Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Nice day

What a great day! we woke up to the boys still sleeping.So I made french toast for everyone when they did finally wake up.. Then we headed over to homeschool skating with the book swap. I was able to get rid of alot of books but I have a lot I need to drop off at the Agape house tomorrow. The kids had so much fun like they always do there. Jolene was in the Moby wrap the whole time sleeping and keeping me warm. The little boys were glued to my hip eating popcorn. After that was over a bunch of to over the park with all our kids and had lunch. Just as I finish my last bit Jeff call and his stuck in mud at the property. So he calls the wife with the big 4x4 drive to rescue him;) So I packed them all back up and headed that way to find him at the top Field in mud ( pretty funny ) had to be there. So we get him out the mud and the kids and me head home. I made tuna sandwiches for dinner because it was nice out and didn't want to spend my evening in the kitchen. After giving the littles a bath and getting the big kids in and clean we headed to church. It was Mrs. Amandas b day and Amy made her a beautiful rainbow cake that I need the recipe to! The kids enjoyed that. They did their study and sang songs and we headed home to have a snack with daddy and off to bed they went. YES even the little boys are in bed in Codys rooms with us :) I'm so proud of myself. If you know me at all you know I have a child or 2 or sometimes 3 in bed everyday of the week and the littles would go to bed when ever and its was horrible they didn't have a routine. It was unfair to the older kids and to them because they need the sleep. So its working and Jeff and me have the bed to ourselves with Jolene in the bassinet next to me :) All is good. Jeff has a really bad allergy thing going on. Well all the kids are sneezing and have runny noses. Its SPRING time !!!! I love it.Anyways I better go and sleep while I can
I am thinking...I need chocolate
I am skirt black top
I am thankful for...Cody and his hugs he loves to give
I am creating...Godly children
From the learning room...Double time tomorrow
I am have a God Centred home
I am reading...Songs of Solomon
I hoping...For more children
I am dishwasher
Around the house...what you think it always needs to be cleaned?
A few plans for the days head...nothing nothing. ohhhh I get to pick my tub out this week!!
I wish...that my children know how much I love them

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