Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Im so proud of my boys tonight ( and myself ) I told my husband that I was going to be mean and give the little boys a bed time. I made it clear he was not to interrupt me in anyway.He is the nice one all the time to the littles and I am the mean one. So he said ok and sat on the sofa for the night. I got everybody ready with pjs and fresh sheets and sippy cups ( yes im one of those Moms with sippys ) and Chases oinks. So its bed time and Cody has bunk beds in his room, so I thought they could sleep on bottom together because they love sleeping with someone. Chase has a bed in his room but honestly I feel better if he is with someone. Cody was excited because he said its like a boys only club :) I handed Jolene over to Jeff and began my drama. Chase was crying for me and I rubbed his back a minute or two and them he settled down. Ethan was great telling Chase he was there and that good stuff. So I slowly backed my way out of the room until I got to the doorway and watched them awhile. Chase got up a few times only to have me at the door to bring him back. ONLY 15 minutes later and they both were out like lights. yay me !!!! I did it. Now we will see how many times they get up tonight. Jolene is sleeping after a day of teething and marathon nursing :) I went on my spring cleaning kick today. Im tired of all the stuff I have and dont use. Really like 5 books selves of homeschool books we dont use. We have a homeschool curriculum swap at skaterz tomorrow so im writing free on them. well a few Im selling because they are pricey and I didnt use them. Im ready to be clutter free. And will be moving in a few months again and I'm not bringing things I dont use with me !! I hold on to everything. Im like my mom. I even have Hannahs kindergarten work and shes 11. I keep everything. I cleared off my counters and rearranged so I can have my HUGE crock pot out all the time and not be in my way. I moved my mixer over by my coffee pot and my shake mixer over by my sink. It looks all clean and pretty. Now on to the living room. Not much to do in there as its our play/read area. Id love to work on my downstairs but im thinking maybe not. I did get my garage set up with my mats, bike and treadmill ! Its now our workout area and love it. We started Monday ( Hannah, Cody and me ) with like a circuit training. 15 mins on bike 15 mins on treadmill and then 15 mins doing abs and stretches. Works out nice and we feel great. The kids needed it as much as I do. Even the little boys get out there with us and jump around or ride there trikes. Its fun.Im ready to lose like 75 pounds. Im 27 and should look 27 not 100. Ready for warmer weather so we can do some park walking.Any who we got our school work finished again today. Thats like a record for us to have completed everything. We did 3 diff maps today and the kids loved them. Cody is really good at reading maps latitude and longitude. Took me by surprise really. Made him feel good. We also made people chains and let say after a few tries of our people not staying together we will try tomorrow again. I think we were cutting the fold so there hands and bodies weren't staying together. Hannah got it once but the people turned out a little funny with like no legs and double heads :) we need work. I have been baking with whole grain flour lately and starting to get use to it. I made Cheddar bay biscuits tonight with whole wheat spaghetti. They kids loved them. Hannah had 5 and my little Chase had 2. He never eats so I know they were good. I need to find some more things for Ethan to do for preschool. He is in to cutting and gluing and tracing. So I need to check what I have. Chase is only into play duh.
Well im going to go to bed as this is the first time we have had our bed to ourselves in years!!! Can you believe that!! Im so excited. I feel like a newly wed.
I am thinking... Icant believe my boys are in their bed
I am thankful... I get to sleep next to my husband tonight ( maybe )
I am wearing... Im hoping nothing ;)
I am going...to bed
I am reading...Songs of Solomon
I am hoping...for a good day tomorrow
I am hearing...nothing
From the learning room...We love MFW
Around the house...its clean can you believe that
One of my favorite things... Hannah smiling
A few plans for the days ahead...Skaterz and church tomorrow, Thursday I pick out my HUGE tub for our new house.

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