Monday, May 10, 2010

A moment with thoughts

I have a ton on my mind and really should be in bed. Im thinking if ill know scripture like I want to? Will I have that marriage I dream of? I will ever have the body I want? I will ever have a log book done for the kids? I will ever feel complete in life? Will I ever be able to get a routine down for us that really works and works with a smile for everybody? I feel like everybody is seeing more of the world than we are. Like we are missing so much of it. Theres a whole world out there and we sit here in Missouri and let it pass by. Why? Im not that person. I never have been. Im a person who like to go and go explore everything out there. I feel almost stuck. If I could id sell this house and our new one by an RV and go, go where God would take us. Theres so much to see and feel like so little time but the time we do have is being wasted. Im not for one minute complaining here dont think that. I love what I do here lets just get that clear, but its the world that makes us realize what we have and just how beautiful the world really is. Its not all bad. I first want to go to ALL the Amish communities and meet them and spend a few days with them. Then I want to go see waterfalls, mountains, rivers, lakes, bears, NO SNAKES PLEASE. I want to see it all.

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