Saturday, July 23, 2011

Busy playing and planning

Chase and Jolene playing the kitchen set

Yes, this is what happens when you turn your back for a second on the laundry!

My silly husband flashing me his bright whites!

This here is my niece Robin and my daughter Hannah.

So the Missouri heat is on full blast and I just happen to be huge and preggers. Well thats alright because the nice old air of my house is wonderful! We have been busy playing inside making the house a mess, which is also ok because thats why we have it, to enjoy inside and out! I do think my laundry room needs meds right away because every time I turn my back it throws up all these things called clothes and its very disturbing.Ill post a pic but let me warn you ahead of time..... its not pretty! As for school we are cracking right along. Cody got a little behind but boy when I say we need to make it up he jumps and works all day until his little hand and head can go no more. Hannah is flying right along too, I had to slow her down in 2 subjects as she was going away ahead of my planning and I just cant keep up with her. Cody and Hannah are really showing me the signs that school is neat. I have seen a huge a change in Cody this school year.Lets keep praying it stays that way. The little boys are doing awesome also.we learned the color red, began hand writing, shapes, and even a little pretend play ;0 This is just review for Ethan but Chase wants to be right along with him so we start from the start and just go with the flow. My sister dropped off a ton of toys for the littles and they have been busy away playing.It was Christmas is July for them. We also spent the day out at my sisters house enjoying her massive pool and the family.It was nice to have a day with her and the kids and my mom.I dont see her enough or those wild Nelson kids. My brother is putting up our deck off the dinning room and I cant wait for that to get done.Ill post pics :) I must go and write more later my brother just pulled up and ready to work.

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