Wednesday, March 3, 2010

We have been on the go since yesterday morning. Im beat. Yesterday we had a wonderful time at church with our homeschool friends. It was so nice to let the kids run wild and enjoy everybody.we Had a potluck for lunch and I think all the moms were thinking the same thing PASTA. Everybody made different pastas and let me say they were really good. Sherri if your reading I do need your meatball recipe! I met another mom with a bunch of little ones that I think we will be good friends. She seems really relaxed and the kids will love playing together. We got home 2 and were busy until bed time. A friend lent me a book called The Heart of Anger. I stayed up way late last night and was doing the work book with it and I was blown away. Hit us like a bag of rocks. I totally thought we were a GOD- CENTERED home but we are really a CHILD- CENTERED home. What do you think you have? This book is amazing. I can only do one change at a time because if you do more you will be overwhelmed. I explained to my children today the main points in the book and how Dad and Me are the bosses and Dad is over me.Theres a so called pecking order. Right now Im focusing on my submission to Jeff which will then turn my life in the direction it should go. I have not yelled once today and my kids at dinner time were shocked!!! I have been quick to spill my anger and thats Satan working his way in my life and to my kids. It stops now. Yesterday when we came home from our Faith Group me and the kids grab our Olive Oil and Xed all our door ways and windows to rid Satan out of MY house and he cant come back, EVER. YEAAAA. I had an eye opening day yesterday and you know what ladies, dont be afraid to ask for help. The more prayers you have coming the better you will be. Let Jesus grab you and hold and lead you were you need to be. Its His path not yours. When you find you are falling off the right path thats the moment you fall to you knees and cry to your Heavenly Father. We all have bumps and major falls in our life, but its Gods hand that will lead you out and help you up.
Jeff will be flying out to Colorado this week for work. Not so happy about him flying but he will fine.We are very excited to be getting ready for the new house. We'd like it built in 3 months. So hubby will be working on 24/7. Im so ready for the country life again. I do love it over here but we are only building like miles from here. Im getting some goats for their milk. MOM how about you breed nelly and dolly again for me so I can have some milk?????? I need about 5 gallons aweek.
Today Jolene was weighed at 14.8 pounds and 26 inches long!!!! She has grown 6 inches already. Shes only 3 months old!!!! Man my babies grow fast. I cant believe it. She belly laughs now when I tickle her cute. Jeff scared her today and boy she cried like she was never going to breastfeed again!!! He didn't mean to scare her, he has a deep voice I guess. I think we wore her out the last few days because she is sound asleep.
Im ready to stay home for the rest of the week and weekend. I have errands to run Friday and Library tomorrow but thats no big deal. I have amound of laundry, which ladies with big families know that its never ending anyways why do we try so hard to get it done....oh ya I forgot :) I made bbq chicken sandwiches for dinner tonight.Love the crock pot ;) for days like this. I better run the drier just went off and I need to get the diapers out.

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