Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Me rambling

The rock mound
Chase after he woke up from nap time

Ethan loven his rocks

Chase ready to fly

This is a friend of ours Jason and Ethan was so out of his shell with him and sat with Jason alot during our fellowship day. We all were totally shocked because this is not like Ethan. It usually takes like HOURS for him to talk to you. But he loved him and enjoyed playing and talking to him :)

Im done for the night with laundry and washing diapers. Chase's diaper rash is better right now since I let him go naked all day. He did really great with going to the potty and then going potty outside. Yes, Im one of those moms who allow them to pee outside. It works and its not on my floor :) I put him back in the wool tonight because that really helps with allowing the area to breath at night. I took them out to the property to bring Jeff his dinner plate and I put Chase in underwear and shorts and he got out of the suburban and peed everywhere. we were there like 20 minutes and went many underwear :) The kids love going out there to play on the gravel pail. They ask all day long can we go play on the rocks?? I take Jeff his dinner just about every evening so they get to play after we eat. The house is slowly coming along. Jeff fixed the bobcat today so he was filling the sides and doing alot of dirt moving. Hopefully this weekend or next they can start framing. yay!! I'm so ready for NO NEIGHBORS. Yesterday we went over to a good friends house they just built and it was beautiful. Im so excited for her and her family. it was a great day of fellowship with good friends and homeschoolers we love and trust around our kids. And I mean ALOT OF KIDS. Its always so much fun. When we left Chase was sleeping with in 2 minutes of being in the car seat. Our days are filled with school work, scooters, walks,bikes,dirt,dirt,dirt, dump trucks and lots of laughs and love. I always sit watching my children play as I nurse my sweet Jolene and thank God for how blessed I am to have my large family. There are alot of days I cant get passed the mess and im tired of repeating myself to kids all day. But, I'm so truly blessed to have them and have the laughs we have and joys and ups and downs. Enjoy your kids.

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