Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wooohoo we are doing it!

Thats right folks our school year has kicked off and we are loving it! aside from the little boys so full of energy they could pull a steam train up a hill all by themselves, we are moving along. I plan on doing a weekly wrap up with other bloggers of homeschoolers on Fridays so I wont post a whole lot right on school. I have my 15 year old niece Robin for a whole week. Hannah and Robin are like 2 peas in pod! I mean the talent these girls have for drawing is beyond amazing. So they are painting a HUGE beautiful nature theme on the nursery for the little girls. They are doing trees on both sides of the window.One tree is a tree of fairy babies and the other is a tree with an old owl looking on and leaves falling. I wouldnt be Jen if I didnt have some random pumpkins on the wall :) So they will paint some little pumpkins on the bottom with the grass.They have the drawings done and have started the painting of the trees. Im so excited! Once done with the girls room, they will move to the boys room and do the solar plant! Oh man they are good. They only thing I can make is stick people and even that is scary! My pregnancy is moving long and getting closer to the day I get to hold and snuggle this baby. Its amazing to me we will have 7 beautiful kids. Our house is loud and crazy and total mess but its ok.This is just a season in my life and before I know it they will be grown and on there own. So sad to think about. Its so funny because people come over who have 2 or 3 kids and they have NO clue how a house is ran with many kids. They look at you like your nuts and judge from the way the kids will act up ( just them playing drives them crazy). FUNNY!! Anywho I better get back to the kids and fold this laundry thats calling my name and I get yelling back at it to chill out but it dont listen!

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