Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just rambling

All the kids are in bed but #1. #3 and #4 were built up with energy like never before.But when they crashed on the pillows it took maybe a second before they were out :) They made bags of chocolate covered pretzels tonight and that was a mess like no other. One of them thought it was lotion... get my drift? That was fun clean up :) I have most my laundry down maybe 4 more loads to go but im not touching it until Monday.
So heres the things on my mind tonight... I have to learn to be content with staying home more. Im a person we loves the go go go all the time. I love the library,store,park,second hand stores... the list goes on. My husband asks me everyday to stay home more. This is hard for me. I know I need to listen and I have cut back sooo much. I drive a gas guzzler, you have to with lots of children. we are building a home and he is trying to save money. I see that. I really have been trying. He was no problem with me driving to the library or park, church, Faith groups because they are here in town. Its all the not really needing to drive thats gets him. So im praying I can obey and do better.Theres so much here I can do instead. I have patterns for aprons for the kids and me to make. I have skirts to make. I have cleaning.I have knitting to do. Lots to do around. I am also thinking about gardening. I really want to get into canning and all that. Not sure if we will be able to get a garden in this year as they are putting a geothermal system in so they will be tearing up my back yard which is where it would be. But I was thinking about the side of our pole barn. But that makes it kinda where they would park some stuff and im not 100% on that.I was also thinking about the children in other countries. I saw this show on the kids who are my children's ages and they are so starving and weak and sick. I was crying watching and that is why I hate TV. I dont understand why they have to go through that. Why does God our God allow these poor women to have babies that arent going to make it? Right now these little angels are over there hungry and sick with no one to help them. WHY? Doesnt that bother you at all. Man I wish I could adopt all of them. I really do.Its heart breaking to sit here and know my kids are over feed and over spoiled with clothes and shoes and books and toys and these children have not one thing, some not even a mother to hold them as they go and see Jesus. I cant believe this is going on. Im shocked every day by the stupid stuff that happens in the U.S. My kids cant even play outside without my door wide and me at the stairs. My own nephew was kidnapped like 500 feet from his house a few years go. Obviously he was found alive and so was Shawn but most dont turn out like that. Cody cant ride his bike here unless we go the property. They cant play with there friends outside unless we are there in eye shot. Its all crazy. I give myself panic attacks just thinking about it. I better get off the subject. I do want to know my Scripture like the back of my hand. Im learning slowly but surely. I have seen great improvement tonight with my family. My Jeff, yes my Jeff even asked Hannah to pray tonight . It was amazing. I was shocked.I didnt want to like show how shock I was as I almost fell out of my chair because I didnt want to embarrass him, it took all that I would from not jumping up and hugging him. THAT IS THE POWER OF PRAYER. I have been praying that God turn him into he Godly man I know he will some day be. And this just gives me hope. I guess ill get off here ona good note :) God bless

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