Monday, March 29, 2010

Ready for bed

Do you think he has been watching me with the baby?

we have had a day like no other today. It was the first time one of my children acted out in public and the last. We had many many talks about acting out and for some reason today was like a full moon. I do have to say God works our plans for many reason we dont know about. after we got home and the " thinking room" was being used by this mislead child I searched my e-mail like always and God placed an e-mail from a friend in there. A note from a friend that said to listen to this. It wasa sermon on Honoring the Father and Mother. Go to and you'll find it along with many other really good sermons. But my friend posted this to alot of people and had no idea what kind of day I was having. Thats God doing His work. I got dinner in the oven and Cody and me sat here at the computer listening together and flipping right long in the bible keeping up. It was amazing. Listen to it if you have the time. Right now as I write this Im listen to The wonders of a woman. AMAZING. If you have daughters its one to have on hand. But anyways all is good, sorry was said, hugs were gave, kisses were done. Thank you God for us are way and teaching me that my patience is gold with children. I did NOT once yell over this or show him anger. Thats huge for me. Tomorrow we have a Faithgroup and I cant wait. Its going to warm and sunny so im hoping the kids can play outside for awhile. The littles played out today awhile but really they were tired and runny noses so we spent a big part reading and coloring. Hannah busted out the Benderroos crafts and Ethan and her went crazy. Ethan made rocks he said ;) Tomorrow after the Faith group we are dyeing 5 dozen Easter eggs. The kids have been waiting. This year is going to be really different for them. We are not doing Easter baskets and they know there is no Easter bunny. This is about Jesus only. I am going to get them a chocolate cross for each child. But Im not buying into the worldly crap thats out there. It seems every holiday is about what you can buy and what I can get and have. it ruins everything every time. Im sure my family doesnt agree with that but thats ok. These are my children they have theirs. There is a Live guided tour up at a church a few miles away we going to go to Saturday. The kids are pretty excited about it. I have never been to one before. Its the live outdoor walking theatre of the life and last steps of Christ.with animals, Roman soldiers. It should be neat. Thursday we going to Purina Farms for their baby animals petting area. Cody just wants the tractor ride ;) we'll see how many bunnies Hannah tries to take. Jeff worked late out he new house tonight. Its really wet so his not sure if we are going to able to pour the foundation Wednesday or not. Im praying.

I thankful husband and children

I am thinking...Am I a good helpmeet?

I am wearing...a size I hate

I am do laundry tonight

From the learning room...week 5 is going awesome!!!

I am creating...Godly children

I am reading...Matthew still

I am hoping...that God softens Jeffs heart and turns him into that Godly man

I am hearing.... whats that...whats that noise???? ohhh my kids are sleeping

Around the house...Its CLEAN!!!!!!!

My favorite things...the sun shining in on us while we read in the morning

A few plans... Faith tomorrow, Petting zoo Thurs, church wed, guided tour Sat

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