Saturday, May 15, 2010

Oh the weekends

This is Chase trying to get Jolene out of her crib
Chase giving her his oinks

Jolene sporting Dads rag and her pretty pink headband

My husband on Hannahs new bike and the boys riding theirs

Hannah and her new bike
we have been enjoying our 4 day break so far. Do you want to know what we have been doing these days?? NOTHING and yes it feels wonderful. The kids have been sleeping in and I have been relaxing with them and drinking coffee and nursing Jolene like all day :) She wants in NO way to eat babyfood. I try something with her everyday and nothing. Its turns into a big mess all over her face and she eats nothing. She wont even open her mouth. So im done trying for awhile. She is working on her third tooth on the bottom already. My Mom asked the other day is was crawling and I laughed so hard. Shes not even close to sitting up let alone crawling. Her floor time is like 10 minutes in the morning before the boys wake up and thats it. If she wants to be down its the crib or bouncer.We have to many karate kids in here for that. She has to go straight to walking thats all there is to it :) But that got me thinking??? She is almost 6 months and should be sitting by now. So my goal now for this month is to sit with her on the floor several times a day so she can gain her balance and sit. She will master this. Right?

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Amy Matthews said...

That is how I taught all of my kiddos to sit up. Just sit behind them in the floor. I think that being in the exersaucer helps them learn balanace and gain back strength too. I wouldn't worry about the no baby food thing, thats just less mess right!?

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