Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Good day

Oh today is a good day :) we finished school for the week and are going to enjoy a 4 day weekend. I'm so ready for few field trips and not waking up up at the butt crack of dawn. the kids were totally happy to have finished today and break for a while. we school year round so we can do this and not worry. I got my hair cut today and feel wonderful. we went to the library and where I go to get my hair done had a sign up for $5 haircuts today so we ran in there and I cant tell you how much better it makes me feel. I babysit the two neighbor girls now after school so they are here playing hide n seek with my children. I have a roast in the pot and was informed that my olders think that it is horrible yes I know sad for me :) So I have 2 pizzas in the oven for them! Jeff is out working on the house, well really he is waiting for weekend because my brother is the one to help us but he can only do it then. So Jeff is mowing and doing man things like that over there.

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