible to help and He is amazing when you let him lead. My hair has turned grey these couple of days and if I hear the words" Can I" one more time I might just explode. If your grounded your grounded and that. I dont want to hear another thing about it. We have been catching frogs and turtles and little bugs that creep me out. Worms that get laid upon my lap while holding Jolene. Can you tell I have many many boys? e have had play dates and birthday parties and homeschool groups this last week. Yesterday I was my one and only day I was home all day. today was going to be another one of those days but I had to get Hannah from a friends house and then we ran to Kohls for some much needed carpi's for me and Hannah. we usually only wear Long Skirts but summer its different with the heat and Hannah riding bikes all day and jumping on the trampoline. I needed them as Im going to start working out again and skirts just dont work for me in that department :) Im thinking of taking a summer break!!!!!!!!! off from school. Not sure how I can do this but Im looking in to it!!!!


Mom of Many said...

I know you're excited! I'm excited for you! I was glad to hear that I'm not the only one who has days like "that" though. Hugs...

Eliza Rae said...

How do you do character training? I know Madelynn is most likely not old enough for it but it sounds interesting.

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