Thursday, July 7, 2011

Our Curriculum for the new year ;)

I dont know if you can see them but thats 3 little birds in the nest hanging from our tree.Cody found them about 2 weeks ago and we have watched them everyday and they are gone now :( BIg enough to fly away.

I have been pounding away at our lessons for the new school year ( July 11th). Well I try, with littles always on the table and a fight to stop and sippies to fill and mouths to get the idea! So Im pretty much done, only thing I need to do is the preschool and work on my monthly calender.With co op not decided if they will stick to Mondays or not im feeling like I just lost time writing in the planners.Thankfully a good friend said to plan everything in pencil, and I listened. So heres our run down....

Hannah- Abeka 7 Science Order and Design, 7 Grammar and Composition, 7 Vocabulary Spelling and Poetry, 7 History of the World in a Christian Perspective, Saxon Math 7/6, Pathway Readers Seeking True Values and Step by Step both with workbooks,Building Thinking Skills Book 2,Bible Joshua and Judges and Acts. She will be required to turn in a book report every 2 weeks.We are doing Creative writing and Art with our co op class. We, at home will do Abeka Art 4. Im sure I forgot something....

Cody-Abeka 3 Spelling and Poetry,Math 3 Abeka,Penmanship mastery 4,God Girf of Language A ( writing and Grammar), Science 4 Understanding Gods World,History of the United States in a Christian Perspective 4,developing Good Health 4, Rod and Staff Bible, Phonics on Audio tapes.All together we will be doing the Power Builders as our Bible time.Again I'm sure I left something out....He will also be required to turn in a book report every week.

we will also finish last years My Fathers World Year one.Not much left to do but they did love the map and the books.

My littles are doing My fathers World K and Rod and Staff preschool. Abeka Art Amber Lamb. Alots of learning this year and very excited to get going. As soon as we are in full swing the baby will be here to knock us off track ;) But thats alright the kids don't mind ;)

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