Monday, March 1, 2010

My books came!!

I'm starting this post of first for a prayer for my son. I pray that Jesus wraps his arms around him tonight while he sleeps and cleans his heart pure. I pray that Jesus puts a shield around my son from the evil trying to push him around and control him. Bless him with kindness and lay our love on his heart.Amen. He has had a tuff day. He is ADHD and stubborn like me. I'm not sure where why I thought handwriting would work today. I wanted to take this week and do simple work with the kids until we got our new books. He just flat out doesn't like anything right now and I feel like I have no control over him when he gets like this. He is almost 90 pounds I cant lift him up and take him to his room. I have been real strict with everything lately for great reason. The second he doesn't get his way, you better watch out. So as of today I'm keeping track of everything they get to do because I'm tired of hearing he doesn't get to do anything. Lets see Sat we took the kids out to eat, Sunday we took them to the movies, Hannah went out to eat today before they went grocery shopping. That's all ready alot in 3 days. we have a Faith group tomorrow and we are doing a group prayer over him. I cant wait. this whole house needs prayers right now.Cody is an amazing child and cares so much for everybody. He just thinks he is the boss!!

Well our books came today!!! I just opened them awhile ago and Hannah has already ripped them all open and started making Origami's like crazy. I LOVE ALL THE BOOKS!!! Everything looks so much better than what we have been doing. Its all planned out and ready to do. Im ready to clear off my school selves and donate to some one. LOTS of room will be made. Im so excited for this. This will help so much for us.The books are beautiful. The only thing I need now is...... NOTHING.I have everything for the next whole school year. Maybe more preschool workbooks but the Dollar Tree has those.Heres some pic of my new books. I got the Exploring Countries and Cultures Deluxe package. YEA.

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